U.S History Timeline N. Kindt

By Kindt
  • The Declaration of Indedpendence

    it is our letter to the king to declare independence and to prove the way he is treating us is just out right innopropriate and that we should have our own rights
  • the signing of the constitution

    it was our important document to the US and it is our rule book for the law and how to abide by them for our rights and many other things
  • Lewis and clark expodition

    1804 -1806 was a good expodition for baby u.s. It lasted 2 years and was a good choice cause it made a lot of farmers want to move ut there for more land. because Jefferson (one who administrated it) want ed the baby u.s to be farmers
  • California gold rush

    it started in 1848 but every one herd about it in 1849 hence the name san-francisco 49ers. the gold rush excited people for the realality of just having gold.
  • attack on pearl harbor

    tradjic history traumatic is what people would have said about the attack on pearl harbor with the bombing and all the people dieing just writing about it sounds tradjic for family and friends
  • veitnam war

    veitman war dragged on for a while and it was said esspecially for me cause my grandpa was shot in that war but didn't die thankfully but I am very said for the people who did die from that long and trechorous war
  • I have a dream speech(Martin Luther King Jr)

    it was a great speech which changed the way people thought about slavery or blacks and how they were treated And made them actully poeple in the community instead of segragation
  • man walked on the moon

    the man walked on the moon set a new era for the United states of america and proved that we are able to do many things if we just work we ar the UNITED states of america
  • My Birthday

    My favorite thing to do on my birthday is go out to eat with my family and play games with them or spend time with my best friend