Vladimir Lenin

  • Arrest of Lenin

    Arrest of Lenin
    During a protest at Kazan University he got arrested, and then later also got expelled from that university,
  • Period: to

    Important Events

  • 2nd arrest

    2nd arrest
    Lenin is arrested by the Tsar police
  • Sentencing of Lenin

    Sentencing of Lenin
    After the previous arrest of Vladimir, he is now exiled for 3 years to Siberia.
  • Founding of a party

    The 1st Russian Marxist party is founded in Minsk & called the Social Democratic Party.
  • End of Exile

    Vladimir's exile ends & he returns to St. Petersburg married.
  • Europe!

    Lenin travels & moves to Western Europe
  • War!

    The Russo-Japanese War breaks out!
  • "Bloody Sunday"

    The 1905 Revolution or something begins at the outbreak in St. Petersburg
  • A special meeting

    Lenin goes to Finland for a Bolshevik conference. While there he meets Josef Stalin for the first time.
  • Beginning of a Revolution

    The Revolution begins in St. Petersburg
  • Time To Hide

    After an attempted Bolshevik coup in Petrograd, Lenin goes into hiding.
  • A Time of Fleeing

    The Bolsheviks seize power! The next day, Kerensky (the prime minister) flees.
  • Forming of an Army

    In the Ukraine, white armies begin to form for the beginning of the Civil War.
  • Assassinate, assassinate

    Fanya Kaplan attempts to assassinate Lenin!
  • Beginning of the Red Terror

    Lenin begins ordering the red troops to start taking hostages. The white armies are driven back along the Volga.
  • Invasion!

    World War 1 is over in Europe, and concentration camps have just been established in Russia. Now, Poland invades Russia! Oh noes!
  • A New Policy

    Poland's been driven back to Warsaw by the red army & now Russia is in a famine. Nearly 5 million people die. During the Tenth Party Congress in Moscow Lenin announces the New Economic Policy.
  • Changes

    Stalin is apppointed General Secretary of the Communist Party
  • Health Issues Arise

    Lenin suffers from his first stroke
  • More Health Issues

    Lenin suffers from his second stroke, only a few months after he recovers at Gorki.
  • Final Warning

    After already suffering from 2 strokes, Lenin gives his "Testament" warning against Josef Stalin.
  • Third Times a Charm

    Lenin suffers from a THIRD stroke & loses his ability of speech.
  • Death of a Leader

    Death of a Leader
    The man who brought Communism to Russia finally dies. His embalmed body is installed in the Red Square mausoleum 6 days later.