The Developing Baby (Tori Davids)

  • Period: to

    Years 0-1

    the months the baby developes
  • 1 month old (Emotional) sadnees

    1 month old (Emotional) sadnees
    Very young babies express discomfort or unhappiness by crying.
  • 1 month old (Physical)

    1 month old (Physical)
    when a baby starts to move its head from left to right while on its stomach
  • 1 month old (Social)

    1 month old (Social)
    coos and babbles. Will cry alot, but cums down when it sees a familular face
  • 1-2 months old (Intellectual)

    Get's its information from their senses. Maks eye contact. Would rather look at faces then objects. Can tell the difference between familiar and un familiar voices.
  • 2 months old (Emotional) interest

    2 months old (Emotional) interest
    Babies watch their mother very closely. Often, this is he first sign of interest in babies.
  • 2 months old (Physical)

    2 months old (Physical)
    Makes sounds such as "ooh" and "aah". Watches objects moved about 6 inches away from face. Responds to more sounds and different pitches of voice
  • 2-3 months old (Social)

    2-3 months old (Social)
    Give little eye contact while being fed. Will cry differently for the different thing it needs. Begins to smile. Can tell a smile from a frown.
  • 3 months old (Emotional) joy

    3 months old (Emotional) joy
    Babies show joy by smiling, perhaps in response to an adult how is making funny faces at them.
  • 3 months old (Physical)

    3 months old (Physical)
    Opens and closes hands. Holds head steadily when held up. Lifts themselfs up on elbows.
  • 3-4 months old (Intellectual)

    Makes sounds such as "ah-goo". Can tell the difference beteewn a smile and a frown.
  • 4 months old (Emotional) disgust

    4 months old (Emotional) disgust
    Babies start to show thier dislikes very clearly.
  • 4 months old (Physical)

    4 months old (Physical)
    Grasping objects and put things in their mouth. Are able to roll onto their back. Able to puch themselfs up onto their hands.
  • 4-6 months old (Social)

    Turns to a familiar sound. Laughs, squeals. and babbles. Can tell the differenes between family members. Will feach out to play. Might cry when their are alone
  • 5 months old (Emotional) anger

    5 months old (Emotional) anger
    Babies show anger through crying. Signs of anger may appesr as early as 3-6 months of age.
  • 5 months old (Physical)

    5 months old  (Physical)
    Starts to "swim" with arms while rocking on stomach. Reaches out to grab things. Knows the difference between positive and negative.
  • 5-6 months old (Intellectual)

    Is active for up to two hours. Studies objects very closely. Recognizes their names. Can tell the difference between friendly and unfrendly voices/sounds.
  • 6 months old (Physical)

    6 months old (Physical)
    Moves objects from one hand to the other. Put things in its mouth.
  • 7 months old (Physical)

    7 months old (Physical)
    Can Roll over both ways. Sits up by itself. Can stand with assistance. can follow a moving object with their eyes.
  • 7-8 months old (Social)

    7-8 months old (Social)
    tries to copy sounds made by adults. Plays longger and alone. Likes to be with other children.
  • 7-8 months old (Intellectual)

    Copys the actions of others. Begins to understand cause and effect. Remembers things. Forms sounds such as "da, ma, ga, ba." Recognizes some words.
  • 8 months old (Emotional) fear

    8 months old (Emotional) fear
    Babies show fear by starting, turning away, and screaming, especially in response to strangers.
  • 8 months old (Physical)

    8 months old (Physical)
    Able t stand up. Bangs blocks together. looks at objects with much attention
  • 9 months old (Physical)

    9 months old (Physical)
    Able to pock at things. Leans forward to pick something up. Is able to notices small objects.
  • 9-10 months old (Social)

    Answers to the word "no" and their name. Can say simple words such as "no," "bye-bye," "dada," and "mama." Craws around to look for cargiver. Loves to play peek-a-boo and other sound games
  • 9-10 months old (Intellectual)

    Looks for droped objects. Responds to the words of "no" and "all gone." Take things out of places and puts them back. Might say some words.
  • 10 months old (Physical)

    10 months old (Physical)
    Can crawl very well. Can put things into containers. Uses their index finger.
  • 11 months old (Physical)

    11 months old (Physical)
    Walk while holding on to something. Can shak its head for the word no. Pinker grasp.
  • 11-12 months old (Social)

    11-12 months old (Social)
    Uses "Dada" and "Mama" to spacific people. Shows stronger likes and dilikes. Loves to look at themselfs in the mirror.
  • 11-12 months old (Intellectual)

    Can point to and identify objects. fits blocks of boxes inside one another. Says "Mama" and "Dada" to their parents.
  • 1 year old

    1 year old
    when they start to walk on their own. Take thing in and out of containers. Able to hold and drink from a cup.