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By Nardrae
  • Toru Iwatani

    Toru Iwatani
    The creator of pac man was born
  • "Puck Man"

    "Puck Man"
    Toru originally came up with the idea of naming the game "puck man" but it eventually changed
  • The creator

    The creator
    Toru Iwatani was the original mastermind behind the game pac man. He created all the characters based off of japanese cartoons.
  • Pac man released

    Pac man released
    Pac man was developed by Namco
  • Pop Culture Icon

    Pop Culture Icon
    It was soon considered a classic at this time
  • Released in the US

    Released in the US
    At this point, it was licensed and distributed by Midway
  • Bigger than Start Wars

    Bigger than Start Wars
    Surpassed the grossing of star wars making 1 billion dollars in quarters.
  • The beginning.

    The beginning.
    Pacman, the little yellow character, who chased yellow dots and tried to avoid the Ghosts, was originally conceived in the late 1970s before being released in game format in 1980.
  • Ms. Pac Man

    Ms. Pac Man
    This was the time ms pac man was created
  • Arcade Awards

    Best Commercial Arcade Game Award goes to Pac Man
  • TV Show

    TV Show
    Pac Mans TV show was aired.
  • Many Players

    Many Players
    the game was also estimated to have had 30 million active players across the United States
  • Pac Man goes Gold

    Pac Man goes Gold
    their Pac-Man Fever album (1982) also received a Gold certification for selling over a million records
  • Young boy; High score

    Young boy; High score
    n December 1982, an 8-year-old boy, supposedly received a letter from U.S. President Ronald Reagan congratulating him on a worldwide record of 6,131,940 points
  • Pac man 2

    Pac man 2
    The pac man 2: the new adventure was an expansion to the many pac man games before this.
  • Maximum Score

    Maximum Score
    the first person to achieve this maximum possible score (3,333,360 points) was Billy Mitchell who performed the feat in about six hours.
  • Baby Pac Man

    Baby Pac Man
    The arcade game of baby pac man was released.
  • Pinball Pac man

    Pinball Pac man
    The Pinball version of pac man came out.
  • BEST game ever

    BEST game ever
    in 2001, pac man was voted the greatest game ever.
  • World Record

    World Record
    One event called Pac-Manhattan set a Guinness World Record for "Largest Pac-Man Game" in 2004
  • World Champion

    World Champion
    in 2007 the first Pacman World Championship was staged in New York City
  • Another perfect score

    Another perfect score
    In September 2009, David Race of Beavercreek, Ohio, became the sixth person to achieve a perfect score
  • Google Joins Pac man

    Google Joins Pac man
    Google makes pac man their playable logo for the day,
  • Pac Man Party

    Pac Man Party
    This expansion of the game came out on the Wii in 2010
  • Arcade Games Sold

    Arcade Games Sold
    By 1982, 400,000 arcade machines were sold worldwide.