Dec 14, 2016 - Nov 13, 2022 Mother's Circumstances

By Vivers
  • Tent

    I was living in a tent at the time the current order was signed. I was without a vehicle and instead traveled by bicycle. I utilized the mall and my parent's house for visitations with Caleb.
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    Parent's House

    1101 Cypress Tree Place, Herndon, VA, 20170
    3 bed, 3 bath, 0.1 acres(?), 1,600 sq ft, Owned (Parents)
    My parents shared the master bedroom, my brother's room was vacant while he was at college, my sister kept the bedroom that we shared as children, and I slept on the living room couch.
  • Proposed Waiver of the Arrears

    Proposed Waiver of the Arrears
    The Marine Corps expressed concern about the sum of my arrears. I was becoming precariously close to $5,000, which would be legally considered contempt of court sufficient enough for the suspension of various licenses. In order to enlist I had to either pay off the full sum or have it forgiven/waived. I talking to Travis on July 1, 2017 about his thoughts towards forgiving the debt. He wanted to move to Florida with his parents and be allowed to take Caleb with him in return for the waiver.
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    Armed Security Officer

    I received my Department of Criminal Justice Services license to work as an armed Security Officer. I started contracting and earning a significantly higher pay rate than I had previously earned as a waitress. This allowed me to aggressively pay off my arrears prior to enlistment.
  • Travis' Ultimatum and Relocation

    Travis' Ultimatum and Relocation
    Travis drove to Florida, then emailed his ultimatum. His terms were that I either sign over all my legal rights to Caleb (to include visitation and legal custody) or pay my arrears.
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    The Townhouse

    22941 Fontwell Square, Sterling, VA 20165
    3 bed, 3 bath, no acreage, 1,500 sq ft, Rented
    Rey and I shared the master bedroom, the boys all shared the kid's room, we shared the lease with roommates who lived in the first floor bedroom.
    This townhouse served its purpose as a bachelor pad with room for child visitation, but with quickly growing children it was time to move on.
  • Ford Fusion

    I purchased a previously leased 2014 Ford Fusion with Rey's help. This greatly improved my quality of living, as I had been biking everywhere previously.
  • Arrears Paid

    Arrears Paid
    I refused to sign the 2017 orders proposed by Travis and instead paid off the entire $4,750 in the following 6 months. In February, 2018, I submitted my child support payment history to the Marine Corps recruiter's office. It read “0.00” in the arrears section, which was all that was needed to satisfy their concerns and Travis' ultimatum.
  • Enlisted in the Marines

    Enlisted in the Marines
    I swore in and signed my enlistment papers at the MEPS office.
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    Boot Camp

    I attended Boot Camp at Paris Island, SC. Recruits are forbidden from utilizing a cell phone, a computer, a car, or any barracks rooms. They must reside in a squad bay and may not leave base while under intensive military training.
  • Married my Husband

    Married my Husband
    We agreed to be married on Valentine's Day, which just so happened to be within my boot-leave (period of rest between trainings). I came home to a surprise wedding ceremony that he had arranged in my absence.
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    Marine Combat Training (MCT)

    I attended MCT in NC. Marines are forbidden from utilizing a cell phone during the 3 week field training period in the middle of the month. They are forbidden a computer, a car, or any barracks rooms. They must reside in a squad bay and may not leave base while under intensive military training. They are to report straight to their assigned MOS schools after MCT is complete.
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    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) School

    I attended the Marine Corps School of Electrical Engineering in Courthouse Bay, NC. Marines in student status are forbidden to drive a car or purchase a residence. They have to attend nightly formations or apply for special liberty on the weekends.
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    Fleet Marine

    Fleet Marines receive 30 days of annual leave per year, of which they may utilize to visit family. None of the special liberty utilized while in student status counts towards this annual leave. A fleet Marine may purchase or drive a car. If the Marine has dependents or is of sufficient rank, they may also purchase or lease a home.
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    Cherry Point, NC

    I received orders to Cherry Point, NC as an Electrical Engineer Systems Technician (1142).
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    Off-Base Apartment

    4005 Galantis Drive #105E, Morehead City, NC 28557
    2 bed, 2 bath, no acreage, 1,000 sq ft, Rented
    I shared the lease with Ana Ryti, who lived in the Master Bedroom with her bull-dog, Honey. I installed a bunk-bed for Caleb and me in my room for visitations.
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    Quantico, VA

    I received orders to Quantico, VA as an Electrical Engineer Systems Technician (1142).
  • Moved into Our Family Home

    Moved into Our Family Home
    13548 Frost Drive, Nokesville, VA 20181
    4 bed, 3 bath, 2.35 acres, 2165 sq ft, Owned
    My husband and I share the master bedroom, Dominic and Titus share the bedroom next to us, and Caleb has the bedroom across the hall from us. Dominic and Titus live with us part time. We have no roommates and no non-relative overnight guests.
  • American Military University

    American Military University
    I began attending classes in March 2021. I started with general studies, but switched my education plan when Caleb said he wanted me to work in an aquarium. I currently working towards my Biology Bachelor's.
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    SkillBridge at Northrupp Grumman

    In May, 2022 I will be interning at Northrop Grumman as part of the Skillbridge program. I will stand detached from my military unit, but will continue receiving active duty compensation.
  • End of Active Service (EAS)

    My active duty status will end on November 13, 2022. The hope is that I will be hired by Northrop Grumman as either a Security Analyst or an Electrical Engineer after my Skillbridge internship. I plan on continuing my education via the GI bill.