Vladimir Lenin

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  • birth 1870

    birth 1870
    In Simbrisk Russia on April 10 mother Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova gave birth to a boy. They originally named him Vladimir Ulyanova and he later went by the alias Lenin. His father Ilya Ulyanov was a government official and was one of the first members of the Russian government to back equal rights. Both parents were well educated and gave Lenin good schooling which helped in his adult life. Little did his parents know Lenin would go on to change the history of Russia. (Gale research inc.)
  • Brooklyn Bridge 1883

    Brooklyn Bridge 1883
    The Brooklyn Bridge continues to this day to be a modern marvel and an architectural landmark. It is one of the oldest road way bridges in America. The bridge has a span of 1,595 feet. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River. It is important because it has led the way for modern suspension bridges to be built and is a important part of New York's history. (Thepeoplehistory.com)
  • Statue of Liberty is built 1885

    Statue of Liberty is built 1885
    The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable and influential American monuments of all time. French architect Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi began working on the masterpiece in 1870. Its located in the Upper New York Bay and stands for freedom and liberty. It also greets many immigrants as a symbol that they have made it to the United States. The statue has a cultural significance too as it was originally a sign of peace between the US and France. (Thepeoplehistory.com)
  • Modern Film is invented 1890

    Modern Film is invented 1890
    In 1890 Eadweard Muybridge changed the cinematic world forever. He invented ht e first modern film. Soon after film production companies popped up all over the map. Silent movies and projections then became a very popular form of entertainment. The invention of modern film changed history because it helps us convey stories in a visual manner and paved the way for one of the biggest industries ever.(Thepeoplehistory.com)
  • Earns law degree 1891

    Earns law degree 1891
    Lenin as a child, was very advanced in school. He graduated from secondary school with high honors. He then enrolled in Kazan University. After his first year there he was expelled for participating in a demonstration but continued his studies from home. He earned his first law degree in 1891. His studies at this school set his basis for his political views. He would go on to refer to these views all his life making them very important to his success. (Rose Blue)
  • Publishes " What is to be Done?" 1901

    Publishes " What is to be Done?" 1901
    Lenin wrote political pamphlet What is to be Done? in an attempt to "refine" his government. The pamphlet got a lot of people talking and sparked many debates among the middle class in Russia. In it he argues that they should convert the working class to Marxism in order to give them more of a voice. He also said they should form their own political party in order to make changes. The book made many government officials stop and think and granted more power to the people.(Rose Blue)
  • Wright Brother First Flight 1903

    Wright Brother First Flight 1903
    In 1903 Orville Wright piloted the first powered airplane. This day in history changed how people traveled. He traveled 20 feet above the ground for 59 seconds. Their model was used as a example for airplanes for nearly 80 years. They reshaped the transportation world and their ideas are still used today. (thoughtco.com)
  • Russo-Japanese war

    Russo-Japanese war
    "Rivers of blood are flowing. The civil war for freedom is blazing up" wrote Lenin as the early moments of war. Lenin's words enthused Russian soldiers all over. At a social democratic part congress discussing the war Lenin lead the conversation. It was said he was one of the biggest reason the Russians went to war. This marked a point in Lenin's life where he held the most political influence. (sparknotes.com)
  • First USA Olympic games 1904

    First USA Olympic games 1904
    In St. Louis, Missouri 1904 the USA held their first Olympic games. The American athletes scored big in the medal count. The games lasted five months and caused an uproar in states all over America. These games really brought the moral of the Olympics to America that was not there before but has not left. It also set precedents for many other Us Olympic games.(thepeoplehistory.com)
  • joins Third Congress 1905

    joins Third Congress 1905
    After writing his doctrine Lenin is invited to join the third congress. It was appointed to discussing world communism. In these meeting Lenin remolded the Russian government through his influential documents and powerful speeches. His politics changed citizens lives in his country. (Sparknotes.com)
  • Lenin becomes head of state 1905

    Lenin becomes head of state 1905
    In 1905 Lenin obtained more power in the government by becoming head of state. He founded the Russian communist party and was the architect of the soviet state. As head of state he developed a doctrine called Leninism. He is regarded as one of the greatest minds in government in the history of Russia.(Sparknotes.com)
  • Bloody Sunday 1905

    Bloody Sunday 1905
    One cold Sunday in Russia Lenin had just returned from exile a few weeks before. There was a peaceful protest march of working class citizens for better treatment suddenly turned violent when Czar police opened fire on the crowd. Lenin then delivered a series of powerful speeches that empowered the workers to fight authority and get the changes they wanted.(Louis Fischer)
  • Lenin writes Imperialism 1917

    Lenin writes Imperialism 1917
    Lenin published his theory in his opinionated book Imperialism. In it he described his thought about World War One, government, and the economy. He made many social criticisms about politicians that were at the time very controversial. In the book he described his theory of a new type of government called finance capitalism . The book was very popular in Russia and introduced new ideas to their society. the successful novel added to Lenin's intellectual legacy.(Softschools.com)
  • Russian revolution 1917

    Russian revolution 1917
    Vladimir Lenin led the revolutionaries in the war. Them and Lenin did not agree with the monarch at the time so the revolution was an attempt to overthrow him. The monarch had spies and created many unfair laws. Lenin fought for the people and ended up becoming victorious. The end of the war marked the creation of the Soviet Union that Lenin led proudly.(Louis Fischer)
  • Death 1924

    Death 1924
    Lenin had a history of having strokes as a genetic condition. In 1924 he had a stroke causing him to get a intracerebral hemorrhage. He passed away on January 21st at age 53. He is still remembered as one of the greatest minds in politics. He made many changes to Russian government and gave the working class a voice and the courage to fight back.(Gale reseach inc.)
  • Period: to

    World War One

    World war I was one of the worlds deadliest wars.It was fought between the central powers and the allied forces. It was caused by France and Britain growing and becoming world powers which brought along conflict with it. It was the first example of trench warfare; a new more dangerous type of warfare. There was also new weaponry like machine guns and mustard gas. It resulted in the fall of monarchies Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Austria and marked the end of colonalism.(History.com)