Toddler Timeline

By Miaaa_
  • Birth

    Baby is born.
  • 13-15 months Cognitive

    13-15 months Cognitive
    around 13 months, Toddlers have vocabulary consisting of three or four words, like "mama", "dada", "tata" (for thankyou) and "ba" for bottle. At about 15 months most toddlers can say words like, ball, dog and cookie.
  • 13-15 months Physical

    13-15 months Physical
    by 13 to 15 months they can start walking and are very keep to experiment with different ways of moving.
  • 16 - 18 months Physical

    16 - 18 months Physical
    Toddlers arond 16 18 months ae usually ready to be potty trained. They get into cabinents and closets and empty them and try to solve puzles.
  • 16-18 months cognitive

    16-18 months cognitive
    at about 16 months your child can say as many as 7 words. snd understands more than she or he can speak. by 18 months they can say about a dozen words or more other than mama or dada and their favorite words are words such as milk and cookie.
  • 19 - 21 months physical

    19 - 21 months physical
    toddlers can walk backwards and sideways and up and down stairs and practices climbing and balancing
  • 19 - 21 cognitive

    19 - 21 cognitive
    by 21 months your child can name most of their body parts and is now very aware and curious of surroundings
  • 22-24 physical

    22-24 physical
    your child can now use their fingers better to build blocks and make towers and by 24 months can now run and walk on their tippy toes.
  • 22-24 cognitive

    22-24 cognitive
    by 24 months your child loves to talk and ask conversations just to keep conversation going and loves to answer simple questions.
  • 24 - 30 cognitive

    24 - 30 cognitive
    by 30 months your child can Pretend‑play with others.Begin to match and sort shapes, pictures, and some colours.Understand that things are different shapes and sizes.Become aware of the sequence of numbers, when spoken.Show an increased attention span.Begin to solve problems by trial and error.
  • 24 - 30 physical

    24 - 30 physical
    by 30 months they can Walk backwards and sideways.Walk upstairs and downstairs alone, placing both feet on one step.Run without falling.Jump in place, lifting both feet off the floor.Climb on a riding toy and make it move using both feet at the same time.Scribble, holding a crayon in his or her whole hand.
    Copy drawing up‑and‑down and side‑to‑side and horizontal lines. Build a tower of five or more blocks.
  • 30-36 physical

    30-36 physical
    your child can now Take part in group activities that include running, galloping, crawling, rolling over, and twirling around.Walk on a narrow beam, putting one foot in front of the other for a few steps. Run without bumping into things.Climb the ladder of a slide or other play equipment.
  • 30-35 cognitive

    30-35 cognitive
    your child can now compare bigger and smaller objects, count 3 objects and match and sort similar objects