Years Of My Life

  • Period: to

    Pop Culture

    The music of Lenny Kravitz singing America Woman and Elton John'n Candle In The Wind 97, as a tribute to the late Princess Diana, was popular as well as Nikes and The Simpsons on the television in the evening.
  • Dolly the Sheep gets cloned

    The first succesful cloning was done on a sheep named Dolly
  • The day of my birth

    The day of my birth
    The day I was born, my mother and father said to me, I was the most beautiful looking baby in that hospitel
  • due date

    This was my original day I was supposed to come into the world, but I decided to show up early.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    It was a good movie to see back in the late 1990,s
  • Smile :)

    My first smile. It was at my daddy.
  • Period: to

    1999 popular culture

    Addidas were the popular shoe as well as cargo pants and Timberlands. Gas was 1.35 a gallon and people were waiting in line to see the new and improved Godzilla while listening to Metallica.
  • Met my Grandpa Karl

    Met my Grandpa Karl
  • Hodge Family Reunion

    Hodge Family Reunion
    My family went to Virginia Beach were I met almost all of the Hodge bloodline.
  • first teeth

    I got my two top teeth in at the same time.
  • First Haircut

    First Haircut
    My Aunt TT gave me my first haircut at my Nana's house.
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Addidas are still popular, and dread locks are becoming the new hair style, while Star Wars Episode I is being shown on the big screen and Eminem is being played on the radio
  • School Shooting

    Two teenage boys go on a shooting spree at Columbine High School killing several people.
  • First plane ride

    First plane ride
    Me and my Mom went on a plane to Chicago to see my Aunt Neikie, then we flew to Rock Island Illinois.
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Tiger Woods is the youngest person to win a Grand Slam Golf Tounament. The Y2K scare becomes a joke and cronrows are the new hairstyle. X-Men is popular at the movies along with Alicia Keys on the radio.
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    People are listening to Shaggy and Alicia Keys while wearing New Balance shoes at the movies to see Jurasic Park III.
  • Ambulance Ride..

    Ambulance Ride..
    I was running in my Oma's den and fell onto some steps and gashed my eyebrow. I went in an ambulance to Cape Fear and had 13 stitches...ouch!!
  • The Day of Change

    The Day of Change
    The morning of September 11th, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC killing over 3500 people.
  • artist in the making

    I drew my first picture. It was of a T-Rex. I still love dinosaurs
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Star Wars II is at the theater while Pink is on the radio.
  • Day that my sister was born

    Day that my sister was born
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    I enter school at Bill Hefner Elementary
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Gas is a low $1.83 a gallon. X-Men 2 is playing at the movies, and Puff Daddy is on the radio. Harley Davidson calebrates its 100 year anniversary.
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Gas starts to go up to $2.10 a gallin. The Day After Tommorow is playing at the theater and Green Day is being played on the radio.
  • Period: to

    Popular culture and news

    Gas shoots op to $3.18 a gallon. Micheal Jackson is found innocent of molestation charges, Black Eye Peas are on the radio and King Kong is playing at the movies.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Catagory 5 Hurricane Katrina hits the coast of Louisiana, killing over 1800 people and causing over 81 million dollars.
  • Period: to

    Popular News

    E-Coli affect over 500 people from fresh lettuce and spinich. Nanny McFea is playing at the movies and Ne-Yo in on the radio.
  • Day that the PS3 first came out

    Day that the PS3 first came out
  • Period: to

    Popular News and culture

    Gas is $.38 a gallon, 50 Cent is singing about Birthday's and The Simpsons is on the big screen.
  • Period: to

    Popular Culture

    Lady Gaga has a Poker Face and Indians Jones and the Crystal Skull is on the big screen.
  • Janiyah Willis's birthday

    Janiyah Willis's birthday
    My Aunt TT gives birth to Janiyah Marie Willis
  • First Black Piesident of the USA

    First Black Piesident of the USA
  • Tornado

    Tornados ripped through Fayetteville destroying over 200 houses. It went over our neighborhood off Rim Rd. and hit very close to my 2 grandma's houses.
  • Time line due

    the original due date of the time line
  • Mother's Day