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The Life of Angela Cabanlong

  • The Beginning of My Life

    The Beginning of My Life
    The day when I witnessed the beauty of life. Thursday, 9:15 pm in Tibag, Tarlac City were the exact day, place and time of being alive.
  • My Christening and 1st Birthday

    My Christening and 1st Birthday
    The day when I declared as a Christian by Rev. Fr. Ador M. Castroverde in the Immaculate Concepcion Parish. And also the day when I celebrated my first birthday.
  • Completed the Day Care Service

    Completed the Day Care Service
    Graduated as Day Care Center student, first placer in Sabayang Pagbigkas and Folk Dance, and the most wonderful gift from God was I awarded as the Model Child.
  • Grade 1 Recognition Day

    Grade 1 Recognition Day
    This is the first award that I got when I am in elementary days and I've been the second honor that day.
  • The Flower Girl

    The Flower Girl
    This photo was taken when I was 7 years of age. It is the wedding day of my big brother and I'm one of their flower girls.
  • With Honors in Grade Two

    With Honors in Grade Two
    When I was in grade two I got the second honor in Tibag Elementary School guided by our adviser, Ms. Lucia M. Sinamban.
  • With Honors in Grade Three

    With Honors in Grade Three
    I received a medal and a certificate of recognition like when I was in grade two. My adviser was Mrs. Geraldine C. Delos Reyes in Tibag Elementary School.
  • My First Communion

    My First Communion
    This was my first communion and it happened when I'm in grade four with my classmates back then.
  • Deserving Pupil in Grade Four

    Deserving Pupil in Grade Four
    I received a certificate and a bronze medal when I'm in grade four that handled by Mrs. Ermie Dimatulac in Tibag Elementary School.
  • My Confirmation Day

    My Confirmation Day
    This is my confirmation day or in tagalog, "kumpil". I'm happy here even though it's not obvious.
  • Elementary Graduation Day

    Elementary Graduation Day
    The day when I completed my grade school days in Tibag Elementary School and for additional blessings, I received the Second Honorable Mention and other two awards.
  • Grade 7 Deserving Student

    Grade 7 Deserving Student
    This was the result of my first year in secondary level and I got a bronze medal and a certificate of recognition.
  • Grade 8 Deserving Student

    Grade 8 Deserving Student
    The second year of mine was resulted great because I got it and I made it until the end.
  • Editorial Writing

    Editorial Writing
    This was the time that I won first place in School Based Press-Conference and the category is Editorial Writing in Filipino. I won't expect to get the award but it's blessing from God so it could be the best.
  • Happy Big Family

    Happy Big Family
    This is our first family picture as a whole and it is took in the Christmas Day.
  • The Family Drucker formerly Pacioli

    The Family Drucker formerly Pacioli
    The best section/s I ever had because we're not just classmates, we're siblings together with our Mamush.
  • Juniors' Prom Night

    Juniors' Prom Night
    This is one of the memorable event of my life because I experienced to wear a gown like a princess even without a prince. I also enjoyed that moment and spent the time together with my best friend.
  • Moving Up Day

    Moving Up Day
    This was the day I finally finished my junior high school journey and I received a medal with certificate and certificate of conduct awardee.
  • Maid of Honor

    Maid of Honor
    This is my picture when I attended the wedding of my big brother and my second time of being part of church wedding, from a little girl was been flower girl and now a teenage girl who experienced to be maid of honor.
  • Summer Vacation in Pangasinan

    Summer Vacation in Pangasinan
    This is an outing in Pangasinan with my best friend, and this is unforgettable because this is our first summer vacation together.
  • The Recognition Day

    The Recognition Day
    My first year in Senior High School was been difficult but worth it because I got the award of being with honors and conduct awardee.
  • School Based Organization

    School Based Organization
    This is a new family that I belong wherein I'm the Business Manager headed by Ma'am Mariechris M. David. This school year 2018-2019 in Tibag High School, I will serve with an open arms.
  • Power Puff Girls

    Power Puff Girls
    They are the people who I can be crazy with, and making things memorable. Veronica and Angelica are like my sisters and they make my SHS journey more enjoying and exciting. (This is our latest picture together.)
  • The Present Me

    The Present Me
    This was the little girl who was so shy and now a woman who is brave and has the determination to face the reality of life that make her better than ever. I'm Angela Mendoza Cabanlong who is looking forward on being a Certified Public Accountant.