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Andrew Jackson

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    Jacksonian era

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    Era of good feelings

    The era of good feelings was during Monroes presidency, there were little to no major conflicts during this timespan because the fedralist party had disbanded, The Era of good feelings was coined by Benjamin Russel in the boston newspaper.
  • The emergence of sectionalism

    The emergence of sectionalism
    In the early 19th century sectional differences between the north and south created more and more tension. Mostly becuase of the economic differences and slavery.
  • Sequoya finishes cheerokee language

    Sequoya finishes cheerokee language
  • Election of John Quincy Adams

    Election of John Quincy Adams
    The election of 1824 is known to be the only election to have been decided by the house of represenatives, which is now known as the corrupt bargain. Andrew Jackson received more electoral and popular votes than any other candidate, but did not get the majority of 131. Since no candidate had the majority it was thrown to the house of representatives to decide. Which deemed john adams president causing the rivalry between both Andrew and John.
  • Erie canal finished

    Erie canal finished
    The Erie canal started construction in 1801 and was finished in 1825 when it was built it was considered an engineering marvel and some called it the eigth wonder of the world. It was created for a cheap way to fairy in produce to markets and open the coutry to settelers in the west.
  • The Tariff of Abominations

    The Tariff of Abominations
    The tariff was meant to protect new england from manufacturing intrests and western agriculture products, so americans would buy american made products instead of foriegn goods.
  • Election of Andrew Jackson starts

    Election of Andrew Jackson starts
    The election of 1828 was said to be one of the dirtiest ever, resulting in president andrew jackson victorious, the last 4 years jackson vowed to gain polliticial revenge, jackson had stressed he was a president for the common man.
  • Gold discovered in cherokee nation causing gold rush

    Gold discovered in cherokee nation causing gold rush
    Myths were told that people accidentally stumbled upon gold but no one real new for sure untill on august 1st a georgia newspaper wrote that gold mines had been discovered in georgia, so then thousands of prospectors looking to do little work and becoming rich flooded in into georgia, this is now known as Americas first glod rush.
  • Indian removal act signed

    Indian removal act signed
    The indian removal act authorized president jackson to negotiate with the native americans sending them to fedral lands, because the americans were itching for expanion.
  • Choctaw, Creek and Chickasaw removal

    Choctaw, Creek and Chickasaw removal
    The Choctaw were the first to be removed on september 27th signing the treaty to handover thier remaining land and agreeing to be removed.The Chickasaw tribe, unlike other tribes stated they wanted money before they moved, after 5 years of debating they agreed to $530,00 for most of the chickasaw land. The Muscogee also known as Creek signed the Treaty of Cusseta giving away most of thier land and accepting relocation and the Trail Of Tears.
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    Trail of tears

    Andrew Jackson is one of the most blamed for the trail of tears, forcing Native Americans to leave thier homes and walk over 2,200 miles to thier designated new homes most of the Native American population died from sickness, exaustion, and starvation on thier way.
  • Cheerokee Nation V Georgia

    Cheerokee Nation V Georgia
    Chief John Ross was chosen to defend the cherokee's rights in Cherokee Nation V Georgia in the supreme court, many questions were regarding whether the Cherokee Nation should have been considered a foriegn nation or not, the outcome of this case resulted in the expulsion of the cherokee nation and caused the trail of tears.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    The Nullification Crisis was a sectional problem during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson because of the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were declared unconstitutional. The tariff of abominations was creted during the presidency of John Quincy Adams and had for the most part opposed the south and New England.
  • Worchester V Georgia

    Worchester V Georgia
    In the 1820s - 1830s georgia made relentless campaigns to try and remove the cheerokees who held their ground. Georgia had made many laws restricting the tribes from thier own land and had ruled it unconstitutional.
  • President jackson vetoes 2nd national bank of america

    President jackson vetoes 2nd national bank of america
    The bank war was an ongoing issue, until the problem finally reached president jacksons desk. Jackson thought the veto would decrease his popularity but then decided to veto it anyway sending it to congress with sugestions, Jacksons decission was influenced by the constution saying the bank holds only a certain amount of power.
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    second seminole war

    Andrew Jacksons first seminole war did not succeed, a little after the goverment decided it was best for the natives to move out to present day oklohoma so the indians would stop approaching white settlers. However the indian commander Osceola refused and stated that he would fight till the last drop of Seminole blood had moistened the dust of his hunting ground." and his actions started the second seminole war.
  • Election of Martain Van Buren

    Election of Martain Van Buren
    The election of 1836 is remembered mostly because of the whigs strategy of running several candidates this was special because the country had never seen this strategy before, they had hopes that at least one would be more popular than Van Buren
  • Cumberland Road finished

    Cumberland Road finished
    The cumberland road started construction in 1811 and finished in 1837 it was also known as the national road and was the first improved road. The cumberland road played a big role in America because it was a gateway to westward expansion.
  • panic of 1837

    panic of 1837
    Martin Van Buren saw financial problems even before he entered the white house and had to deal with the problems president Andrew Jackson had created himself, The Panic Of 1837 turned out to be the worst economic depression the nation had ran into yet.