My Personal and governmental timeline

By 37068
  • I was Born

    I was Born
    My life started when I was born. I was the first child and at the time my parent had just moved from Colombia.After I was born my parents decided to move to Pennsylvania.
  • Period: to


    time line about my life and about the historical events that affected the us goverment.
  • First Lady elected US Senate

    First Lady elected US Senate
    Hillary Clinton was the wife of the the president that serverd the United states in 1993-2000.In 2000 Hillary ran for senate and won. She became the first, First Lady to be senator for New York 2001-2009. This impacted the goverment because it showed that there should be more gender equality in the government.
  • I got siblings

    I got siblings
    When I was 2 I was surprised when instead of one more sibling I got two. I had twin sisters Emily and Melanie.I was no longer an only child who had her parents to herself.
  • Iraq War Resolution

    Iraq War Resolution
    The Iraq War resolution was when congress allowed President george Bush to use Military force against Iraq when he deems appropriate.This authority gave Bush, in 2003, permission to invade Iraq with military; which lead to an 8 yr war.War cost $2 trillion on US taxpayers.' ></a>
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    Iraq was suspected to have dangerous weapons and when questioned ingnored questioning and inspections. In 2003 when the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein refused to leave; US and Britain began bombing and defeted Iraq military.The pre-war started march-may of 2003. This small war made the goverment realize that they needed to put up their guard.
  • I started Pre-K

    I started Pre-K
    In 2003 I started preschool and I started to learn English. Since both my parents both spoke Spanish I didn’t know any English until I started school.
  • Disneyworld trip

    Disneyworld trip
    My parents surprised me and my sister for our birthdays with a trip to disney world. The trip was really fun and i learned that princesses were not real.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Huricane katrina was a hurricane that killed 1,800 people and destroyed thousands of homes. It flooded many areas and which cause many people to leave their homes for saftey.Without Katrina the government would not have realized how unprepared they were for such disasters. ></a>
  • Europe

    In 2006 my family and I went on a trip to Europe we visited France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Luxembourg on this trip
  • Alchol law probition

    Alchol law probition
    Before this date you could sell manufacture and consume under a limit.After the twenty first ammendemt this changed and each state mad their own laws on alcohol. Goverment gave states more freedom.
  • Matthew Shepard Act

    Matthew Shepard Act house of representatives passed the Matthew Shepard Act. One of the first gay rights bill.Matthew Shepard a college student was hurt by people because he was gay.16% of hate crimes went to gay people and this act was made to protect those gays and other biased.
  • Max

    For Christmas we got a chocolate Labrador Max. This was my first dog and after my family got him we started to go on more nature walks for the dog.This made my family and me more in touch with nature.
  • Obama first Black President

    Obama first Black President Obama was the first black president.Obama in 2009 had 70 million Americans vote for him.When he ran many people belived that he wanted to secretly get revenge for the treatment of blacks in history.That was not true of course but Obama being elected made the goverment realize that the US still had a bais against people but it could be fixed with good leadership.
  • Big Move

    Big Move
    We moved from Mayfair to Montgomery County. We moved from a small house to a new house that had a big yard. The yard was big enough to get a tire swing and a trampoline. The summer of 2009 me and my sisters spent most of our days outside.
  • Obama Care Law Signed

    Obama Care Law Signed care or (PPACA)was signed into law in march of 2010. The goal of ObamaCare is to give people health insurance that is not to expensive. That way all people who need the insurance can get it. Since so many people proved to need Obama the goverment realized that people needed some financial help.
  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica
    We went for two weeks in August. We saw volcanoes and tropical rainforests; different plants, food, culture. I learned more about how some people lived. I noticed how little some people had to live with. Afterwards I appreciated my life and family more.
  • The Wedding

    The Wedding
    My aunt got married so my family went to Colombia to go to the wedding.In Colombia I meet a lot of my family that I had never met before.My Uncles, cousins, Aunts grandparents.This trip helped me improve spanish and to keep in touch with my family.
  • Wikkileaks

    When Julian Assange leaked some confidential information on the US.The secrets he leaked to the world were called Wikkileaks.The goverment was greatly affected by this because it was all confidential information.'</a>
  • england to luxembourg

    england to luxembourg
    -Instead of spending 3 weeks in London my parents decided to drive all the way to Amsterdam which was fun because I also meet my German Cousins.I had fun and understood the geography of Europe better.
  • Goverment shut down

    Goverment shut down
    The goverment shut down for a few days because congress did not want to approve ObamaCare. The president and senate agree to halt the goverment shut down.The goverment halt left no one to govern the country. The goverment had to make decisions fastbecause an ungoverned country is not a good thing.