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Robyn Kuseler

  • My Father Joined the Air Force

    My Father Joined the Air Force
    My dad joined the Air Force when he was 19 years old.
  • My Parents Meet

    My Parents Meet
    My father was posted to Winnipeg, MB and during that time met my mom.
  • My Parents Got Married

    My Parents Got Married
    My parents did not have a traditional wedding ceremony. They were married at a courthouse in Winnipeg, MB. Image retrieved from:
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Winnipeg, MB to my parents Catherine and William Kuseler on March 29 1991 at 5:10 pm.
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  • My First Home

    My First Home
    My first home was in Winnipeg, MB. We lived at 190 Braintree Crescent. Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 190 Braintree Crescent]. Retrieved from
  • My Second Home

    My Second Home
    We moved into my second home located at 368 Grenadier Drive in Winnipeg, MB. Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 368 Grenadier Dr]. Retrieved from
  • My Brother's Birth

    My Brother's Birth
    My Brother was born in Winnipeg, MB on July 21, 1992.
  • First Elementary School

    First Elementary School
    I started kindergarten in Winnipeg, MB at Ecole J.B. Mitchell in 1996. I attended this school until my father was posted to Nova Scotia in 2000.
  • My Third Home

    My Third Home
    In July, my parents were posted from Winnipeg, MB to Dartmouth, NS. We moved into a home in Shearwater, N.S located at 7 Banshee Avenue. Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 7 Banshee Avenue]. Retrieved from
  • Second Elementary School

    Second Elementary School
    I attended grade 4 at Tallahassee Community School in Eastern Passage shortly after moving to Nova Scotia. Image retrieved from:
  • Third Elementary School

    Third Elementary School
    I attended Portland Estates Elementary School in Dartmouth, NS halfway through my fourth grade year. I attended the sixth grade at this school. Image retrieved from:
  • My Fourth Home

    My Fourth Home
    My parents bought a home in Dartmouth, NS located at 1 Emma Court. Once my parents purchased this home I felt that Nova Scotia would be considered "where I am from" because I was told we would be there for a while. I competed grades 4-12 in this province. This house will always mean a lot to me. Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 1 Emma Court]. Retrieved from
  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming Lessons
    I started level 1 in 1998 and finished level 12 in 2001. I started the swimming control program shortly after. I completed swimming as far as I could with my age, however, I was too young to continue. I never went back to complete the course in the program.
  • My Childhood Dog Dies

    My Childhood Dog Dies
    After school, I went home to give our dog Farley medication for his heart disease. He refused to take the medication and died in my arms. He was 13 years old.
  • Junior High School

    Junior High School
    After completing Elementary School in 2003 I attended Ellenvale Junior High School for grades 7-9. Image retrieved from:
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  • Dad Sails with HMCS Montreal

    Dad Sails with HMCS Montreal
    Dad sails with HMCS Montreal until January 10, 2006. This period of time overlaps with my mothers basic training. During this time my brother and I lived with my grandparents. Image retrieved from:
  • My Mother Joined the Air Force

    My Mother Joined the Air Force
    After years working with Wal-Mart and Scotiabank my mom decided to join the military.
  • Mom Leaves for Basic Training

    Mom Leaves for Basic Training
    My mom left for basic training in Kingston, ON. She returned on June 29, 2005. Image retrieved from:
  • Lived with Grandparents

    Lived with Grandparents
    While my mother was away on basic training and my father was posted on a ship, my brother and I lived with my Grandparents until June 2015.
  • Dad Sails with HMCS Preserver

    Dad Sails with HMCS Preserver
    Dad sails with HMCS Preserver until April 3, 2006. Image retrieved from:
  • Mom Sails with HMCS Ville de Québec

    Mom Sails with HMCS Ville de Québec
    Mom Sails with HMCS Ville de Québec until March 15, 2006. Image retrieved from:
  • Mom Sails with HMCS Fredricton

    Mom Sails with HMCS Fredricton
    Mom Sails with HMCS Fredricton until October 29, 2006 Image retrieved from:
  • High School

    High School
    After completing Junior High School in 2006, I attended Prince Andrew High School for grades 10-12. Image retrieved from:
  • I Meet My Best Friend

    I Meet My Best Friend
    I met my best friend Amanda Walker in tenth grade band at Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth, NS.
  • Mom Sails with HMCS Athabaskan

    Mom Sails with HMCS Athabaskan
    Mom Sails with HMCS Athabaskan until July 11, 2010. The photo is of my mom and I on June 29, 2009.
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  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated from Prince Edward High School in Dartmouth, NS.
  • Moved to Fort McMurray

    Moved to Fort McMurray
    I moved to Fort McMurray, AB immediately after graduating high school. Image retrieved from:
  • My Fifth Home

    My Fifth Home
    I moved into residence at Keyano College in 2009 and lived there until 2012. I was in three different dorms during that time. Image retrieved from:
  • Beginning my BEd

    Beginning my BEd
    I attended Keyano College in collaboration with University of Alberta.
  • Mom goes to Afghanistan

    Mom goes to Afghanistan
    This was a difficult time in my life. I was only away from home for 3 months before my mom left for Afghanistan. While she was away I could only talk to her when she called. However, there was a significant delay during the call. She returned from Afghanistan on May 27, 2010, I was at the airport in Halifax, NS to pick her up.
  • My First Dog

    My First Dog
    My friend and I went to Edmonton, AB to pick up my new dog Soya during a snow storm. We had to drive 60 km/h on Highway 63 on our way home.
  • Northlands School Division No. 61

    Northlands School Division No. 61
    After completing a practicum at Fort McKay School I began working there as a substitute teacher until 2013. Fort McKay is roughly 63 km North of Fort McMurray. Image retrieved from:
  • Fort McMurray Public School District No. 2833

    Fort McMurray Public School District No. 2833
    I began working as a substitute teacher with FMPSD. Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 231 Hardin St]. Retrieved from
  • My Sixth Home

    My Sixth Home
    I moved into 2-300 Sparrow Hawk Drive and lived there until December 2013. Image retrieved from: Google. (n.d). [Google Maps for 2-300 Sparrow Hawk Dr.]. Retrieved from
  • My Parents Leave Nova Scotia

    My Parents Leave Nova Scotia
    Throughout 2009 - 2012 I would visit my family in Nova Scotia every holiday and summer vacation. These regular visits stopped because my parents were posted to Orleans, ON.
  • Graduated from University

    Graduated from University
    I completed my BEd in 2013. My mom, dad, grandfather and grandmother came to celebrate with me in Fort McMurray.
  • Temporary Grade 2 Teacher

    Temporary Grade 2 Teacher
    Immediately after graduating, I began teaching grade 2 in replacement of the regular classroom teacher. I taught this class from May - June 2013 at Beacon Hill Public School in Fort McMurray, AB. Image retrieved from:
  • Grade 1 Teacher

    Grade 1 Teacher
    I taught grade 1 at Timberlea Public School from August 2013 - June 2014 in Fort McMurray, AB. Image retrieved from:
  • I Met Kevin

    I Met Kevin
    I met Kevin shortly after returning from a car accident on Highway 63. When I got home I wanted to go out to dinner at Boston Pizza with my friend (manager) to relax. A bunch of people (who I did not know) entered the establishment and sat down with us because they knew my friend. Shortly after, another person came to sit at our table. That ended up being Kevin. We began dating shortly after this night.
  • My Seventh Home

    My Seventh Home
    I lived with one of my colleagues at 140 Blue Jay Road from December 2013 - July 2014.
  • Junior High Teacher

    Junior High Teacher
    I taught grades 7,8 & 9 from September 2014 - June 2015 in Fort McMurray, AB. I taught grade 7 math, science and health. I also taught grade 8 health and grades 7/8/9 foods. Image retrieved from:
  • My Eighth Home

    My Eighth Home
    I moved into a basement suite at 216 Coniker Crescent from July 2014 - October 2014.
  • We Bought a House

    We Bought a House
    Kevin and I received the keys to our new home in Fort McMurray, AB. Even though we had a few days left in our basement suite, we started to move in early so we could hand out candy on Halloween.
  • ECDP / Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

    ECDP / Full Day Kindergarten Teacher
    In 2015, I started working as a full day kindergarten teacher for Dr. K.A. Clark School in Fort McMurray, AB. I taught solely full day kindergarten from 2015 - 2018. In 2018, I was assigned to teach full day kindergarten and half day ECDP due to lower than expected numbers in kindergarten registration. Image retrieved from:
  • Adopted Bear

    Adopted Bear
    Kevin and I adopted our dog Bear. He was abandoned twice before we found him. The vet believed he was 3 years old at the time.
  • Applying to MEd

    Applying to MEd
    I applied to the online MEd program with UofA in February 2016. I found out I was accepted into the program during the 2016 wildfire evacuation. Image retrieved from:
  • Fort McMurray Wildfire

    Fort McMurray Wildfire
    I was teaching kindergarten at the time the mandatory evacuation was called. We could see the fire from our classroom window. After leaving the school and returning home to get my dogs, I was forced to go to North toward the sites because the highway to Edmonton was closed. I was stuck in a camp for three days before being flown to Calgary. My two dogs were on my lap during this flight. Kevin was in Saskatchewan for work during this time.
  • Temporary Relocation

    Temporary Relocation
    I temporarily lived with Kevin's parents in Ladysmith, BC during the 2016 evacuation. I lived there for the month of May and beginning of June. Image retrieved from:
  • Engagement

    Kevin asked me to marry him on July 25 standing in the middle of the ocean at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville, BC.
  • First Year of MEd

    First Year of MEd
    From September 2016 - April 2017 I completed EDEL 567 & EDEL 561. Image retrieved from:
  • Maid of Honour

    Maid of Honour
    I was the Maid of Honour at Amanda Walker and Adam Sketchley's wedding in Halifax, NS.
  • Second Year of MEd

    Second Year of MEd
    From September 2017 - April 2018 I completed EDEL 533, EDEL 514, EDEL 595, and EDSE 501. Image retrieved from:
  • Celebrating 5 Years

    Celebrating 5 Years
    Worked as a teacher for FMPSD for 5 years!
  • Our Wedding

    Our Wedding
    Kevin Young and I were married at Dolphins Resort in Campbell River, BC. We took a helicopter to the mountains to take photos. Amanda was my maid of honour.
  • Third Year of MEd

    Third Year of MEd
    In September 2018 I completed EDEL 540 and EDEL 505. In January 2019 I began EDEL 544, EDEL 515 and EDEL 599 the Capstone Exercise. Image retrieved from: