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Andrew Jackson timeline

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    Andrew Jackson Timeline

  • The Cumberland Road

    The Cumberland Road I could not find the exact date so i made the date up. Sorry the picture is dosen't show up to well.The cumbarland road has gone by various names in history For example The Cumberland Road,The National Turnpike, The National Road, The National Highway and US Route 40. This road when from Cumberland, Maryland and ended construction in Vandalia,Illinois in 1837.
  • Era of Good Feelings

    Era of Good Feelings
    I could not find the exact date so i made it up. In this event the federalists and democrats struggled for the hearts and minds of Americans to help solve the majior problems in America.This event was named after Americans hailed the federalist party’s disintegration in Boston newspaper called it The Era Of Good Feelings and it ended in 1824.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    I Could not find the exact date so i made up the day.
    The Erie Canal was started in 1817 and ended in 1825.The Erie Canal is 363-mile-long between1817 and 1825.
  • Seminole War

     Seminole War
    Didn't find exact date. In this time there was a people in Georgia whent into Florida to steal Siminole Cattle and horses and didn't care about the indians dieing tring to deffencend there own tarritory.However in this event some slaves got escaped and whent to go join indain tribes in hope that they will have there freedom back.
  • Sequoya write the Cherokee language

    Sequoya write the Cherokee language
    I could not find the exact date so i made it up.When Sequoya Write the cherokee language they were missing some letter for example B, F, J, P, R, T, and X. Those are letters we use in the english language that the cherokee dosn't use. This written language has six vowels, seventy eight symbols representing a combination of consonant and vowel, and "s" sound.
  • Election of John Quincy Adams

    Election of John Quincy Adams
    I made up the date becuase i could not find the exact date. In this event in 1824 the election no presidential candidate has had the most of electoral votes in the election of 1824, the U.S. House of Representatives votes to elect John Quincy Adams when Andew Jackson had more popular votes than him.Henery clay was disqualified of the election because he was the forth place in votes but when John got elected he elected Henery as secritary of state and Andrew thought it was a corrupt bargain.
  • Election of Andew Jackson

    Election of Andew Jackson
    I could not find the exact date so i made it up. In this event people kept attacking his relationship with his wife rachel. Andrew jackson did not talk about big issuses in America for example slavery, is he was said that slavery was right or wrong the north or south would have lost support for him and Andrew Jackson wanted to win and he needed alot of support (votes) to win this election.
  • Tariff Abominations

    Tariff Abominations The Tariff abominations reffers to a bill that was made to protect norethern industries in the northern part of the United States and this bill was passed by Congress. This bill protected the northern United States by not having to pay higher prices on goods the region did not produce.
  • The Trail of Tears

    The Trail of Tears
    Sorry no exact date. With the new Jacksonian democrocy the Indains were not welcome because they needed land to sell to make more homes for settelers and sell huge land to make more places what will help get more money.The military was removing tribes form there homeland and made them relocate themselfs to a different are.
  • The Indian Removal Act

    The Indian Removal Act
    This act was to help gain more territories or more states on the west side of the mississippi river.The Indians were split up in to tribes and if there tarritory wasn't orgonized they would take there their land.
  • Cherokee Nation V Georgia

    Cherokee Nation V Georgia could not find the exact date.These laws has taken away the Cherokee Nations rights away and were vary harmfull to them because within there own tribal boundries they didn't have basic human rights.These laws within Georgia wasn't wanted by the Cherokee Nation because is't fair that there all rights got taken away.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis not find the exact date. This event was first giving voice by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.This Nullification was used to make sure that there is a suspension in the state of a federal law aswell as in it's borders
  • Worcester V Georgia

    Worcester V Georgia
    Couldent find the exact date.Congeress has made its disition to keep Indains in United States. Aswell Congress has treated them as another nation and give them respect and respect their rights ,However they let them keep their territory and boundries in the U.S. Also they made peace treaties with the Indains.
  • President Jackson vetoes the 2nd National Bank of America

    President Jackson vetoes the 2nd National Bank of America The day of this event President Andrew Jackson said that the goverenment will not use that bank anymore.Then he used his alot of his power to take away funds for this second national bank.
  • Panic of 1837

    Panic of 1837
    I could not find the exact date so i made it up.In this event Martain Van Buren was presedent and elected in 1836 and its was easy for him to get elected but he didn't know how to be the president.He inherrited Andrew Jackson's financial policies witch lead to this event and turned out to be one of the worst economic depression in america.