Tracing My Steps from DC to SoKo

By kmrob2
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    From DC to Korea

  • Organize Document Checklist

  • Fingerprints Taken for FBI Background Check

    I went to 1634 I Street NW, Suite 402, Washington DC. I had 2 sets done to submit to the FBI for my official FBI Background Check. Get the extra set done just in case one of your prints gets smudged in the mail. FBI is picky about the quality of your prints.
  • Mailed off Application for FBI Background Check

    Use this FBI information page to find specific steps on how to request a copy of your record.
  • Mailed Request/Checks for Undergraduate Transcripts

    Be sure to order 3 official copies and 1 or 2 unofficial copies - you may need them at a later date.
  • Copied and Notarized Undergraduate Degree

    I went to my local UPS and had it done, took 5 minutes. It's about $5 per notarization but can be less/more, just depends on where you go. Check yourl local UPS for their copying and notarizing services.
  • Received Undergraduate Transcripts in the Mail

  • Mailed Notarized Copies of Degree to VA Sec. of State

    Mailed off notarized copies of degree to Virginia Secretary of State with Request for Apostille and Check to cover the fees. You will need to mail your degree to the Secretary of State's office for the state that your college is located in.
  • Recieved Notarized Copies of Degree from Va Sec. of State

  • Received FBI Background Check In Mail

  • Scanned Passport, Unofficial Transcript and Apostilled Diploma

    Keep scanned copies of your required visa documents on your computer. It makes it easier when you start applying for jobs/recruiters to just pull up the documents and submit with your application.
  • FBI Background Check Apostilled by DC Sec. of State

    Remember your FBI Background Check has to be apostilled by the Secretary of State's Office in DC. Luckily I only worked a few blocks away so I just walked to the satellite office and knocked it out during a lunch break! If you don't work or live close by, mail it in but expect a much longer turn around.
  • Take Professional and Casual Pictures of Self

    It's typical of recruiters and schools to ask for a picture when you apply for jobs. Keep them classy and professional.
  • Finish Polishing Up Resume

    Finish resume, and made sure to include: nationality, marital status, age/birthdate, status of visa documents, skype ID, et cetera. This is essential information for recruiters and schools to know.
  • Begin Contacting Recruiters

  • Found a Good Match With A School - Verbal Commitment

    After 2 interviews with a particular school, I realized it was a good fit.
  • Signed GEPIK Work Contract

    My recruiter sent over a standard contract via email. I filled out and signed it. Then I emailed and Fedexed it to Recruiter.
  • Recruiter Emailed My Visa Number

    Your visa number is issued by the Korean government and is necessary to proceed with your visa interview with the nearest Korean consulate in the US.
  • Took Visa Application and Passport to Korean Consulate

    Again, I lucked out by living and working in Washington, DC. I walked to the Consulate and turned over my documents.
  • Picked Up Completed Visa From Korean Consulate

  • Last Day of Work in DC

  • Arrive at Incheon Airport, South Korea