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History timeline per 1

  • Sequoya writes the Cherokee language

    Sequoya writes the Cherokee language
    Sequoya was the a half breed, his mother was Indian and his father was white. He had never learned to read/write in english. It is to say that he made the Cherokee language, one of the most popular Native American languages today.
  • Cumberland Road

    Cumberland Road
    The Cumberland Road was the main type of transportation to get to the Western settlement. It was also known as the, "The Main Road of America"
  • The Era Of Good Feelings

    The Era Of Good Feelings
    The, "Era of Good Feelings" was a phrase first used in the Boston Columbian Centinel newspaper. It was used to describe the mood of the US during 1815 - 1825. The period after the conclusion of the war of 1812.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    Also known as the "Clinton's Folly", or the "Clinton's Ditch". It was not only a water way transportation, but also a vacation spot.
  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
    In order to try and balance the power between congress slave and free states, Maine was made a slave free state and Missouri was made a slave state.
  • Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw Removal

    Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw Removal
    Choctaw:They were relocated in 1832 and were outlawed by congress. They were forced to walk to their new Indian territory.
    Creek: After seeing the treatment of the Sac/Fox tribe they resisted and fought Andrew Jackson to the death.
    Chickasaw: After seeing the treatment of the Sac/Fox and the Creek tribe, they negotiated with the federal goernment for money for food. They ended up moving up due to the Gov's lack of $ and were killed.
  • Election of John Quincy Adams

    Election of John Quincy Adams
    this election was different from all of the other ones because in this one, the congress was no longer allowed to vote, but the people were and whoever got the popular vote won.
  • Cheorkee Capital of New Echota founded

    Cheorkee Capital of New Echota founded
    In 1825, the Cherokee capital of New Echota was founded. Georgia decided to attempt to burn, despite the courts opposition. The Cherokee's capital of New Echota is here today to remind of us of our country's ignorance.
  • Cherokee Constitution written

    Cherokee Constitution written
    The Cherokee made a constitution in order to become more civilized so the US wouldn't have a reason to kick them out. Unfornately for them, the US found a way.
  • Tariff of Abominations

    Tariff of Abominations
    Andrew Jackson made a high tariff on imported goods, similar to what King George once did.
  • Andrew Jackson Election

    Andrew Jackson Election
    The election of Andrew Jackson was one of the most known elections. To start off, it was the first election of which the common men were able to vote. Not only that, but, that was also when campaigning had started and let's not pretend our good ole' friend Andrew Jackson wouldn't had taken advantage of it. Andrew Jackson was also the first to make the Democratic party.
  • Gold is discovered in the Cherokee Nation triggering America's first gold rush

    Word spread of Georgia having gold. Many people were attracted to the Chattahooche River anf the Elowah River. Crime quickly spread and by 1830, most of the gold had been mined.
  • Georgia nullifies all Cherokee law

    Georgia nullifies all Cherokee law
    George Gilmer was the newly elected governor in Georgia at the time, and he, along with the rest of Georgia, didn't like the Cherokee. whenever he had a chance he would try to take down the Cherokee. Unfortunatley, the Surpreme Court denied that Georgia could interact with the Cherokee more than once. Georgia ingnored and nullified all of the Cherokee's laws.They weren't even allowed to mine on their own land. Andrew Jackson broke the constitution by allowing this.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    In the 1830's millions of Native Americans lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tenessee, FLorida. By the end of the decade, very few Native Americans lived in the Southeastern part of the U.S.
  • Indian Removal act

    Indian Removal act
    Andrew Jackson as well as Geogria didn't like the Indians and got rid of them from their own ignorance. They couldn't accept the Indians ways no matter how much they tried tofit with society.
  • Cherokee Nation V Georgia

    Cherokee Nation V Georgia
    A treaty was made with the Cherokee for them to be able to settle on Georgia's land if they moved out of their originial territory.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    South Carolina was angry by the high tariff on imported goods and threatened to leave. Jackson then decided to threaten his own bretheren that he would invade if necessary.
  • Worcester V Georgia

    Worcester V Georgia
    In 1832, The court ruled that Georgia could not control the Cherokee within their own territory. This case involved two men who were welcomed to the Cherokee but did not have the license to live there. They were forced to swear alliegance to the state or leave to the Cherokee, they refused and were arrested. They were forced to do hard labor on a chain gang for 16 months until the case was decided. In the end, they ended up being pardoned.
  • President Andrew Jackson vetoes the 2nd national bank of America

    President Andrew Jackson vetoes the 2nd national bank of America
    It had been said by historians that Andrew Jackson has vetoed more than any president before him. On september 10, 1833 he announced that there would no longer be a second national bank and used his excutive powers to take all of the money out of the bank.
  • The Second Seminol War

    The Second Seminol War
    Northern settlers were invading a Seminole settlement. They often clashed with Seminoles and because of that, they were asked to move and they refused. In 1830 Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act so they could move the Indians towards the Mississippi river. The Seminole's didn't want to leave their home land, but they sent a few chiefs to look at the new land. When they came back, they said they were tricked and
  • The Election of Martin Van Buren

    The Election of Martin Van Buren
    Martin Van Buren worked hard for his friendship with Andrew Jackson, and it payed off. He not only got his vote, but campaigned as the continuation of Andrew Jackson, which he was. Many people from the Democratic part (places from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and his homeland, New York) like the Old HIckory and got his vote. He also helped benefit the Democratic party which almost got him 85,000 more votes than Andrew Jackson.
  • Panic of 1837

    Panic of 1837
    The Panic of 1837 was caused by none other then, Andrew Jackson. Once he had shutted down the National bank, the economy was going down, fast. Sadly. this happened right when Martin Van Buren was elected and left him juggling financial problems.