Toddler Timeline

  • Birth of baby!

    Birth of baby!
  • 13-18 months; physical

    13-18 months; physical
    may stand with slight support.
    may be able to walk a few steps alone.
    crawls over small barriers.
    may be able to walk sideways.
    walks fast and stiffly.
    stands on either foot with support.
  • 13-18 months; cognitive

    13-18 months; cognitive
    begins to form concepts.
    notices actions of other children and adults.
    explores different features of objects if studying them.
    gradually refines concepts.
    remembers where objects belong.
    has short attention span.
  • 19-24 months; physical

    19-24 months; physical
    walks sideways and backwards.
    runs without falling often.
    responds rhythmically to music with whole body.
    walks with more coordination and assurance.
    bounces and sways in simple dancing movements,
    likes to walk on low walls and perform other stunts.
  • 19-24 months; cognitive

    19-24 months; cognitive
    children can figure out the solution to problems, and why something has happened. Like, a child can gain ability to solve puzzles.
  • 25-30 months; physical

    25-30 months; physical
    at this child's age, he/she has reached half of his/her adult height.
  • 25-30 months; cognitive

    25-30 months; cognitive
    attention span of a child this old is about 2 minutes. children learn through their senses.
  • 31-36 months; physical

    31-36 months; physical
    The chest becomes larger in circumference of the child's head, abdomen and chest are almost the same. Posture of a 3 year old is better than that of a 2 year old.
  • 31-36 months; cognitive

    31-36 months; cognitive
    children start to question things that leads to learning more about them. They form and stimulate through asking questions.