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Mario Lemieux Biography Timeline

By coreyb7
  • Birth

    On October 15th, 1965, I was born in Ville Emard, a working class district of Montreal, Canada. I was born to Pierrette and Jean-Guy Lemieux, my two parents. Being the youngest of three boys, I learned many skills of hockey from my older brothers.
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    Early Years

  • First Time Skating

    At the age of three, I skated for the first time. Instead of going to the local rinks, my mother and father piled snow on our family carpet so that I could learn without the risk of getting hit or scared by older, faster skaters.
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    Early Career

  • First Hockey Team of Career

    First Hockey Team of Career
    I started out my hockey career on the Laval Voisons of the QMJHL(Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), and broke many of the records, which included both the points and scoring title.
  • World Junior Hockey Championships

    World Junior Hockey Championships
    In 1983, I was asked to represent part of the Canadian hockey team for the World Juniors. Unfortunately, the coach and I didn't get along; therefore I was demoted from the first line.
  • World Junior Hockey Championships

    For the second year in a row, I was asked to play for team Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championships. However, due to the experience the previous year, I denied the offer. This lead to many Canadians seeing myself as "unpatriotic" and "selfish".
  • 1984 NHL Entry Draft

    1984 NHL Entry Draft
    Mario Lemieux First NHL Goal
    I was the first overall draft pick, chosen by the struggling Pittsburgh Penguins. However, due to the fact that we could not come together on a contract negotiation, I did not go up to the podium and put on my new jersey.
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    Pro Career

  • Debut Game In NHL

    My debut game was in Boston against the host Bruins. On my first shift, I stole the puck from Hall of Fame defeseman Ray Bourque, went through his legs, and scored my first goal on my first shot in my NHL career.
  • First NHL Awards

    First NHL Awards
    During my first NHL Award Ceremonies, I was awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Art Ross Trophy, ending Gretzky's seven year streak.
  • Canada Cup

    Canada Cup
    Only 21 years old, I was asked to play for Team Canada alonside hockey greats - including Mark Messier, Paul Coffey, and Wayne Gretzky. With only a minute left in the championship game, I scored the go-ahead goal against the Soviet Union, and lead Canada to victory. For me, it was a great learning experience, and the tips I learned would help me to persevere throughout the rest of my career.
  • 46 Game Point Streak

    Starting in December, I recorded a 46 game point streak - only to be ended by my severe back pain. Eventually, my back pain progressed into a herniated disk, and I missed 50 games due to surgery. However, I still managed to place fourth in points scored.
  • 5 Goals 5 Different Ways

    5 Goals 5 Different Ways
    Mario Lemieux 5 Goals
    On December 31st, 1988, I became the only NHL player in history to score a goal in all five possible ways. This included power-play, even-strength, penalty shot, short-handed, and empty net goals against the New Jersey Devils. By the end of regulation, I recorded an eight point game; tied with Gretzky for the most ever.
  • Penguin's First Stanley Cup

    Penguin's First Stanley Cup
    For the first time in the franchises' 20 year history, I led the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Minnesota North Stars to claim the Stanley Cup, and won the Conne Smythe Trophy for MVP of the playoffs.
  • Stanley Cup Repeat

    Stanley Cup Repeat
    Despite an injury-filled regular season and a broken hand mid-way through a playoff game, I battled through it all and persevered yet again; repeating a Stanley Cup championship for the Penguins and acquiring another Conn Smythe trophy. This time, though, I won it with the help of another young Hall of Fame player, Jaromir Jagr.
  • Diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lyphoma

    Diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lyphoma
    Starting off the 1993 season unstoppable, I was on pace through my first 14 games to beat Wayne Gretzky's scoring title. However, on January 12, 1993, I publicly announced my diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lyphoma, a rare but deadly form of cancer. In order to properly treat it, I would have to go through nearly two months of radiaion therapy; therefore postponing my career. Now, both my return to hockey and survival was in doubt.
  • Mario Returns From Cancer

    Mario Returns From Cancer
    The day my radiation therapy ended, I flew with my team to our rival city, Philadelphia. During my 5-4 loss to the Flyers, I recorded a goal and an assist. After the game, I received a standing ovation from the Philadelphia fans - a rare occurrence for a player of a rival team.
  • Mario Lemieux Foundation

    Mario Lemieux Foundation
    Throughout my battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I realized how poorly researched on this dicease was. Therefore, I founded the Mario Lemieux Foundation, which funds medical research projects for Hodgkin's Dicease.
  • The First Retirement

    Due to severe back problems and yet another herniated disk, I was forced to retire. In my last game, I scored a goal and an assist, and received yet another standing ovation from the Flyers fans.
  • The Return of #66

    The Return of #66
    Now the owner and chairman of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I decided to make one last comeback. On December 27th, 2000, I played the Toronto Maple Leafs in my first game back. Although my back was so bad I was unable to lace my own skates, I still managed to record four goals in the third period, an NHL record.
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    Return to Hockey

  • Salt Lake City Olympic Games

    Salt Lake City Olympic Games
    Playing for Canada as the team's captain, I was able to lead my home country to a gold medal victory over Russia. I had one goal and an assist, and started on the first line.
  • The Second Retirement

    The Second Retirement
    After another season of injuries and a lockout, I retired for the second and final time on January 24th, 2006, and went back to being the owner and chairman of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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  • Le Magnifique Statue

    Le Magnifique Statue
    In May 2012, Le Magnifique, a statue honoring myself, was unveiled outside of the Consol Energy Center (The Penguins arena).
  • Mario Lemieux Highlight Reel