Toddler title picture

Toddler Timeline

  • Baby's born

    Baby's born
  • 13-15 months Physical

    13-15 months Physical
    May stand erect with only slight support. May creep like a bear with hands and feet in contact with the floor. May climb out of crib, high chair, or stroller.
  • 13-15 Cognitive

    13-15 Cognitive
    Explores different features of objects as if studying them. Is able to fit round block into round hole in form board. May attempt to imitate words others say. Responds to own name, comes when called.
  • 16-18 months Physical

    16-18 months Physical
    May be able to walk sideways. Pushes and pulls large toys around the floor. Jumps with both feet. Squats down smoothly from a standing position.
  • 16-18 months Cognitive

    16-18 months Cognitive
    Begins to figure things out through thought process. Remembers where objects belong. Scribbles more freely but also can imitate strokes in drawing. Responds delightly to childrens TV shows.
  • 19-21 months Physical

    19-21 months Physical
    Loves to run, jump, and climb. Can kick large ball without stepping on it. Hangs from bar, grasping with hands. Walks up and down stairs with help.
  • 19-21 months Cognitive

    19-21 months Cognitive
    Is interested in tiny things such as bugs. Likes to make marks on paper with big crayons. Imitates simple actions on request. Learns to distingusih different sounds and smells.
  • 22-24 months Physical

    22-24 months Physical
    Can throw ball into basket. Throws ball over head instead of tossing. Can seat self in small chair with ease. Likes to walk on low walls and perform other stunts.
  • 22-24 months Cognitive

    22-24 months Cognitive
    Becomes interested with the precise placement of objects; enjoys form boards and simple puzzles. Follows simple directions. May be able to draw crude pictures and interpret what they are. Asks for food when hungry and water when thirsty.
  • 24-30 months Physical

    24-30 months Physical
    Climbs on jungle gym with fair amount of ease. Plays on swings, ladders and other playground equipment. Open doors by turning knobs. Likes to take jar lids off and screw them back on.
  • 24 -30 months Cognitive

    24 -30 months Cognitive
    Is better able to plan a play activity and carry it out. Becomes increasingly interested in childrens TV shows. Is better able to use nearby objects in make-believe games. Is able to interpret pictures drawn or painted.
  • 30-36 months Physical

    30-36 months Physical
    Climbs up slide, ladder and slides down. Sits in adult chairs and may prefer these to smaller chairs. Walks on tiptoe. Throws ball overhead but aim is still poor.
  • 30-36 months Cognitive

    30-36 months Cognitive
    Can remember and follow 3 step commands. Can stack rings in the correct order. Begins to classify objects into general categories. Becomes more skilled in putting puzzles together.