Billy fikes jr

Billy L. Fikes Jr.

  • Birth

    Palm Drive Hospital Sebastopol's Palm Drive Hospital, Sebastopol, Calif., the same hospital my mother was born in.
  • California dreaming

    California dreaming
    We lived in California, Dad was off in South Korea when I was born.
  • First Passport Photo

    First Passport Photo
    Mom, Helen and me in my fist passport photo for our deployment to West germany.
  • Period: to

    West Germany

  • Castle

    We lived in West germany about a year, we were in a car crash while we were there.
  • Germany

    Dad was transfered to West Germany
  • Period: to


    Dad was stationed at Ft Huachua, Az as a Systems Analyst/Programmer
  • Period: to


    Dad was stationed at Ft Richardson, we lived on post.
  • 10 years old

    10 years old
    Taken at Gen Whiteside Elementary, Ft Huachuca, Az.
  • Return to Alaska

    Return to Alaska
    We came back to Alaska in 1970, me setting up the Coleman Tent in Eagle River campground.
  • Richard Nixon meets Hirohito

    Richard Nixon meets Hirohito
    Pass to see President Nixon meet Emperior Hirohito.
  • George Harrison in concert

    George Harrison in concert
    Went to see George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Tom Scott, Billy Preston...great show.
  • Period: to

    US Army first enlistment

  • US Army enlistment #1

    US Army enlistment #1
    Ft Bliss Texas, Basic Training Photo.
  • Home from Basic

    Home from Basic
    Home from Basic Training in Tarzana Calif.
  • El Paso

    El Paso
    Taken on the mountain overlooking El Paso while taking AIT at Ft Bliss, Chaparral Missile Systems Mechanic.
  • El Paso Texas

    El Paso Texas
    Ft Bliss, El Paso Texas, US Army Chaparral Missile Systems Mechanic School. 24N
  • Yes - Going for the One Tour with Donovan

    Yes - Going for the One Tour with Donovan
    El Paso, Texas El Paso County Coliseum
    I went to see Donovan, Yes was a nice bonus.
  • 3/67 ADA

    3/67 ADA
    Official Photo, 3/67 Air Defense Artillery, Giebelstadt AAB, West Germany
  • After work

    After work
    After work sitting in my room drawing a picture, no doubt stoned on some great hashish.
  • Rottenburg, West Germany

    Rottenburg, West Germany
    Ink on mat board
  • Three women

    Three women
    Hania, Crete, walking around the town and spotted two old ladies and a young teen girl sitting in an alley. I asked if I could take their picture and they said yes and then told the girl to go inside.
  • Volksmarching

    Volksmarching while in West Germany, My walking stick was a Guideon staff I found in Crete and cut down so I could smuggle it home on the C130.
  • Spain

    A holiday in Spain with a few Army Buddies.
  • Missile Firing

    Missile Firing
    Missile Firing Excercise, Crete, Greece. Taken from the Command Bunker.
  • Newsboy, Anchorage Times

    Newsboy, Anchorage Times
    I delivered the Anchorage Times newspaper from Wasilla to Palmer, 70 miles a night.
  • Long bed

    Long bed
    My Long bed supercharged Deuce, Missile Guidence Section test van on the back and pulling a 45KW Generator Set.
  • Bannon Creek

    Bannon Creek
    Mom, Dad and I went together on 40 Acres of land on Bannon Creek, Hwy 20 E, Washington. I used my savings bonds, seperation pay and unemployment to help pay for the place and keep us supplied, along with Dad's retirement.
  • NCO Academy

    NCO Academy
    Honor Graduate
  • Period: to

    104th Infantry Division Reserves

  • 104th Timberwolves

    104th Timberwolves
    Spokane Washington, Reserve Drill sgt Unit.
  • April Wilson

    April Wilson
    Started having a romance with April Wilson
  • Spokane Technical Institute

    Spokane Technical Institute
    Started classes in Communications Electronics Technology
  • The Fawn

    The Fawn
    Driving to Tonasket from Spokane I cut through a back road on the Colville Reservation and spotted a Doe with two Fawns by the road, the Doe split and the Fawns dropped. I stopped and shot a few pictures, care not to touch the fawns because mom always said if you touched them you had to take them and care for them because the Doe would abandon them because of your scent. And I really didn't want a Fawn thrashing around in my trunk the next 50 miles.
  • Kim Legg Jacobs

    Kim Legg Jacobs
    Started having a romance with Kim Legg, Tonasket, Wa.
  • Hiway 20 E

    Hiway 20 E
    When I got out of Electronics School I bought a plot of land on Hwy 20 in Washington. I actually got screwed in the deal and just walked away from it after living there one summer loosing $500.00. (cheap for 4 Months rent I guess)
  • Married

    Married to Cindelaine Poore, Spokane Wa., she had a son, 8, Ryan.
  • Grass Valley, CA

    Grass Valley, CA
    My California Drivers License
  • Period: to

    US Army Second enlistment

  • Guard duty

    Guard duty
    I stayed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds for Christmas break and got to pull guard duty on the Museum.
  • 702 MSB R&U

    702 MSB R&U
    Repair and Utility NCO for the 702nd Main Support Bn.
  • King Fishing

    King Fishing
    Home on leave from South Korea, Frank mcallister took me out King Fishing on the Little Susitna.
  • Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone
    Had an almost private show in the NCO Club one night, me and about 5 others. Tommy rocked it for us.
  • Korean Folk Village

    Korean Folk Village
    Posing in front of the Hemp field at the Korean Folk Village
  • Seoul Olympics

    Seoul Olympics
    Went to the Baseball game between China and Puerto Rico with Nick Huners, Goodrich and MiMi.
  • Mimi

    Mimi and Goodrich, one I let get away.
  • Reinlisting

    Signed up for another 3 years.
  • Warrior Mural

    Warrior Mural
    302nd Main Support Batallion Barracks, just inside the front door I painted this mural, I got $50 for putting someone elses name on the name tag.
  • R&U repainting the Orderly Room sign

    R&U repainting the Orderly Room sign
    That is a cup of paint in my hand, not coffee.
  • My Wedding Gown

    My Wedding Gown
    All decked out in my traditional Korean Wedding dress.
  • Mail Clerk

    Mail Clerk
    Mail Clerk during winter excercise in South Korea.
  • Taejon

    Visiting the inlaws in Taejon, South Korea.
  • Commanders Coin

    Commanders Coin
    Presented by the 7th Infantry Division Commanding general for excellence in operating as NCOIC of the 7th ID Motorcycle Maintenance Squad.
  • Last day of Active Duty

    Last day of Active Duty
    Me and Dad and "One Trick Pony" on the last day I had to put on the uniform.
  • Goober Drive

    Goober Drive
    Bought lot 1, Block 11, Potter Estates II, on Goober Drive, later changed to Angel Drive.
  • Period: to

    City of Wasilla Parks and Recreation

    Summers as Parks & Rec Worker (Under Sarah Palin the last two years)
  • COW Charlie

    COW Charlie
    I painted murals all over Wasilla, at the bumpas Ballfields I did Charlie Brown tossing a ball to Lucy for the boys and girls bathrooms. Apologies to Charles Schultz.
  • 1999 Web Awards Judge

    1999 Web Awards Judge
  • American Legion Commander

    American Legion Commander
    Moved from 1st Vice to Commander at American Legion Susitna Valley Post 35, Alaska.
  • Alaska State Fair Morning Calm

    Alaska State Fair Morning Calm
    The empty main Red Trail early on a Sunday morning. I was a roving Security Guard.
  • -22

    22 degrees below zero with the overnight low somewhere off the scale below that.
  • Hang Gliding in Girdwood with brother Lewis

    Hang Gliding in Girdwood with brother Lewis
  • $20 Pick me up

    $20 Pick me up
    I was working at the Alaska State fair and made these to place in spots where they might be noticed, several times I would "accidently" drop one only to have some kind soul pick it up and return my money to me. Actually got a couple of jobs from these.
  • Prospecting

    Out on the Petersville Goldfields with Mom, Helen, Sandra.
  • Anchorage

    Taken in Anchorage after the Air Show on Elmendorf AFB.
  • Knik River Dawn

    Knik River Dawn
    Eklutna Slough with Knik River in the background in the early morning.
  • Alaska State Fair

    Alaska State Fair
    With the Alaska Guard Chopper
  • Mom dies

    Mom dies
  • Mom's Obit in the Frontiersman

    Mom's Obit in the Frontiersman
  • The Defenders

    The Defenders
    I was at the Alaska State Fair just taking pictures and these guys were all on the porch at the AST booth so I asked them if they would line up.
  • Frosty

    Looking out the Kitchen window, or looking at the window.
  • Hatcher Pass

    Hatcher Pass
    A day exploring the mountains
  • Alaska Wayhigh Patrol

    Alaska Wayhigh Patrol
  • First VA Disability Check

    First VA Disability Check
  • Alaska Wayhigh Patrol

    Alaska Wayhigh Patrol
    Alaska Wayhigh Patrol 420 V2, 1998 Crown Vitoria Police Interceptor photographed on Hatcher Pass just after rattle can black paint job.
  • Majestic carrion eater

    Majestic carrion eater
    One of my neighbors snacking on one of my other neighbors.
  • Command Central

    Command Central
    My workspace
  • Raven Graphics Best of Wasilla

    Raven Graphics Best of Wasilla
  • Frontiersman Article on Dad's Last Caddy

    Frontiersman Article on Dad's Last Caddy
  • Chugach Mountains 7 AM

    Chugach Mountains 7 AM
  • Picked up by the Fuzz

    April 19, 3:08 p.m., Mile 49 Parks Hwy.: Billy L. Fikes Jr., 58, Meadow Lakes, was stopped for an equipment violation. Summons: DWLS. I did not know that they had suspended the license I had just renewed in January.
  • Raven Graphics Best of Wasilla 2013

    Raven Graphics Best of Wasilla 2013
    These are like "gold stars" in grade school, everyone gets one, only they want you to buy the actual trophy to put in your office, shop or showroom, Or buy the certificate, but I only do things online for the most part and have never been greatly impressed with awards other than those won in battle or service to humanity.
  • "New" Car...Chevy Equinox

    "New" Car...Chevy Equinox
    I decided I needed a car that had an actual service plan and payments.