Unit 5 Timeline Project

  • Period: to

    Choctaw Creek Chickasaw Removal

    Choctaw; They were kick out when their land was technically Spanish land. Spain told the US that, that was their land. The US began to enforce the Treaty of Hopewell.Creek; Georgia began to look at the Creek as worthless people when they had stopped trading. When kicked out they had 22 million acers of waitting for them when they leave. Chickasaw; Had it easy they nogosh with Andrew Jackson and got better treatment than all the tribes because they were there to witness other tribes being moved.
  • Sauk(Fox) Removal

    Sauk(Fox) Removal
    They were kicked out barley with any warning. The Fox traibe were causing trouble to new comers into the US and Andrew Jackson did not like that one bit. So, he gave they no chance and just gave them the boot.
  • Cumberland Road

    Cumberland Road
    National Road runs through Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, and Indian to Vandalia. It is sixty-sex feet wide the surface was with stone and gravel.
  • Period: to

    Erie Canal

    A boat made to take people to Albany and Buffalo. It was 70feet wide and 7 feet deep. It made New York a power house and filled with people.
  • Period: to

    Era of Good Feelings

    This phrase was first used in a Boston newspaper on July 12, 1817 from President James Monroe.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    This was an effort to balance the power of congress betwwen slave states and free states. It was passed in 1820 and many other states were not happy about that, they wanted to be able to have slaves in their states.
  • Sequoya Writes The Cherokee Lanuage

    Sequoya Writes The Cherokee Lanuage
    Sequoyah decides to make the Cherokee's own language and then writes its own alphabet as well.
  • Election Of John Qunicy Adams

    Election Of John Qunicy Adams
    This was the first time that no candidate had ran aganist a federalist. The outcome of the election was indeed very close, but it surprised many political leaders that Andrew Jackson had became the winner.
  • Cherokee Capital of New Echota founded

    Cherokee Capital of New Echota founded
    The main house of the Cherokee's house. It was big as the white house at that time and they were still asked to be moved. It sits their till this day and it is very popular to vistors.
  • Tariff Of Abominations

    Tariff Of Abominations
    High tariff on imported goods.
  • Cherokee Constitution Written

    Cherokee Constitution Written
    The Cherokee really wanted to become their own country and have their own government, so by them writting their own constitution it has to be some what the same as the US constitution.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    South Carolina is angry about the tariff and threatens to secede. Jackson threatened to invade.
  • Election of Andrew Jackson

    Election of Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson was known as one of the dirtiest president to run for president. He was looked at as a bad president, because he killed someone in a duel and at this time a duel was a no no.
  • Period: to

    Peggy Eaton Affair

    John Eatons wife (Peggy Eaton), she was involed in a sex scandal. So the other women did not like her so they act like she was never their and Andrew Jackson did not like that. He though if they were not mature enough to be involed with the government so they shouldn't be there. Jackson got rid of all the women.
  • Gold on Cherokee Land

    Gold on Cherokee Land
    Americans first gold rush came into to play in Gerogia. Many miners from all over moved to Gerogia to get some gold to bring back home. Yet the gold was founded on the Cherokee land and still people invaded their land. Also Georgia made sure that no Cherokee could mine gold, because their were guards their to make sure only Cherokee could not mine.
  • Georgia nullifies all Cherokee law

    Georgia nullifies all Cherokee law
    Georgia ignored all of the Cherokee's laws they payed no mine for what they wanted or wanted to say.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    Law signed by president Jackson which forced the indian nations to surrender their homelands and relocate to indian territory.
  • The Emergence of Sectionalism

    The Emergence of Sectionalism
    Other countries have noticed that we have been sectinalizeing races such as Blacks and Indians.
  • Trail Of Tears

    Trail Of Tears
    The Trail Of Tears was soon after the Indian Removal Act, people in the US made the Indians walk miles and miles. On that walk 800 indians died.
  • Cherokee V Georgia

    Cherokee V Georgia
    Cherokee finally had enough and took Georgia to court. In court the Supreme simply said leave the Cherokee alone.
  • Veto Of National Bank

    Veto Of National Bank
    Mcullough v Maryland congress could create a national bank deposit US funds. Jackson vetoed it!
  • Worchester V Georgia

    Worchester V Georgia
    The indians had sued Georgia because they told them they could not mine on their own land. So, they took them to court and they told them to back off the indians.
  • Election of Martin Van Buren

    Election of Martin Van Buren
    Martin Van Buren ran aganist President Jackson and won because of some of his member from the Whig party voted for him. Which gave him the boost he needed to win the election of 1836.
  • Panic Of 1837

    Panic Of 1837
    When Martin Van Buren became president he inherited Andrew Jacksons money, which became known as the Panic Of 1837.
  • Second Seminole War

    Second Seminole War
    The Seminole tribe once again had fought aganist the the US. Andrew Jackson had led his army to take out the Seminole, after Andrew Jackson and his army had won, he had told the remaining Seminole to back up and move out. Now Andrew Jackson had tooken their land right benethe their feet.