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  • Turkey Becomes Suculer

    Turkey Becomes Suculer
    Secularism in Turkey defines the relationship between religion and state in the country of Turkey. Secularism (or laicity) was first introduced with the 1928 amendment of the Constitution of 1924, which removed the provision declaring that the "Religion of the State is Islam", and with the later reforms of Atatürk, which set the administrative and political requirements to create a modern, democratic, secular state, aligned with Kemalist ideology.
  • neutral for most wars

    neutral for most wars
    Neutral for most of World War II, Turkey declares war on Germany and Japan, but does not take part in combat. Joins United Nations.
  • Republics first open election

    Republics first open election
    The Republic of Turkey was created after the overthrow of Sultan Mehmet VI Vahdettin by the new Republican Parliament in 1922. This new regime delivered the coup de grâce to the Ottoman state which had been practically wiped away from the world stage following the First World War.
  • army coup agianst ruling democrat party

    army coup agianst ruling democrat party
    The military coup in Turkey, 1960 was a coup d'état staged by a group of Turkish army officers, against the democratically elected government of the Democrat Party on 27 May 1960. The leaders of the coup made General Cemal Gürsel, who had not taken any role in the coup, head of state, prime minister and the minister of defence upon completion of the military take-over. The military junta returned the power to civilians 17 months later in October 1961, after General Gürsel resisted the continuat
  • vesturn van provodince earthquake

    vesturn van provodince earthquake
    The easternmost part of Turkey lies within the complex zone of continuing continental collision between the Arabian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. The overall shortening that affects this area is accommodate partly by thrusting along the Bitlis-Zagros fold and thrust belt and partly by a mixture of sinistral strike-slip on SW-NE trending faults and dextral strike-slip on NW-SE trending faults.[3] The earthquake was caused by movement on the Çaldıran Fault. And this killed 5,000 people
  • tukey decluration

    tukey decluration
    The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey (also known as the Constitution of 1982) is Turkey's fundamental law. It establishes the organisation of the government and sets out the principles and rules of the state's conduct along with its responsibilities towards its citizens. The constitution also establishes the rights and responsibilities of the latter while setting the guidelines for the delegation and exercise of sovereignty that belongs to the Turkish people.
  • Turkeys civil war

    Turkeys civil war
    on october 20 1992 20,000 tukey troops went to iraq and aveneg turkey.Twenty-two battalions in five areas on both sides of the border are engaged in the fight against the Kurdish group, backed by aerial bombing and artillery attacks.
  • turkeys battle agianst syria

    turkeys battle agianst syria
    Major military offensive launched against the Kurds in northern Iraq, involving some 35,000 Turkish troops. Turkey launched a military drill Wednesday just across the border from a Syrian town it claims is controlled by Kurdish rebels — a show of muscle aimed at Kurdish separatists pushing for autonomy within Turkey’s borders. The Turkish government last week said Turkish Kurdish rebels have seized control of five towns along the border in collaboration with Syria’s Democratic Union Party
  • ahmet takeover

    ahmet takeover
    On May 5 the Turkish parliament elected the chairman of the constitutional court, Ahmet Necdet Sezer, as the new president of Turkey.
    The government headed by Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit of the social democratic Democratic Left Party (DLP) had attempted, unsuccessfully, to gain a second presidential term for Demirel with the help of a constitutional amendment
  • Coalition campaingn

    Coalition campaingn
    Coalition resigns after campaign led by the military, replaced by a new coalition led by the centre-right Motherland Party of Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz.