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Nina's Goal Setting

  • First Entry

    First Entry
    First Entry!!! Today I practiced 22m 51s but I had lots of Extra time so I still have to get used to finding time to practice when I have activities and homework. I am playing 5 peices Breakaway, Here Comes The Sun, Scherzo, German Dance, and The Park which is a beautiful piece which I started yesterday. I am also trying to memorize my scherzo for next week. I took this photo myself. Thanks!
  • Period: to

    Nina's Goal: Piano

    At the end of 3 months I will try to practice piano 30 minutes a day, this will help me improve on my music.
  • Busy Day!

    Busy Day!
    Today, I only practiced for about 10 minutes which is under my goal. I have decided that on days when I have activities outside of school I'll practice in the morning so I can meet my goal more easily. Luckily, I played Breakaway without any mistakes which means it is definately going to be ready for my recital :)
  • Saturday and Sunday

    Saturday and Sunday
    Together in these two busy days I did 25:23 on the piano. The sun run was on Sunday, this event only happens once a year so this will not effect the time I practice in the future. I also took this picture while practicing.
  • Morning Practice

    Morning Practice
    Today, I tested out how practicing in the morning would help me with my goal. I got in 21:37 minutes of practice this morning. This strategy proved very helpful which also means that I can fit 10 minutes in the evening and 20 in the morning to get my 30 minutes a day! HALLELUJAH :)
  • Piano Lessons

    Today we had our piano lessons and I got to fit in 21 minutes of practice this morning.Since our friend Neve who does piano with us didn't come today I got to have a longer lesson 45 minutes.
  • Pro-D

    Today after Rock Climbing I got 23:09 but I still need to get used to trying to get to 30 minutes. I also fit in antother 11:52 in the late morning since it was a Pro-D day.
  • 3 days combined

    Today we left early for the Cabin, Luckily we have an electric Keyboard up there but it is difficult to play on, in total in the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) I got a time of 1 hour and 14 minutes
  • Last day before back to school

    Today I got a practice time of 24:13
  • My New plan

    My New plan
    Today is piano so I got some practice in the morning and I got some in the afternoon because of my lesson in all I got 47:28. My New Plan: so I figured if I can practice 15-20 minutes in the morning then the moment I get home I can practice another 10-15 minutes which would get me to 30 minutes a day. On thursdays I would have to find a different time to do extra practice because of climbing, though.
  • Solution for tomorrow

    Solution for tomorrow
    Wednesday is the easiest day to practice because I have nothing after school so I can practice for a long time in the afternoon. I decide that before school on Thursdays I can try to keep 20 minutes of practice in the morning and then 10 minutes before I go to bed so I get the full 30 minutes I think this sounds good but I'll have to think more to plan if I have to change my goal from 30 minutes to maybe 25
  • Slight change

    Slight change
    Today I reached 27 minutes of practice but I don't know if I can keep a steady so I have decided to make my goal 25-30 so I have a more open range. This makes much more sense to me.
  • Keeping Focused

    I have decided that I haven't been focused enough on my goal and on my piano so today I decided that I would spend more time trying to complete my goal. Today I practiced a total time of 27:38 which is in my time limit.
  • Piano Lesson

    Piano Lesson
    Today I had my piano lesson. I played a total time of about 30 minutes. My Teacher said I played well but I need to work on reaching the different scales on my peice 'the park'.
  • Star Wars Day! (but also a day for practicing piano)

    Star Wars Day! (but also a day for practicing piano)
    Today, I played piano in the morning and played for 25'14. so it was just over my goal. And May the 4th be with you!

    Today, I was very worried I would not get enough time for my goal on the piano because I was very busy. I have school, then climbing, then elementary night of bands and we won't be back till quarter past 9. But Luckily in the morning and before I went to climbing I was able to have some time for practice so I practiced for 27'21 So now I know I can complete my goal on Thursdays. And this picture is my piano.
  • Tomorrow is mothers day

    Today I had to do some things for mothers day but I got a practice time of 23'14.
  • Not quite enough practice

    Not quite enough practice
    Today I only got 17'01 for practice time but I'm going to keep trying to practice before school and before I go to bed
  • Piano Day

    Piano Day
    30 minutes of piano today. Also I'm using a metronome to keep the beat for my peice the park.
  • Another Wednesday

    16'14 of practice
  • One Problem

    One Problem
    I just figured out that when I go up to my cabin (picture) like I will be doing in about a week or so, I won't be able to practice my music!! Luckily we have a keyboard up there but its not very good and hard to practice with. I've decided that using the keyboard is the only option though so I'll have to deal with it :(
  • Concert with Emily

    Tonight we're going to a concert with Emily, so I didn't get much time to practice. Luckily this morning I got 18'21 before we went to school.
  • Forgot!!!

    I've realized that I haven't practiced enough and lived up to my goal so I decided that on monday I would practice and try and get a whole week with 25-30 minutes of practice per day.
  • 1st day of full week

    1st day of full week
    This week I will be trying to get 25-30 minutes per day. Today I got 29'13.
  • 2nd day of full week

    2nd day of full week
    Today I practiced 27'54. Just 5 more days to go
  • 26 minutes of practice!!

    26 minutes of practice!!
    I've made it the 3rd day of the week and I think I might be able to get this whole week!!!
  • 4th day Of goal week :)

    4th day Of goal week :)
    Today I got 39'34 minutes of practice. I woke up really early and managed to get everything finished and have extra time for piano!!
  • Plans for full week

    Plans for full week
    I am SOSOSOSOSO close to getting a full week, unfortunately today I will be going to a friends cabin and staying overnight so I'll have to find time tomorrow!
  • Piano Canceled

    Piano Canceled
    Today we were meant to have our piano lesson, but our teacher was sick, but I'm beginning to think that I need feedback on how my songs are doing but I'll have to wait till Tuesday!!! Anyway I did get 29'50 on practice today.
  • 1 day LEFT

    1 day LEFT
    Today I got 28'34 and I only have 1 day left till a full week!!! It's taken a while but I'm almost there!!!
  • I DID IT!!!!

    I DID IT!!!!
    Today I got 32'46! YAY so now I know I can actually complete a full week lets hope I can get it to fit well to my schedule.
  • I'm FINISHED!!!

    I have finished my goal. I will not be doing any more entries as I have completed my goal. THANKS :)