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    Vacations and Camps

  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island
    I love it here. The sole thing i hate about it is that the ride up is about 8 hours. The air up there is refeshing after getting out of a hot car. I spend most of my time on the beach making sand castles and clamming.
  • Florida

    I came to a presentation at Lebanon Highschool about sun protection. I remember how gross some of the pictures of sun-wrinkled skin were. I won a raffle in which the prize was a playground ball and a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We went for four days and i had a lot of fun. The temperature during the day was about 70 degrees, and my brother and i were swimming while all of the people from Florida were wondering what the heck would make us swim in such "cold" weather.
  • Montreal 2003

    Montreal 2003
    This trip was just with my brother and mom. We tried to stay in the city but ended up an hour outside because all the hotel rooms were booked downtown. Not fun.
  • Horizons

    Horizons was the first camp i went to for more than one week. We didn't sleep there but we did lots and lots of fun things like archery, sailing and boating, and ball games. Once a week, we traveled off campus to a hike or a new place to swim.
  • Italy

    My family went on a two-week trip to Italy during spring break. It's the farthest I've ever been from home, so the experience was a very special one for me. I ate lots of good and authenic Italian food and saw lots of beautiful sights from turquoise ocean water to a city with a medieval wall still standing around an entire city.
  • Quebec 2008

    Quebec 2008
    We went with my grandmother and it was freezing cold. I must have played gameboy for three straight hours on the ride up. We stayed in a B&B in the old city and it served sizzling steak for dinner.
  • Camp Pemigewassett

    Camp Pemi
    I went to Camp Pemi extremel worried about the fun i was going to miss at home during summer break. After the first four days, I completely forgot about home and friends (in a good way). This became one of my favorite places to be on Earth.
  • Pemi 2009

    Pemi 2009
    This was my last year going to Pemi first half. I was in the Lower 7 cabin with the best bunch of guys you could have. We were mainly lacrosse-oriented, and argued all the time, which proves that we were really close. This year I went on a loon count on a pond that was about seven miles into the woods. We didn't expect to see any, but we were lucky enough to see baby loons with their parents, which is an extremely rare occasion.
  • Six Flags 2009

    Six Flags 2009
    I went to Six Flags with Lebanon Rec as a make-up trip for a rained-out Attitash hiking trip. It rained there too but at least i was soaked with all of my friends.
  • Quebec 2010

    Quebec 2010
    We went as a family and pretty much did nothing. I just felt like being in Canada. We walked around both the old and new cities and window shopped. Every night, we went to a new place to eat. We ended up going to a dinner creperie, a mexican restaurant with good portion sizes, and a little traditional French-Canadian restaurant with sugar pie.
  • Newfound Lake

    Newfound Lake
    Last year my family went to Newfound Lake for five days. We swam, kayacked, and drove around the area every day. I didn't really use many electronics during that time, so it was a kinda new experience to just use non-electronic things for almost a week.
  • Pemi 2010

    Pemi 2010
    This year I went to camp as an Upper, the Kings of Intermediate Hill. I went second half, the half that hosts Techumseh Day, a day spent only playing sports against our rival camp. Last year was especially important because the founder's son, Tom Reed Sr., died peacefully in a raging thunderstorm, the way he wanted to go.
  • Montreal 2010

    Montreal 2010
    This was our 8th grade class trip. It was packed with tons of good food, thrill rides, and interesting sights.