My Life Timeline

  • My Birth!

    My Birth!
  • Growing up!

    By age One, I was able to crawl, walk, and I began to learn to speak.
  • Whoops, Cut my Finger Off!

    When I was just barely one, I found a pair of scissors and cut my finger off.
  • Olivia Was Born

    Olivia Was Born
    My little sister, Olivia was born when I was sixteen months old.
  • Cheerleading

    I began doing competetive cheerleading at the age of three.
  • Starting my Education

    I began preschool at the age of four.
  • My Little Brother

    My Little Brother
    My little brother, Blaine, was born when i was four years old.
  • Learning to Ride a Bike

    Learning to Ride a Bike
    I learned to ride my bike at the age of five.
  • Soccer

    I quit cheerleading to go play soccer at the age of six.
  • North Carolina

    I moved to North Carolina at the age of seven and lived here ever since.
  • Chiari Malformation

    We discovered I had a rare brain disease called Chiari Malformation at age eight.
  • End of Soccer

    End of Soccer
    I was forced to quit soccer at the age of nine due to my Chiari Malformation.
  • Ice Hockey

    Ice Hockey
    I discovered I had a love for Ice Hockey at age ten. I havent missed a single Fayettville Fireantz game since.
  • Asthma

    At age eleven I had an extremely severe asthma attack.
  • Start Middle School

    Start Middle School
    I started middle school at the age of twelve.
  • Beggining soccer again

    Beggining soccer again
    I got cleared to play soccer again at the age of thirteen.
  • National History Day

    National History Day
    I went to state with my best friends Kylie and Juliette, in National History day at the age of fourteen.
  • Freshman

    I started highschool when I was fourteen years old.
  • Cross Country

    Cross Country
    I ran my first cross country race on September 7, 2013.
  • Winter Track

    I began running on the winter track team at the age of fifteen. I run the 1 mile, 2 mile, 1,000, and the 4x8.
  • Casey

    Started dating my boyfriend Casey at the age of fifteen.
  • Varsity Letter

    Varsity Letter
    I earned my varsity letter from being on the varisty cross country team freshman year.
  • Cross Country

    Cross Country
    At age sixteen I want to go to states for cross country.
  • States

    Try to qualify for states in track for the mile at age sixteen.
  • Austin Carlile

    Austin Carlile
    At age sixteen, I would like to meet Austin Carlile, lead screamer of Of Mice & Men.
  • Comic Con

    By age 17 I want to go to Comic Con dressed as Altair.
  • Graduation

    Graduate from highschool at age eighteen.
  • College

    By age nineteen I want to start going to college at UGA.
  • Vet School

    Study at UGA's vet school starting at age twenty.
  • Vet Assistant

    Work as a vet's assisstant to help gain experience by age twenty-one.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Have enough money saved by age twenty-two to buy a house.
  • Marathon Runner

    Marathon Runner
    Run a Dunkin' Donuts Marathon by the age of twenty-three.
  • Graduate from UGA

    I would like to have a PHD in an animal science feild by age twenty-four.
  • My Own Office

    By age twenty-five I would like to open my own vet office in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Color run

    Color run
    By the time I am twenty-six I want to complete atleast five color runs.
  • Get Married

    By the time I am twenty-eight I want to meet "the one" and get married.
  • Ireland

    By age twenty-nine I would like to visit Ireland.
  • Children

    By age thirty I would like to have my first child.
  • Marathons

    By age thirty-three I want to of completed the Dunkin' Donuts Marathon three times.
  • Sucessful Career

    By age fourty-two I would like to maintain my career as a vet and progress on into find cures to different diseases in animals.
  • Healthy Living

    At age fifty-two I would like to maintain my healthy state. Therfore, I will continue running until my legs fall off and maintain my healthy diet. I wish to do this so I can manage to live to the age of eighty or nintey.