Topic 13/16 Project

By Griffen
  • 1200 BCE

    Omlec Civilization Develops

    The Civilization was located in Mexico
  • 250

    Many Maya cities were being built

  • 1000

    Mayan Cities fall

    This occurred because of widespread drought
  • 1200

    The Inca settle in the Cuzco Valley

    The Cuzco Valley was located on the pacific coast of South America
  • 1325

    Aztecs found the city of Tenochtitlan

    They gained power because of this
  • 1400

    The Portuguese explore the coast of Africa

  • 1492

    Columbus reaches the Caribbean

  • 1530

    Spanish conquer the Aztec Empire

  • 1535

    The Incan Empire Falls

    The Spanish invaders caused the fall.
  • English colonists find Jamestown

  • First slaves arrive in Virginia

  • The Treaty of Paris Ends Wars

    The two Wars ended were the French and Indian War