Industrial rev.

Top Ten Inventions of the Industrial Revoltion

  • Tuyere was first used

    Tuyere was first used
    Also known as a cast iron blowing cylinder, a tuyere is a tube, nozzle or pipe through which air is blown into a furnace or hearth.
  • Period: to

    Industiral Revolution

  • Spinning Jenny was invented

    Spinning Jenny was invented
    A multi-spindle spinning frame invented by James Hargreaves
  • Steam Engine development finished

    Steam Engine development finished
    The steam engine was invented by James Watt. It was the first type of steam engine to make use of steam at a pressure just above atmospheric to drive the piston helped by a partial vacuum.
  • Food Canning discovered

    Food Canning discovered
    Nicolas Appert, a French confectioner and brewer, observed that food cooked inside a jar did not spoil unless the seals leaked, and developed a method of sealing food in glass jars.
  • Analytical Engine

    Analytical Engine
    It was a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician Charles Babbage. It was the first design for a general-purpose computer that could be described in modern terms.
  • First Photograph taken

    First Photograph taken
    A French inventor, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, took the first permanent photograph by a silver and chalk mixture that darkens under exposure to light.
  • Difference engine

    Difference engine
    It is an automatic mechanical calculator designed to tabulate polynomial function invented by the same guy who invented the analytical engine, Charles Babbage.
  • First telegraph sent

    First telegraph sent
    American artist-turned-inventor Samuel F. B. Morse conducted the first successful experiment with an electrical recording telegraph.
  • First Local Anesthesia used

    First Local Anesthesia used
    The first effective local anesthetic was cocaine. It was first used by Karl Koller, at the suggestion of Sigmund Freud, in eye surgery in 1884
  • Phonograph used

    Phonograph used
    Edison was the first to produce a device that could both record and reproduce sound. The first succsessful demonstration conducted was in 1877.
  • Pneumatic Tire used

    Pneumatic Tire used
    The first practical pneumatic tire was made by Scottish inventor John Boyd Dunlop. Pneumatic tires are used on many types of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, earthmovers, and aircraft.