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Toddler Timeline

  • Inborn

  • 13 to 15 month physical

    13 to 15 month physical
    -May Stand alone without support for a short period of time
    -Cruises along furniture
    -Crawls forward or backward with varying speed and over small barriers
    -May climb out of crib, high chair, or stroller
    -May be able to back down stairs
    -Can build small tower with blocks
    -Uses spoon, spilling some
    - May try to turn doorknobs
    -Has improved grasping skills
  • 13-15 month Intellectual

    13-15 month Intellectual
    Parenting a Toddler from 13-15 Months-Begins to form concepts and notices actions of other people and loves to mimic actions
    -Explores features of objects
    -Looks in correct places for toys that roll out of sight
    -Experiments with actions never tried before
    -Has a very short memory and very little forethought
    -Slowly increases vocabulary from 4 to 6 words
    -May use sounds to indicate specific objects
    -Babbles with expression
    -May try to imitate words others say or repeat sounds they dont know the meaning of
    -Responds to name
  • 16-18 months Physical

    16-18 months Physical
    -May be able to walk sideways
    -Walks fast snd runs stiffly
    -Walks into ball but cannot kick it
    -Squats smoothly from standing position
    -Pushes and pulls large toys around the floor
    -May show hand preference in activities
    -Likes to grab everything
    -Begins to scribble
    -Builds tower of 3 cubes
  • 16-18 months Intellectual

    16-18 months Intellectual
    -Gradually refines concepts
    -Remembers where objects belong
    -Begins to figure things out through thought process
    -Has short attention span
    -Tries to imitate the ways parents use objects
    -Vocabulary increases to 6-10 words
    -Uses words instead of gestures to express some wants
    -Imitates simple sounds on request
    -Says no more than any other word
    -Responds to increasing number of verbal directions if combined with actions
  • 19-21 months Physical

    19-21 months Physical
    -Walks sideways and backward
    -Loves to run, jump, and climb
    -Can kick large ball without stepping on it
    -Squats easily in play
    -Sits on floor from standing position easily
    -Holds two objects in hands easily
    -Can fold piece of paper once imitating demonstration
    -Uses one hand more than the other
  • 19-21 months Intellectual

    19-21 months Intellectual
    -Progresses from simple imitation to imaginative play
    Can remember familiar objects without seeing them
    Places circles,triangles,and squares in form board
    Looks at books for longer
    Associates tool with function it performs
    -Imitates simple actions on request
    -Learns to distinguish different sounds and smells
    -Has vocabulary of about 2o words
    -Enjoys labeling objects and body parts
    -Uses speech to get desired results
    -Responds to speech with speech
    -combines two different words
  • 22-24 months Physical

    22-24 months Physical
    -Lacks ability to start efficiently or stop quickly while running
    -Jumps with both feet off the floor
    -Can throw a ball into a basket
    -Throws ball overhead instead of tossing
    -Shows increased coordination
    -Holds crayon with thumb and fingers
  • 22-24 months Intellectual

    22-24 months Intellectual
    -Becomes interested in the outcome of activities
    -Becomes interested in the precise placement of objects
    -Fallows simple directions (hopefully)
    -Is able to match familiar objects and identifys familiar TV objects
    -May be able to draw crude pictures and interpret what they are
    -May be able to recall what is lost and where it might be
    -Has vocabulary of over 50 words
    -Continues to ask "Whats that?"
    -Is able to ask for things using simple words
    -Understands more words than is able to use
  • 24-30 Months Physical

    24-30 Months Physical
    -Improves motor skills as torso lengthens and baby fat disappears
    -Climbs everywhere indoors
    -Kicks ball forward
    -Throws ball overhead but without aiming
    -Opens doors by turning knobs
    -Can remove wrapping from gum and candy
    -Can carefully turn pages of book
  • 24-30 Months Intellectual

    24-30 Months Intellectual
    -Becomes increasingly interested in children's TV shows
    -Understands cause and effect of behavior
    -Remembers sequence of stories and may be able to retell them
    -Is able to interpret pictures drawn or painted
    -Likes to imitate drawings of older children
    -Solves problems by imitating past actions
    -Can follow two step commands
    -Distinguishes between before and after
    -Uses two word scentences
    -Vocabulary starts at 200 words and increases to 500 or more
  • 30-36 Months Intellectual

    30-36 Months Intellectual
    -llikes to be in constant motion, running or walkinng sideways or backward.
    -Enjoys games invoving running.
    -Climbs quickly on jungle gym to reach to top.
    -Turns doorknobs with greater strenght.
    -Make mud pies and sand castles.
    -Eats with a fork
  • 4 years old social emotional

    4 years old social emotional
    *they are very self centered, and cam be defiant, impatient, loud, and bossy with other children and adults
    *seeks approval
    *Wants to be seen as seprate from parents
  • 4 year old activity

    4 year old activity
    Social- circle time; they pass a ball around in a circle and say their name along with something about them
  • 4 years old physical

    4 years old physical
    *Alternates feet walking up and down stairs
    *Dresses and undresses self
  • 5 years old physical

    5 years old physical
    *Likes to climb and play on the jungle gym and other outdoor play equipment
    *Shows improved hand eye coordination
  • 5 years old social emotional

    5 years old social emotional
    *Strangeness is a fear when they go to kindergarden, strange environmnt
    *Empathy for others
  • 5 years old activity

    5 years old activity
    Since their fine motor skills are improving, have children draw a picture of what makes them happy so they can use their imagination/creativity
  • 6 years old social emotional

    6 years old social emotional
    *Period of emotional turmoil; crave praise approval and are easily hurt or disturbed
    *Experiance rapid mood changes, often stubborn, and at their worst when they are with their parents
  • 6 years old physical

    6 years old physical
    *can ride a two wheeled bike
    *writes entire words
  • 6 years old activity

    6 years old activity
    Story time- before nap have children wind down by sitting and listening to caregiver/teacher read them a story. They enjoy listening to a short story and learn new words.