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  • baby is born

    baby is born
  • 13-15 months "Physical"

    13-15 months "Physical"
    The physical development of this baby should have the large motor skills of standing up alone withsupport for a short period of time. A baby may also start cruising along the furniture and take steps while holding onto the parents hands. They can also start to climb out of the crib, high chair, or stroller so you would have to becareful of when you leave your baby is alone and make sure everything is secure. Their small motor skills will include improving their grasping skills and much more.
  • 13-15 "Cognitive"

    13-15 "Cognitive"
    Intellectual development at this age in general would be that they notice actions of other childern and adults and they love to mimic all actions. Their language slowly increases and may use sounds to indicate specific objects. They also start to respond to their own name when they are called.
  • 16-18 months "cognitive"

    16-18 months "cognitive"
    Toddlers at this age intellectually will start to be inquisitive about evrything. They remember where everything belongs and have a very short attention span. Their vocabulary starts to increase to six to ten words and use words instead of gestures to espress what they want.
  • 16-18 months "Pysical"

    16-18 months "Pysical"
    physical development toddlers at this age will be able to walk into the ball but not kick it. they will jump with both feet and start to improve their thowing motion by first using their whole body and then using just arm movement. They also will start to grab everything and anything so you would have to start to becareful of where you place certain items.
  • 19-21 Months "physical"

    19-21 Months "physical"
    The Physical development of toddlers at this age they will start to walk sideways and backwards. They will love to run, jump, and climb. They can start to kcik large balls without stepping on it. Their small motor skills with include holding on to objests in one hand and can fold a piece of paper once imitating a demonstration.
  • 19-21 months "cognitive"

    19-21 months "cognitive"
    Toddlers at this age intellectually will remember familiar objects without seeing them again. Will place circles, traingles, and squares in form of the board. Thier vocabulary will include about 20 words now and they'll start to enjoy labeling objects and parts of the body.
  • 22-24 Months "Physical"

    22-24 Months "Physical"
    Childeren at this age start to walk with more coordination and assurance, They can throw a ball into a basket and they can throw a ball overhead instead of tossing it. Their small motor skills include putting serveral blocks together to make a train or stack them to build a tower. They can now start to use scissors and they start to like to play with modeling clay.
  • 22-24 Months "Cognitive"

    22-24 Months "Cognitive"
    Intellectually they become more interested in the outcome of activities rather than just the activities themselves. They become curious about obejects in their enviroment and start to feel, squeeze, pull, and push these objects. They can all recall what is lost and where it might be. They now start to have a vocabulary of 50 words or more. They are able to start to ask for things using simple words and they are also able to understand more words then they are able to use.
  • 24-30 Months "Physical"

    24-30 Months "Physical"
    Physically childeren at this ae begin to climb everywhere indoors, and on jungle gym with fair amount of ease. They play on swins, ladders, and other playground equipment. They also can open doors by turning knobs, remove wrapping form gum and candy, and like to take jar lids off and screw them back on.
  • 24-30 Months "Cognitive"

    24-30 Months "Cognitive"
    Intellectually childeren at this age become more intersted in children's TV shows, understand cause and effect in terms of their behaviors, enjoy playing house and imitating family situations. Their vocabulary starts at 200 words and increases to 500 or more during this age. They start to use two-word sentences and uses words to make requests.
  • 30-36 Months "physical

    30-36 Months "physical
    Childeren at this age like to be in constant motion, running, or walking sideways or backwards. They go up the stairs by alternating feet, but can only go down one foot at a time. They can sit in adult chairs and may prefer them more than smaller chairs. They scribble and draw circles as well as horizontal and vertical lines. They start to take objects apart and put them back togther. Also they start to eat with a fork more.
  • 30-36 Months "cognitive"

    30-36 Months "cognitive"
    Children at this age begin to classify objects into general categories. They use symbolic representation in make-believe play. They also like to try new activities to discover more about how things work and can identify obejects by just touching them. Their vocabulary started at 500 words and will increase to 900 or 1000 words in this period. They start to ask names of objects and repeat them and understand the difference between big and small.