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    who make it Mesopotamia Sumerian civilization
    it can help the car and trucker The wheel is one of the key components of the wheel and axle which is one of the six simple machines.
  • light bulb

    who made it Thomas Edison
    it can help use see things
    the light bulb come in different size
  • fan

    who make Schuyler Skaats Wheeler
    it can cool you down faster.
    it can run on current electricity
  • cars

    who made it Karl Benz
    it get you to place to place.
    it can get you to work and schools and homes
  • Radio

    who mad it Guillermo Marconi
    we can listen to the radio.
    we can listen change the station on the radio
  • vacuum cleaner

    who made it Hubert Cecil booth
    it help cleaner the home
    it help cleaner the car or trucker
  • TV

    who made it john logie baird
    it can help to wosh tv . it can help ues to see in the drick
  • CD

    who made it James Russell
    it can leans to music.
    it can help people leans in the car.
  • computer

    who made it john mauchly
    it can help use by look things up
    it can help use by look music
  • wii

    who made it Shigeru Miyamoto,
    you play on will.
    you can get your exercise on it