Toddler timeline

  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
  • 13-15 months physical

    13-15 months physical
    MIght crawl upstairs, sits upeasily form lying down, crawls/ bum shuffles
  • 13-15 months cognitive

    13-15 months cognitive
    Copying others actions
  • 16-18 months physical

    16-18 months physical
    falls down frequently when walking, kneels, gets up from sitting alone
  • 16-18 months cognitive

    16-18 months cognitive
    Baby gets into everything, opens cupboards, empties bins
  • 19-21 physical

    19-21 physical
    Walks well without arms for balance, runs but not with things in the way
  • 19-21 cognitive

    19-21 cognitive
    scribbles backwards and forward, builds three block towers, sometimes draws with both hands
  • 22-24 months physical

    22-24 months physical
    loves to pull along toy with string, can run easily and run along objects, tries to kick ball but just runs into it
  • 22-24 months cognitive

    22-24 months cognitive
    can identify people in photos, better a using small objects, will hold pencil in favoured hand
  • 24-30 months physical

    24-30 months physical
    kicking and throwing improving, walks upstaris with no problem, does tip toes
  • 24-30 cognititve

    24-30 cognititve
    shows if left or right handed in drawing, can identify themself in photos, holds pencil with better grip
  • 30-36 months physical

    30-36 months physical
    Can balance on one foot for a moment, will walk on tip toes, will throw balls above head, uses the pedals on a trike
  • 30-36 months cogntitive

    30-36 months cogntitive
    holds a pencils properly, can use children scissors, likes to paint, will name all colors