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  • The start of Time Toast

    The start of Time Toast
    time toast was inviented on April 22nd 2008. the web tool was built by adobe flex and ruby on rails.
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    timetoast timeline

  • what is time toast ?

    what is time toast ?
    time toast is a interactive tool to design which makes it possible for people to make their own interactive time line.
  • signing up ?

    signing up ?
    signing up is free ! all you need to do is plug in your email and create a password and you can create your timeline. anyone can join and create anything they want !
  • where can this tool be useful ?

    where can this tool be useful ?
    anywhere (: there are many different things that you can use timetoast for . school . work . & even family trees !
  • how do you share your timeline ?

    how do you share your timeline ?
    you can share your timeline's by embedding the webcode into other websties to allow others to see and share your timeline.
  • 1 reason for in school

    1 reason for in school
    onereason; in school you could create a timeline for history. a assignment that could involve organzing your dates of people, events, and things. it's neater, organized, and you can add pictures.
  • 2nd school reason !

    2nd school reason !
    also in science if your studying people, and what they discovored you might want to use this so you can organize the people and make sure that you understand the order of events in which the scientific findings were found.
  • outside of school ;#1?!

    outside of school ;#1?!
    if you own a buisness or a company and you want to make a timeline to put on your webstie about the history of who owned the company and when and such then you could go to this website for the people too see.
  • out side of school ;#2

    out side of school ;#2
    you could use the timeline as a family tree organizer so all your people and when they were born, with dates, pictures, and a caption too. its a neat way to organize your family.
  • get started !

    get started !