Andrew jackson

Andrew Jackson

  • Birth

    Andrew Jackson is born in Waxhaw, South Carolina.
  • joins continental army

    joining when he was 13, he and his brother were captured and held captive for 2 weeks.
  • Became a lawyer

    Became a lawyer
    after all of his schooling, since he was 15, Andrew finally became a lawyer.
  • Life before the Presidency

    he served at the convention that created the Tennessee Constitution. He also was Tennessee's first U.S representative.
  • Period: to

    Justice Jackson

    he was a justice on the Tennessee Supreme Court.
  • victory at Horseshoe Bend

    victory at Horseshoe Bend
    As major general of the Tennessee Volunteers, Jackson led his troops to victory against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend.
  • General Jackson

    General Jackson
    Andrew became general of the army fighting the War of 1812.
  • Andrew Jackson is a hero

    Andrew Jackson is a hero
    Mr. Jackson defeated the British in the battle of New Orleans and was a national hero. He earned the nickname "Old Hickory" because of his toughness.
  • Period: to

    1st Seminole War

    He served in the 1st Seminole War, when he overthrew the Spanish Governor in Florida.
  • Spanish Florida

    Spanish Florida
    President James Monroe ordered Andrew Jackson to lead a campaign in Georgia, against the Seminole and Creek Indians. also, he was to in charge of preventing runaway from seeking refuge in spanish Florida.
  • Military Governer

    Military Governer
    Andrew was the military governor of Florida.
  • Period: to

    U.S. Senator

    Jackson became a U.S. senator.
  • the election of 1824

    the election of 1824
    running against John Quincy Adams, Jackson had the popular vote, but was in need of more electoral votes, so he did not make it for the term of 1824-1828.
  • Period: to

    Succession crisis

    starting with the high price of tariffs from products originating in Europe, southern farmers argued that America could recieve the same products, cheaper, here from them. South Carolina started riots in the case of succession.
  • Wife Rachel dies

    Wife Rachel dies
    Rachel died six weeks after his election to the presidency, and Jackson blamed Adams for her death due to gossip that had been spread during the election. Jackson never forgave Adams for that incident. Also, he killed a man named Charles Dickinson in 1806 in a pistol duel over Mrs. Jackson's honor.
  • President Andrew Jackson

    President Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson beacame the7th President of the United States of America and became apart of a splitting political part known as the "Democratic-Republican" party.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    Andrew Jackon signed this in order to move Native Americans, just west of the Mississippi River, to lands further west (Oklahoma) in exchange for the land the Inians occupied. All triggered by the findings of gold in the Indian's original homeland.
  • Re-election of Andrew Jackson

    This time in the Democratic party, and running against Henry Clay, the main points were the use of veto by the president, the use of the spoils system, and the Bank of the United States.
  • reducing national debt

    President Jackson managed to reduce debt to $33,733.05, the lowest the federal debt had ben since 1791.
  • Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin sailed to various parts of the worldincluding around America, testing the theory of evolution.
  • First assassination attempt on a president

    First assassination attempt on a president
    Jackson was leaving a funeral and a mentally ill man named Richard Lawrence fired a pistol at him at point-blank range. The pistol misfired and Lawrence pulled another pistol which also misfired. Jackson's ego as a fighter kept him from running for cover. Instead, he boldly confronted his attacker and proceeded to beat the man over the head with his cane.
  • Sam Houston wants to join America

    Sam Houston wants to join America
    Sam Houston confronts Jackson about Texas being annexed into the U.S. once they seperate from Mexico. Jackson declines because of the large debt Texas carried.
  • Period: to


    an economical depresion around this time period was the worst the country had seen so far. this became known as the Panic of 1837.
  • Death

    Andrew Jackson dies at his home near Nashville, Tennessee. He stayed politically active until his death.