toddler timeline

  • Birthday

    A baby has been born
  • 13-15 months (Physical)

    13-15 months (Physical)
    learning how to walk
    stand with support
    walk a few steps alone
    crawls over things
  • 13-15 (Cognitive)

    13-15 (Cognitive)
    begins to form concepts
    likes to look at pictures and books
    attempt to imitate words people say
    responds to name
    has a short memory
  • 16-18 months (Physical)

    16-18 months (Physical)
    walks fast, begging to run
    likes to crab things
    works jiggsaw puzzle (2 pieces)
    push large toys
  • 16-18 months (cognitive)

    16-18 months (cognitive)
    says no more often
    understands words and are caple of saying tem
    identifies simple pictures
    points things out
  • 19-21 months (physical)

    19-21 months (physical)
    runs without fallen
    holds things in the object easily
    can use one hand
    squats while playing
  • 19-21 months (cognitve)

    19-21 months (cognitve)
    can remember familiar objects without seeing them
    vocabulary has 20 words
    loves hearing nursery rhymes
    intrested in tiny things
  • 22-24 months (phsical)

    22-24 months (phsical)
    walk sideways
    throws ball overhead instead of throwing
    snips paper with scissors
    alternated between sitting and standing
    put several blocks together
  • 22-24 months (cognitive)

    ask for food when hungry
    intrested in sound,toys,puzzles
    curious about objects in the environment
    vocabulary of 50 or more words
    imitates parent words
  • 24-30 months (physical)

    unable to measure sudden stops when running
    open knobs n turn doors
    tears paper and clay
    carefully turn pages in book
    climbs in the jungle gym
  • 24-30 months (cognitive)

    becomes intrested in children tv shows
    vocabulary is 200 words and increases to 500 or more
    solves problems
    follow 2 step commands
    likes to imitate
  • 30-36 months (physical)

    30-36 months (physical)
    like to run
    climbs up ladder
    sits in adult chair
    turns door knobs with greater strength
    eats with a fork
  • 30-36 months (cognitive)

    begins to classify objects
    can follow and remember 3 step commands
    vocab is at 500-1000 at this period
    use personal pronouns
    can stack rings in right order