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My Life

By ZacmanG
  • Zachary was born

    I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on the air force base at Tripler Hospital.
  • Period: to

    My life

    There is really no telling how long I will live but I would love to live a long a prosperous life. Maybe until about 85? Who knows. It's not up to me.
  • Period: to

    First Two Years

  • Started Brestfeeding

  • Started making eye contact

  • Started to vocalize

  • Laugh, smile, and bear weight on legs.

  • Rolled over and recognized my own name

    Cognitive Development
  • Sit up and crawl

  • Able to specifically recognize mom and dad

  • Periodically stand alone

  • Able to immitate others

  • First few words besides "mom" and "dad" and use a cup

  • Walking

  • Walk up stairs and beginning to run

  • Responding to directions and dance to music

  • Brushing teeth with help and able to throw

  • Walk down the stairs

  • Half of speech is understandable and able to jump

  • Started Potty Training

    Psychosocial (Autonomy)
  • Period: to


  • Sister, Abby, was born!

  • Fully Potty Trained and flushing the toilet.

  • Started Preschool in Japan

  • Started Kindergartern

  • 2nd Place in the School Spelling Bee

    2nd place in my grade (1st grade)
  • First Best Friend, Alex Winkler

  • Comic performance at Talent Show

    Students and staff loved it. (Industry)
  • First Crush.

    A girl named Portia.
  • Started Playing Soccer (for the next 12 years)

  • Was the slowest in class at multiplication

  • Sister, Kimberly, is born!

  • Moved from Utica to Canton

    Lost all contact to my first set of friends.
  • Started Middle School

  • Started in the School Band, played flute

  • Honor Roll Student all throughout middle school

  • Switched from flute to play the bassoon.

    I thought the flute was too "girly" for me. (Identity)
  • Period: to


  • Started Track & Field.

  • First "girlfriend."

    Sara O'Connell was my first girlfriend. It didn't last long at all though. (Identity)
  • First girlfriend dumps me.

  • Started High School

  • Rejected by girl for Homecoming, in front of friends.

  • Maintained a 3.5 gpa or higher first two years of High School.

  • Student of the Month

  • Student of the month again

  • Brother, Henry, is born!

  • Student of the Month

  • High School Track and Field

  • Took too many hard classes, GPA dropped significantly.

  • Played Bassoon in the Wind Ensemble (top band)

  • First Job (Chuck E Cheese)

  • Brother, Giovanni, is stillborn.

  • Went to Prom!

    Went with my beautiful friend, Celeste.
  • Graduated From Highschool

  • Sister, Abby, passes away unexpectedly.

    Depression starts to set in
  • Period: to

    Young Adulthood

  • Fired from Chuck E Cheese for being late

  • Moved out of parents home into apartment

  • Enlisted with the Navy (DEP)

  • Long term relationship with currenty girlfriend.

    Started dating Noelle shortly after I enlisted with the Navy. (Intimacy)
  • Moved Back home

  • Medically relieved from Naval Obligations

    I was medically relieved about two weeks before I was supposed to leave, due to a shoulder Injury. This was quite discouraging.
  • Sister, Isabella, is born!

  • 21st Birthday, didn't even get drunk.

  • Started Classes at Schoolcraft Community College

  • Hosted my 22nd Birthday!

    Hardly any of my friends and family showed up. (identity/self-doubt)
  • Parents Impose part of their Mortgage payment on me

    self-doubt: not sure how to pay it.
  • Possible Well Paying Summer Job Opportunity!

  • Receive my Associate's Degree

    In either nursing or something technical
  • Receive my Bachelor Degree

    In nursing or something technical
  • Start my Career

  • Buy a Car!

    First brand new car.
  • Get Married!

    Identity: I wouldn't mind being married before I turn 30.
  • Buy a house!

    Something permanent! 3/4 bedrooms, two baths, basement, attic, sizeable backyard, etc. Nothing extravagant.
  • Backpack through Europe

    I'd like to take one last big vacation before settling down with kids.
  • Have first child (boy?)

    I think that having a few years with my wife without children is plenty of time and I think that 30 is a good age to start having kids.
  • Have Second Child (girl?)

    I definitely would want to keep my children relatively close in age and I would want my daughter to have an older brother.
  • Run a Full Marathon

  • Invest in Childrens College Funds

  • First Family Vacation

    Gotta go when the kids are at least potty trained.
  • High School Reunion (20 years)

    of course if my class even has a reuinion, I graduated with like 2000 students.
  • Take up golfing

  • Buy a Cottage on a lake!

  • Buy a Boat!

  • Im a Grandpa!

    I'd like to be a grandpa by the time I am about 60 so that there is still a chance I can be a great grandpa!
  • Travel the world

    Just take a year to go and travel the world with my wife!
  • Retire!

    I'd like to retire with at least 20 years left to live!
  • Invest

    Start investing stocks and start putting away money for possible future grandkids.
  • I'm a Great-Grandpa!

    It's pushing it but if I can see my Great Grandchildren before I meet the man upstairs I would be feel very pleased with my life.
  • Time to meet the man upstairs