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US Expansionism - Vanessa Appiah

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  • Sinking of the USS Maine

    Sinking of the USS Maine
    Definition : The United States battleship Maine was blown up by a mine in an explosion that killed 260 officers and men on board.
    People Involved : The Spanish were blamed for the explosion
    Impact on Foreign Policy : This was the main reason the U.S. joined the war
  • Spanish American War (Beginning)

    Spanish American War (Beginning)
    Definition : Cubans wanted independence from the Spanish so the United States decided to support their cause and use Cuba as an ally to go to war with Spain.
    People Involved : The Spanish, Americans, Cubans
    Impact on Foreign Policy : We align ourselves with cuba and therefore gain more resouces.
  • Spanish American War (End)

    Spanish American War (End)
    Definition : Teddy Roosevelt led the rough riders at san juan hill in cuba to defeat the Spanish and win the war
    People Involved : The Rough Riders led by Teddy Roosevelt
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Since Spain lost the war they had to give up some of their pacific territories including Puerto Rico, Guam and The Philippines in exchange for 20 million from the U.S. These newly acquired lands in the pacific stregthened our navy and gave America more power and resources
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Annexation of Hawaii
    Definition : The Hawaiian Territory was now officially part of the United States.
    People Involved : President William McKinley and Sanford Dole became mayor
    Impact on Foreign Policy : The US got more resources (Pineapple and Sugar Plantations)
  • Acquisition of the Philippines

    Acquisition of the Philippines
    Definition : The Philippine Islands were now officially part of the United States because of our win in the Spanish American War
    People Involved : William McKinley (President at the time)
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Extened US influence to the Pacific
  • Acquisition of Guam

    Acquisition of Guam
    Definition : Guam was now officially a territory of the United States. Spain had to give it up after they lost the war
    People Involved : President William Mckinley, The Spanish
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Extended U.S. influence to the pacific and therefore strengthened our navy
  • Open Door Poilcy

    Open Door Poilcy
    Definition : Stated that all countries had trading rights in China
    People Involved : John Hay (Secretary of State), Alfred E. Hippisley , William W. Rockhill
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Opened Asian Markets to US businesses
  • Roosevelt Corollary (Big Stick Policy)

    Roosevelt Corollary (Big Stick Policy)
    Definition : A policy that prevented European countries from using force to collect debt.
    People Involved : President Theodore Roosevelt
    Impact on Foreign Policy : made the U.S. an "international poilce power" and they also took their own share of money when they collected debt for the European nations.
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    Definition : Encouraged other nations to invest in Carribean Islands
    Date : 1909-1913
    People Involved : President William Howard Taft and his Secretary of State, Philander C. Knox
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Extended American Sphere of Influence and increased economic stability in Carribean Nations
  • Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
    Definition : Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated by Gavriolo Princip of Serbia
    People Involved : Gavriolo Princip, Archduke Ferdinand
    How this event affected WWI : The event that triggered the European Alliances and this triggered WW1
  • Alliances

    Definition : a union or association formed, between countries or organzations, for mutual benefit
    People Involved : Great Britain and U.S., Germany and Austria-Hungary
    How this event affected WWI : Dragged many countries into the war since they wanted to be loyal to their allies. (When your ally went to war so did you)
  • Nationalism

    Definition : Pride in one's country.
    People Involved : U.S., Germany, Great Britain, etc...
    How this event affected WWI : It was one of the causes of the war because everybody involved in the conflict felt that their nation was better so they went to war to prove it, some people also wanted independence
  • Imperialism (Expansionism)

    Imperialism (Expansionism)
    Definition : a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. This expansionism is cause by a growing economy and the shift from agriculture to industrial. There were more business and people wanted to trade so they needed a foreign poliy
    People Involved : United States
    How this event affected WWI : You could gain more territory if you won the war so this was one of a country motives for entering the war. More territory in Pacific = Stronger Navy
  • Militarism

    Definition : the belief that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.
    People Involved : United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France
    How this event affected WWI : Everybody wanted to prove that their miliatary was the most powerful so they went too war to prove it (bragging rights).
  • Beginning of WWI

    Beginning of WWI
    Definition : Nationalism, Militarism, and Imperialism all lead to the start of the world's first global conflict.
    People Involved : Sebia, Austria-Hungary, France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Germany, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria
    How this event affected WWI : Countries all around the world must assemble their armies, choose a side, and go to war
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    Definition : a 77.1 km ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
    People Involved : President Theodore Roosevelt
    Impact on Foreign Policy : Took less time to transport goods, and the US could charge people to use the canal.
  • German Proclamation

    German Proclamation
    Definition : Germany officially declares the waters around the British Isles a warzone and they will sink any ships that entered that area
    People Involved : Germans
    How this event affected WWI : This was like a warning and it is the reason for some of the future ocnflict with the U.S.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    Definition : Germany's "U-Boats" sink the Lusitana (sister ship of the titanic) killing 1.100 people including 120 Americans
    People Involved : Americans, Germans, British
    How this event affected WWI : This kickstarted the conflict between the U.S. and Germany especially since there were Americans killed
  • Sussex Pledge

    Sussex Pledge
    Definition : Germany promises to not sink any more merchant ships without warning
    People Involved : Germans
    How this event affected WWI : By making this pledge they are reassuring the U.S. and keeping them out of the war.
  • Unrestricted Sub Warfare continues

    Unrestricted Sub Warfare continues
    Definition : Germany waged submarine warfare against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    People Involved : Germans, British, Irish
    How this event affected WWI : Gave German an edge in cobat since submarines were new at the time also causes more conflict between the United States and Germany
  • Zimmerman Telegraph

    Zimmerman Telegraph
    Definition : The British are able to decode a telegram that Germany sent to Mexico. The message proposed an alliance between the two nations if Mexico would go to war with the US, and in return Germany would help Mexico get back territories that the U.S. stole from them
    People Involved : German, British Intellingence, Mexico, United States
    How this event affected WWI : This was the last straw for the U.S. and it's the reason we join WWI
  • US enters WWI

    US enters WWI
    Definition : The U.S is officially is officially in World War 1 and at war with the Central Powers
    People Involved : Congress, Woodrow Wilson
    How this event affected WWI : Stregthened the power of the Allies and we helpd bring an end to the war
  • Selective Service Act of 1917 (U.S. Draft)

    Selective Service Act of 1917 (U.S. Draft)
    Definition : This act gave the U.S government the power to raise a national army for entry into World War I through the compulsory enlistment of people
    People Involved : Woodrow Wilson, U.S. Congress
    How this event affected WWI : Gave the U.S. a way to get soldiers if need be and this gave them a numbers advantage
  • Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

    Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
    Definition : Woodrow Wilson makes 14 points or suggestions for europe to consider while they create the treaty. Even though the primary theme of his points were peace, only one of them were actually put on the Treaty of Versailles
    People Involved : Wilson, European Nations
    How this event affected WWI : This created the league of nations that was tasked with keeping the peace in europe
  • End of WWI

    End of WWI
    Definition : After 4 years of devastating battles and over 38 million casualties, WWI is over.
    People Involved : United States, germany, Great Britain, France
    How this event affected WWI : Left Europe in shambles and positioned the United States as a worldwide superpower.
  • Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

    Signing of the Treaty of Versailles
    Definition : The treaty made Germany admit blame for the war and pay reparations, it was centered around giving Germany maximum punishment
    People Involved : Germany, Woodrow Wilson, European Nations
    How this event affected WWI : This treaty ended the 4 year global conflict and essentially led to WW2 because of how harsh it was towards Germany