* trip to Louisiana!

  • Planned the trip!

  • We stopped in Kansas City!

    We stopped and got chuch's chicken because Iowa doesn't have one!
  • We get back on the road!

    Everybodys sleep! this is a long drive.
  • We got a rental truck!

    All of us couldnt fit in our car so we rented a truck!
  • We packed!

    we packed shorts and stuff like that because its hot in Louisiana!
  • We gasses up and left!

    We made sure the truck had a full tank of gas!
  • Were in the car listening to music!

    theres nothing else to do and our phones dont have service in the woods!
  • We go through a tunnel!

    Its dark outside and light in the tunnel.
  • We figure out if were going to Jena or Alexandria!

    We have family in different parts of Lousiana!