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My Educational Journey

By Shawney

    I was born July 29, 1993 with a hole in my lung. It didn't look like I was going to last very long and if I did I was going to have mental disabilities. But here I am, no mental disabilities and breathing fine!
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    My Educational Journey

  • Started Kindergarten!

    Started Kindergarten!
    Began my schooling at Normandeau Elementary in Red Deer!
  • Grade One

    Grade One
    I spent grade one in Gradview Elementary and Westpark Elementary. In this year I tried green eggs and ham and I must say I like them Sam I am.
  • Grade 2

    Grade 2
    Spent grade 2 in Aspen Heights Elementary!
  • Grade 3

    Grade 3
    Grade 3 was spent at Aspen Heights and also Falun Elementary near Mulhurst Bay.
  • Grade 4

    Grade 4
    I was still in Falun Elementary!
  • Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser

    Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser
    In grade 4 I won two awards and ended up in the newspaper. I won an award for the most money raised in my class and an award for the most money raised in the entire school. The school of 151 students raised $6,419 for the campaign.
  • Grade 5 (Three Schools)

    Grade 5 (Three Schools)
    Grade 5 was a rough year for me. I spent grade 5 in three schools. I attended Norwood Elementary in Wetaskiwin, Joseph Burr Tyrell Elementary in Fort.Smith, NWT, and Falun Elementary near Mulhurst. This school year I ended up moving to the NWT.
  • Grade 6

    Grade 6
    Spent grade 6 in JBT Elementary. This was my first full year in the Northwest Territories.
  • Grade 7

    Grade 7
    This was a big year! I entered into high school!!!! I moved across the street to Paul William Kaeser High School!
  • Grade 8

    Grade 8
    This is me in grade 8 baby!
  • Grade 9

    Grade 9
    Still attending PWK.
  • Trades Awareness Program

    Trades Awareness Program
    I participated in the Trades Awareness Program. One of my courses was on carpentry where I won an award and met my very best friend. We bonded over a stool. I am still friends with her to this day.
  • Grade 10

    Grade 10
    I won gold in volleyball this year!
  • Traveled outside of Canada!

    Traveled outside of Canada!
    I went to Italy,Turkey and Greece with my schools travel club! I paid for the majority of the trip myself!
  • Northern Youth Abroad

    Northern Youth Abroad
    I participated and completed the Northern Youth Abroad Volunteer Program!
  • Grade 11

    Grade 11
    I left PWK on Halloween to move back to Red Deer and attend Lindsay Thurber High School.
  • Grade 12

    Grade 12
    Entered into my final year of High School! Looking hopeful for things to come.
  • Graduation!

    I graduated!!!!!
  • Began my Bed at RDC

    Began my Bed at RDC
    So begins my journey towards getting my Education degree.
  • Started working for the SA

    Started working for the SA
    I began working for the Far Side!
  • Accepted into the Middle Years Program

    Accepted into the Middle Years Program
    I received an email that someone dropped out and was asked to start in the Middle Years program next week. Of course I said yes!
  • 3rd Year Cohort Retreat

    3rd Year Cohort Retreat
    I got to spend a weekend with my wonderful new classmates! We did loads of team building exercises including transferring water into cups without using our hands.
  • First Practicum!

    First Practicum!
    I did my first practicum at Glendale Elementary in grade 8. I taught Social, English, and P.E..
  • Math Conference

    Math Conference
    We went to Westpark Middle for our Math Conference.
  • Completed First Year of Middle Years!!!

    Completed First Year of Middle Years!!!
    Completed 3rd year!
  • 4th Year Retreat

    4th Year Retreat
    Got to do more team building and meet the 3rd years!
  • Began 4th Year! (Well really my 6th)

    Began 4th Year! (Well really my 6th)
    Entered the final step to my long journey!
  • Science Conference

    Science Conference
    We had our Science Conference at Central Middle School.
  • Began the Last Semester of My Journey

    Began the Last Semester of My Journey
    This is the last leg of my journey! One more semester before I can finally call myself a Teacher and University Graduate!