• Period: 400 to

    Turkey Dates

  • 570

    Birth of Muhammed

    Revelation of the Kur'an. Muhammed's 'flight' (hijra) from Mecca to Medina.
  • Apr 1, 1288

    Foundation of Ottoman State

    Foundation of the Ottoman state by a warrier chieftain named Osman, at Sögüt near Bursa.
  • Jun 3, 1453

    Conquest of Constantinople

    Sultan Mehmet II 'the Conqueror' went on a conqest for Consantinople (current day Istanbul).
  • Treaty of Karlowitz

    The first time in over 400 years that the Ottomans were decisively defeated and forced to sign a peace treaty as the clear losers. The mighty empire was clearly in decline.
  • Ottoman Power Going Downhill

    Ottoman power starts to wane as the Greeks rebel and declare independence. Over the next century many other Ottoman subjects break off from Ottoman rule.
  • Crimean war

    Crimean war
    Tsar Nicholas I of Russia moved troops into Rumania, then part of the Ottoman Turkish empire. His fleet then destroyed a Turkish flotilla off Sinope in the Black Sea. The Russians were defeated by the British and French with the Ottomans
  • Sultan Abdul Hamid II Assumes Control

    The last of the great Ottoman rulers, Sultan Abdul Hamid II assumes control of the empire and institutes a new constitution which he does away with soon after in order to assume direct personal control.
  • Greek Invades

    Greek Invades
    The former Greek subjects are now powerful enough to invade and take control of parts of Turkey including the town of Smyrna.
  • Greece invades Anatolia

    Greece invades Anatolia through Izmir and presses eastward, threatening the fledgling government in Ankara
  • Independance Declared

    Turkey declared independence October 29, 1923.
  • Turkey becomes secular

    Turkey becomes secular
    The Turkish state has been officially secular since 1924
  • Constitution Written

    Constitution Written
    Turkey's Constitution was written November 7, 1982.