To eat meat, or not to eat meat

  • My Birthday

    Ostensibly unable to control my food choices from birth, I assume that my status changed as soon as I started eating baby food. My parents wouldn't buy baby food, by the way. They just blended and grinded whatever they had for dinner, so flank steak and drum sticks here we go!
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    Eating Eras

  • Becoming Veggie

    I started going to hardcore shows when I was twelve or thirteen. Back then, they were always about more than just the music. People raised money for causes, distributed information through brochures, made their own zines, and championed their own causes. One of the causes taken up by many kids, especially strightedgers, was animal cruelty.

    Hardcore Music, Straight Edge, and Vegetarianism
  • Meat free birthday

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    Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Thanksgiving 2008