U.S History

By astrag
  • Cuban Revolution

    Jose Marti a cuban poet and journalist launched a revolution in 1895. He organized Cuban resistance against Spain. By using an active guerrila campaign and by destroying US property like sugar mills.
  • Plessy VS Ferguson

    Plessy VS Ferguson
    The supreme court ruled that the seperation of races in public accomodations wasnt against the 14th amendment. This allowed for seperate but equal which allowed for places to have seperate places for everyone but they had to be equal.
  • First world series

    First world series
    In 1903 The Boston Pilgrims beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903.In 1869 the Cincinnati red Stockings toured the country. Which lled to the formation of the National League in 1876.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Pure Food and Drug Act
    In 1906 Congress passed this law because companies were adding harmful things to things like medicines like preservatives. The act halted the sale of contanimated foods and medicines, and called for truth in labeling.
  • NAACP Founded

    NAACP Founded
    In 1909 a number of African Americans went together in New York. To Find The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People. They had over six thousand members by 1914. They aimed for full equality amoung all races.
  • Seventeenth Amendment

    Seventeenth Amendment
    Before 1913 all of the states had state legislatures voting instead of the people for U.S. senatores. Progressives wanted senatores to be more responsive to the public. In the beginning the senate didnt like the idea but gradually more and more states were allowing people to vote for the legislature.
  • Photography

    George Eastmen replaced the the heavty glass plates with a lighter alternative film. Where they could be sent to a studio to be processed. George decided to make a product that everyone would use. So he invented the Kodak Camera.
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    Roosevelt thought the U.S. needed a canal. Britain said we could. They bought the french company for 40 million for the canal.The U.s. needed permission from Columbia. Panama declared independence. 15 days later everyone agreed to this. EThe U.s. agreed to sign atreaty they had to pay 10 million then annual rent for 250,000.
  • U.S.S Maine

    U.S.S Maine
    The USS Maine ordered to bring home Americans. Because they were in danger. So the Uss Maine was blown up by Spain. Then the U.S. declared war on Spain.