The Story of the Wang Family

  • (Maternal Grandma) Great-Grandma Qian Yang Sheng Born

    In Si Chuan, China
  • (Maternal Grandma) Great-Grandfather Gong Chuang Lin Born

    In Guangzhou, China
  • (Maternal Grandpa) Great-Grandpa Ou Shou Gang Born

    In Beijing, China
  • (Maternal Grandpa) Great-Grandma Chen Pai Xiang Born

    In Anhui, China
  • Grandpa (M) Born

    In Guangzhou, China
  • Grandma (M) born

    In Nanjing, China
  • Period: to

    Maternal Grandpa Works as an Engineer for the Government

    Grandpa spent thirty six years working for the government and the police as an engineer, and to this day, I have never seen a math problem he cannot do. Unless it's in English, of course. Then Google Translate comes in handy.
  • Period: to

    Maternal Grandmother Works as an Engineer for the Government

    My grandparents met while they were both working on a project together, and became very close friends.
  • Dad (Frank Wang) Born

    Dad (Frank Wang) Born
    In Nanjing, China
  • Maternal Grandparents Married

    Maternal Grandparents Married
  • Mom (Heidi Ou) Born

    Mom (Heidi Ou) Born
    An adorable little chubby ball of blubber, as Grandma used to say. At least, that's the rough translation.
  • (Maternal Grandma) Great-Grandfather Gong Chuang Lin Dies

    In Shanghai, China
  • Uncle Parker Ou Born

    In Nanjing, China
  • (Maternal Grandma) Great-Grandma Qian Yang Sheng Dies

    Of Leukemia
  • Period: to

    Mom Helps Out at the Senior's Center

    For School Credit for the first year.
    And then by herself the next two.
  • Maternal Grandparents and Mom Move

    From Nanjing to Guangzhou
  • (Maternal Grandpa) Great-Grandpa Ou Shou Gang Dies

    From Leukemia
  • Dad Attends Tsing Hua University

    Dad Attends Tsing Hua University
  • Mom Immigrates to America

    Mom Immigrates to America She came here to study at an American college and worked at a diner in Oklahoma to pay off her bills. However, due to the fact that her family was rather poor and they could barely make ends meet; instead of going to Stanford or UCLA, she decided to go to the University of Oklahoma.
  • Period: to

    Mom Attends Oklahoma University

    See event of similar title.
  • Mom's First Trip to Canada

    Mom's First Trip to Canada
    Went to see her brother for the first time in his new home! She had just moved into her own apartment less that a year ago.
  • (Maternal Grandpa) Great-Grandmother Chen Pai Xiang Dies

    From Breast Cancer
  • Mom Begins Working at Cisco

    Mom Begins Working at Cisco
  • Period: to

    Mom Works at Cisco

  • Dad Begins Working at Cadence

    Dad Begins Working at Cadence Dad worked of Cadence for a couple of years, then decided that entrepreneurship was more his style. So he headed off to a China,where the cost was cheaper to start and maintain a company, and created two later companies, which will be mentioned later on.
  • Parents Married

    Parents Married
    In Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz in a quiet, private ceremony with close friends and relatives.
  • Mom (Heidi Ou) creates her first out of ten patents

  • Cousin Victor Ou Born

    In Ontario Canada; he was diagnosed with an intestinal problem at birth, and was fatally allergic to milk. His intestines were missing a good three-inched chunk, and his severe allergy to milk prevented him from growing above five feet two inches (his predicted adult height).
  • Mom's 2nd Trip to Canada

    Went to see her brother again, right after his first baby and my cousin was born.
  • Period: to

    Mom Creates Ten Patents"Heidi+H.+Ou"&gws_rd=ssl#hl=en&q="Heidi+Ou"&tbm=pts Hooray! Mom created ten patents!! However, three were made in a group; so, technically, she made seven on her own.
  • Dad Begins School At Stanford

    Dad Begins School At Stanford
  • Danya Born

    Danya Born
    I came into the world after a torturous 23 hours.....At 4 o'clock in the morning, weighing 7.8 pounds, the same weight as my mom when she was born.
  • Period: to

    Dad Works At Dewmobile

    After his brief stint at Cadence, Dad went to work in China and created his first company, which he later sold.
  • Danya Reads Her First Book!

    Danya Reads Her First Book!
    I remember clearly turning the pages of some Harry Potter book (though I didn't understand most of it) and nodding my head repeatedly, as if indicating that I was fully aware of what in the world Harry was doing in the Chamber of Secrets crying about people getting thrown through veils.
  • Danya's Alaska Trip Starts

    Danya's Alaska Trip Starts
    I finally saw my first iceberg, at the ripe old age of three. I went with my maternal grandparents and parents on a trip that I, frankly, cannot remember.
  • Period: to

    Danya's Alaska Trip

    See event of similar name.
  • Danya Learns Piano!

    Danya Learns Piano!
    I never regretted this decision; to enter into the musical world at such a young age is a truly amazing experience. Considering that I had started on one of the easier instruments (at least, one that didn't have to be tuned as much as some others), I was very lucky to find a teacher who truly cared about piano, and introduced me to the wonderful little details that make up a Rachmaninov prelude or a Mozart sonata.
  • Period: to

    Danya Attends Challenger Preschool

    I have hardly any memory of Challenger, other than the fact that we wore something that resembled a kilt to school every day, and we had amazing animal crackers.
  • Period: to

    Danya Attends Argonaut Elementary

    Those were the good times. Childhood was at its best at Argonaut, with its lush green fields and dry, crisp tanbark. With its little corners on this slides, where you could easily snuggle up with a book at lunch or recess. And the people. They were there, simply to help you and befriend you. Needless to say, Argonaut was a safe haven for any child.
  • Period: to

    Danya's Trip to Beijing, China

    Trip to Beijing, China to watch the Olympics and visit some family.
  • I Fracture My Arm

    I Fracture My Arm
  • Abigail Born

    Abigail Born
    She was the cutest and most adorable little sister. Of course. I had only ever had one little sister.
  • Period: to

    Danya's Trip to Canada

    Went to visit my cousins in Ontario and see Niagara Falls!
  • Period: to

    Danya's Trip to France and Spain

    Stayed mostly in Barcelona, with a day trip to France. Got to eat some delicious ice cream and try escargot for the first time there!
  • Cousin Winston Ou Born

    He was the cutest little baby boy I ever sight eyes on, with a perfect little tuft of black hair sprouting out of the top of his head.
  • Period: to

    Danya's Trip to the East Coast

    Went to Boston, some parts of Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York with my parents and sister.
  • Dad Starts Zapya

    Dad Starts  Zapya
  • Period: to

    Dad Works At Zapya

    End date unknown; he is still currently working there.
  • Little Genius Speech Competition (1st Place)

    I went in, expecting that not only would I be embarrassed horribly, I would also get the worst scolding of my life from my mom. On the contrary, I won first place for a speech I had prepared the night before, and got $100 in Barnes and Nobles gift cards from my teacher. So procrastination works, after all!
  • Period: to

    Danya Attends Redwood Middle School

    The three years at Redwood are filled with so much fun and so many fond memories. Friends debating whether or not The Great Gatsby is a good read or a great one, enemies finally coming to terms that they are not that different, and a library, where one can simply hide between the shelves and enter the world of Shadowhunters and mythological beasts. Oh, what a great two years (so far)..........
  • James Logan HI (4th Place)

    This was a speech that I had prepared countless times, constantly repeating the same parts over and over again. I hadn't expected to "break semis," or get into the semi finals, let alone win something. After all, my speech had no flow whatsoever (it was the randomness speech there ever was) and all I could do were some last minute modifications that seemed to do nothing at all to improve the script. Oh, well.
  • Sister begins School at Challenger

    Sister begins School at Challenger
  • USOMC International Piano Competition Finalist

    My teacher has never been very concerned with music competitions, and so this was the first of only three tournaments that I ever entered.
  • Period: to

    Mom's Italy Trip

    Took a cruise throught the Mediterranean with her parents; visited Athens, Rome, Caserta, Sorrento, Capri, and Istanbul.
  • Harker Invitational Speech Hi (1st Place)

    Harker Invitational Speech Hi (1st Place)
  • CMTANC Piano Competition Finalist

    Same case with the teacher-doesn't-like-competitions idea, except this time I prepared a piece that she thought was competition-worthy, and sent me off to compete against people who had come from around the world. Of course, I just had to mess up onstage during the final round.
  • Burnett Middle School Invitational Impromptu 5th Place

    The same script as last time, and yet I did so much worse. I blamed it on nerves or too much sugar, but the reality was, I hadn't practiced for three weeks. Boy, would my coach be mad!
  • Ms. Coleman's Ravenous Reader Award :)

    Ms. Coleman's Ravenous Reader Award :) Didn't seem like that big of a deal to anybody else, but I took satisfaction in the fact that all those books, all those words and phrases crammed into my already-cluttered brain, had been documented.
  • Period: to

    Danya's Trip to Italy

    Went to Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento, Capri, and Caserta, respectively.
  • Cousin Wesley Ou Born