Baby's Born

  • Baby's Born

    Baby's Born
  • 13-15 Months-Physical

    13-15 Months-Physical
    ~May stand with slight support.
    ~Cruises along furniture.
    ~Takes steps while holding onto parent's hands.
    ~Crawls forward or backward with varying speed.
    ~May climb stairs on hands and knees.
    ~Can sit on a chair for a short time.
    ~May climb out of the crib.
  • 13-15 Months-Cognitive

    13-15 Months-Cognitive
    ~Begins to form concepts
    ~Notices actions of other children and adults.
    ~Loves to mimic all actions.
    ~Explores different features of objects as if studying them.
    ~Experiments with actions never tried before.
    ~Has very short memory and almost no forethought.
    ~Likes to look at picture books and pats recognized pictures.
    ~Shows interest in new textures.
    ~Is able to fit round block into round hole in form board.
  • 16-18 Months-Physical

    16-18 Months-Physical
    ~May be able to walk sideways.
    ~Stands on either foot with support.
    ~Walkts fast and runs stiffy.
    ~Walks into ball; is unable to kick the ball.
    ~Squats down smoothly from standing position.
    ~Jumps with both feet.
    ~Improves throwing motion, first using whole body, then using
    just arm movements.
    ~May show hand preference in all activities.
    ~Likes to grab anything and everything.
    ~Adds hand gestures to spoken language.
    ~Begins to scribble.
    ~Continues to enjoy filling and emptying containers.
  • 16-18 Months-Cognitive

    16-18 Months-Cognitive
    ~Remembers where objects belong.
    ~Begins to figure things out through thought process.
    ~Has short attention span.
    ~Tries to imitate the ways parents use objects.
    ~Enjoys working with shapes on form board.
    ~identifies simple words like "ball" or "doggie."
    ~Vocabulary increases to six to ten words.
    ~Uses words to express something he/she wants.
    ~Says "no" more often.
    ~Obeys command.
    ~Responds to TV shows.
    ~Understand more words than is capable of saying.
    ~May use two-word phrases.
  • 19-21 Months-Physical

    19-21 Months-Physical
    ~Walks sideways and backward.
    ~Runs without falling often.
    ~Walks up and down stairs with help.
    ~Responds to music and loves running, jumping and climbing.
    ~Hangs from bar, grasping with hands.
    ~Can kick a large ball and sits on the floor easily.
    ~Holds two objects in hand easily.
    ~Buils tower of five or six blocks.
    ~Puts toys in and out of container.
    ~Uses one hand more than the other.
  • 19-21 Months-Cognitive

    19-21 Months-Cognitive
    ~Progresses form simple imitat\ion to imaginative play.
    ~Can remember simlilar objects.
    ~Places shapes in a form board.
    ~Associates tool with function it performs.
    ~Completes simple jigsaw puzzle of two to three pieces.
    ~Learns to distinguish different sounds.
    ~Vocabulary of about 20 words.
    ~Enjoys labeling objects and parts of body.
    ~Responds to speech with speech.
    ~Uses speech to get desired results.
    ~Combines two different words.
    ~Constantly asks "What's that?"
    ~Likes to respond to reactions.
  • 22-24 Months-Physical

    22-24 Months-Physical
    ~Walks with more coordination and assurance.
    ~Walks sideways and backward wth ease.
    ~Bounces ans sways in simple dancing movements.
    ~Can seat selft in small chair with ease.
    ~Jumps with both feet off the floor.
    ~Can throw a ball into basket.
    ~Throws ball overheas instead of tossing it.
    ~Shows increased coordination and smoother hand and finger movements.
    ~Can put several blocks together.
    ~Likes to play with modeling clay.
    ~Can open screw-type closure.
    ~Snips paper with scissors.
    ~Holds crayon.
  • 22-24 Months-Cognitive

    22-24 Months-Cognitive
    ~Follows simple directions.
    ~Identfies familiar objects on TV screen.
    ~May distinguish between one and many.
    ~May be able to recall what is lost and where it mgiht be.
    ~Recognizes when picture in book is upside down.
    ~Distinguish between vertical and horizontal lines.
    ~Has vocabulary of 50 or more words.
    ~Is able to ask for things using simple words.
    ~Understand more words than its able to use.
    ~Asks for food when hungry and water when thirsty.
    ~Substitutes some words for some physical acts.
  • 24-30 Months-Physical

    24-30 Months-Physical
    ~Climbs everywhere indoors, even in forbidden places.
    ~Climbs on jungle gym with fair amount of ease.
    ~Plays on swings, ladders, and other playground equipment.
    ~Kicks ball forward.
    ~Throws ball overhead but without aiming.
    ~Opens doors by turning knobs.
    ~Can remove wrapping from gum candy.
    ~Can carefully turn pages of book one page at a time.
    ~Likes to take jar lids off and screw them back on.
    ~Can soap hands and arms easily.
    ~Tears paper and manipulates clay.
  • 24-30 Months-Cognitive

    24-30 Months-Cognitive
    ~Becomes increasingly interested in children's TV shows.
    ~Understands cuase and effect in terms of own behavior.
    ~Is better to plan a play activity and carry it out.
    ~Is able to interpret pictures drawn or painted.
    ~Recognizes familiar signs in enviroment.
    ~Solves problems by imitating past actions.
    ~Vocabulary starts at 200 words and increases to 500 or more in this period.
    ~Uses two-word sentences.
    ~Refers to self by name; then learns to use pronouns.
    ~Enjoys learning names for new objects.
  • 30-36 Months-Physical

    30-36 Months-Physical
    ~LIkes to be in constant motion.
    ~Enojoys games involving running.
    ~Goes up the stairs by alternating feet, but goes down one foot at a time.
    ~Climbs quickly on jungle gym to reach the top.
    ~Climbs up slide ladder and slides down.
    ~Sits in adult chairs and may prefer these.
    ~Throws ball overhead but aim is still poor.
    ~Walks to tiptoe.
    ~Turns doorknobs with greater strength.
    ~Scribbles and draws circles as well as horizontal and vertical lines.
    ~Strings large breads.
    ~Builds towers.
  • 30-36 Months-Cognitive

    30-36 Months-Cognitive
    ~Uses symbolic representation in make-believe play.
    ~Tries out various roles in make-believe play.
    ~Becomes more skilled in putting puzzles together.
    ~Reveals intellectual curiosity in reading books and watching TV.
    ~Vocabulary starts at about 500 words and increases to 900 or 1000 in tihs period.
    ~Ask names of objects and repeats them.
    ~May use prepositions.
    ~Understands relative size.
    ~Uses personal pronouns correctly.
    ~Starts to use tense and plurals.