Toddling Down Development Drive

  • Newborn Baby

    Newborn Baby
    fresh, delivered, and pink.
  • 13-18 Months : Physical

    13-18 Months : Physical
    Uses fine motor skills to eat with fingers.
    Plays with ball and can walk backwards using gross motor skills.
    Turns pages of books and can scribble using fine motor skills.
  • 13-18 Months: Cognitive

    13-18 Months: Cognitive
    Uses six words regularly and can imitate others.
    Can have temper tantrums when they get frustrated.
    Can "read" board books on their own.
  • 19-24 Months Cognitive

    19-24 Months Cognitive
    Forming two-three word sentences
    Able to name at least 6 body parts
    set simple goals such as putting a toy in a certain place
  • 19-24 Months Physical

    19-24 Months Physical
    Uses spoons and forks to eat with
    Walk upstairs
    Kicks ball forward
  • 25-30 Months Cognitive

    25-30 Months Cognitive
    Speaks farely well
    Understands descriptions
    Uses pronouns
  • 25-30 Months Physical

    25-30 Months Physical
    Brgins walking smoother
    Puts on a shirt
    Brushes teeth with assistance
  • 31-36 Months Physical

    31-36 Months Physical
    Draws circle
    Potty trained
    Hops and skips
  • 31-36 Months Cognitive

    31-36 Months Cognitive
    Recognize ABCs
    Caries on a simple conversation
    Recites own name