Unit 2 Deadlines

  • Period: to

    Unit 2 Deadlines

  • AO1: Reviews Deadline

    For two websites.... Saved screenshots of their NAVIGATION BAR/BUTTONS & ADVERT/BANNER For each elemet, stated the Purpose and ListedGood & Bad Points.
  • AO1: Web-Site Proposal Deadline

    In your proposal...
  • AO1: House Style Design Sheet Deadline

  • AO1: Page Design Deadline

  • AO1: Site Map Deadline

  • AO2: Resrouce Gathering (Images, Animations, Sounds)

  • AO2: Web Element Creation

  • AO2: House Style Template Created

  • AO2/3/4/5: Website Pages Created Deadline

  • AO6: Test Table Deadline

    In your test table...
  • AO7: Evaluation Form Deadline

    On your evaluation form, using example from your web-site, have you...