Walter's Technological Timeline

  • Modern Medicine Gives Birth To A Healthy Boy

    Walter is born and is perfectly healthy. Modern medicine and technology allows this to happen by reducing the likelihood of miscarriage.
  • Period: to

    Walter's Life

  • Cable Television Begins

    The Hsu family buys a blackbox that allows them to watch cable television for free.
  • Cable Ends

    The blackbox no longer works, thus ending the joys of Nickelodeon.
  • Sega Gensis

    Me and my brother convince our parents to buy us a Sega Genesis. We played hours of Vectorman.
  • The First Family Computer

    My dad brings home a computer, we play simple games such as Raptor and Cool Spot.
  • Gameboy

    My parents buy me a Gameboy. The game of choice was Pokemon.
  • Playstation

    For Christmas, me and my brother pooled our present together for a Playstation. We eventually install a mod-chip and suddenly, money is no longer an issue in our gaming world.
  • Sega Dreamcast

    My brother buys a used Dreamcast with a ton of games. I started playing football and basketball games and this would eventually spark my interest in watching live sports.
  • Playstation 2

    My brother gets a Playstation 2 for his birthday, but my mother insists he must share it with me. Grand Theft Auto 3 provides us with hours of fun.
  • First Cell Phone

    My dad finally gets me a cell phone. I was a bit late to this milestone.
  • First Laptop

    I get my first laptop as a present for starting college.