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Andrew Jackson

  • Andrew was born

    Andrew Jackson was born on march 15, 1767. He had a pretty hard life, his dad passing away when he was just a few months old and living on a frontier out in South carolina was tough.
  • Life as a POW

    Andrew Jackson and his brother were taken prisoner by the Brits in 1781. It was the farthest thing from fun, having to do chores and labor without payment. When Andrew finally snapped and told an officer no, he struck him with his sword, leaving a big gash in his hand and head. A few weeks later, his mom came in to rescue them, but she came too late. Both him and his brother had come down with smallpox, leaving his brother dead and him in dwindling condition.
  • Mother died

    Shortly after Andrew was nursed back to full health from smallpox, his mother died from either ship fever or cholera.
  • Studing Law

    In 1784, Andrew started studing law and eventually built a successful legal practice. He started making money, buying and selling off land, and eventually bought a plantation near Nashville, which was a major success. This is what alowed him to get into congress.
  • War of 1812

    After the start of the war of 1812, Jackson was appointed the general in the army. And in 1815, he ended up defeating the British even though his troops were severely out numbered.
  • election of 1824

    The election of 1824 was tough for Jackson. He won the popular vote of the people, but wasnt so lucky with the electoral votes. Andrew ended up losing the election to Adams, because of Henry Clay's last second vote. He felt cheated.
  • The Cherokee Nation

    In 1827, the Cherokee Nation decided to make a constitution off of what the U.S had done. A year later, gold was found on their land, and mkore and more people wanted to move them somewhere else, so they could have the gold.
  • Election of 1828

    Furious by the results of the last election, Jackson would not let another one go. He immediately started working on campain ads and getting more votes. He set up a campain mostly refering to the "Common Man," wanting to spread political power to all the people and ensure majority rule"Jacksonain Democracy". The race for president ended up becoming so heated, Andrew's wife was starting to get picked on. But in the end, Jackson was finally voted president of the united states.
  • After he takes office

    Shortly after Jackson takes office in 1828, his wife died of a heart attack. Andrew believed that the attacks from the race for president had killed her, which caused him to be depressed through his inauguration. When people started to loose their minds, breaking china and yelling, he left the white house.
  • Tariff of abominations

    During the ending part of Adams presidency, they passed a law raising the tariff on foriegn goods. This didnt go down very well with the Southerners, since most of their economy depended on foriegn trade. Since Jackson was Adams apponent during the election of 1828, all the south voted for him, to make Adams learn a lesson.
  • Spoils System

    During his presidency, Jackson started replacing alot of government officials with his supporters. Some people argued that it was corrupt, but he defended it and never stopped it.
  • Indian removal act

    Jackson passed an act in 1830 making all of the Native Americans move west of the Mississippi river. The indians had two choices, they could pick up on the way of the american people, or they would have to move. Jackson didnt allow for them to have their own government though, so that destroyed their constitution.
  • The trail of tears

    This time is when the Native americans were practically forced off their land and relocate in the west. Alot of them settled in to what is now parts of Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas, also known as the Indian Territory. But they didnt leave without a fight. Most of them were against it, and did not go. So, General Winfield Scott ordered his federal troops to round up most of them, and put them into camps. (2 event slots, go to next one)
  • the trail of tears continued

    The Cherokee Nation ended up loosing 1/4 of its population during the move, which is why this was called the Trail of Tears.
  • doctrine of nullification

    When Jackson past the Tariff of Abominations again, South Carolina couldnt take it anymore. They decided that they will create the Doctrine of Nullification, which allowed them to not have to have the tariff.
  • Death

    Andrew Jackson died on June 8, 1845