Homecoming 2010 - Grammys style

  • hard at work

    hard at work
    Autumn Rosenfeld and Hayley Silva spray pain the sophomore class float. "It was fun working and didn't seem like work at all," Rosenfeld said. Photo by Alyssa Burgess
  • Period: to

    spirit week

    WHS spirit week kicked off with construction on class floats and continued all week long with dress-up days, powder puff football, night rally, lunch games, football and more, all leading to Saturday night's Homecoming dance.
  • showing off their jersey day spirit

    showing off their jersey day spirit
    Amber Pounds, Maddie Dart and Hailey Mitchell pose for a quick photo on Jersey Day. “My favorite part of the day was everyone telling me how good the player on my jersey was, and I had no clue who he was,” Mitchell said. Photo by Alyssa Burgess
  • one last run

    one last run
    The senior boys practice their routine one last time before taking the field. On Oct. 18 the juniors and seniors fought it out to see who was the best starting at 7:50 in powder puff football and cheerleading. “It was a hilarious experience that I will never forget,” Bradley Valenzuela said. Photo by Alexys Williams
  • Wildcat pride

    Wildcat pride
    Fans line the edge of the stadium seats looking forward to the powder puff games. The freshman/sophomore games started at 6:30 and the juniors/seniors start at 7:50. “It was really exciting and fun to cheer on everyone,” Mackenzie Harrison said. The sophomores won 16-12 and the seniors won 30-0. Photo by Chelsey Brugess
  • excited for the game

    excited for the game
    Adrianna Jarquin and friends cheer on the players during the freshman/sophomores game. The powder puff games started at 6:30 on Oct. 18 at the stadium. “ I thought there was great effort from everyone,” Abby Leonard said. Photo by Chelsey Burgess.
  • first-timers

    Kicking off the evening's two powder puff games, freshmen run through a sign help by male cheerleaders for the Class of 2014. They played the sophomores and lost 16-12. Photo by Amanda Brockman
  • Monday fun

    Monday fun
    As Marissa Mailhot and Maddie Dart are at their table during lunch they take a quick look at the schedule for upcoming spirit days. “I forgot that it was Jersey Day on Monday; I thought it was class colors day so I wore maroon and gold,” Mailhot said. Photo by Alyssa Burgess
  • Getting ready for the game.

    Getting ready for the game.
    Michelle Latini gives a pep talk to the juniors before their game. The junior/senior game started at 7:50 on Oct. 18after the sophomore victory.” I look forward to showing the juniors next year what we are really about,” Michelle Latini said. Photo by Alexys Williams.
  • at the half

    at the half
    Freshman powder puff cheerleaders strike a pose on the football field for their halftime routine. Boys practiced during lunch and before the game for the dance. Unlike past years where male cheerleaders wore skirts and arranged their own costumes, this year the uniforms were the same as the girls’ powder puff outfits: T-shirts and athletic socks in class colors. The cheerleaders added accessories like wigs and makeup to draw more attention for their sideline cheers and halftime dance. “Their da
  • behind the scenes

    behind the scenes
    Photo by Matt McConnell
  • getting ready for the Grammys

    getting ready for the Grammys
    Kelly Smith prepares for the Grammys wearing hair curlers and pink footie pajamas. Tuesday's dress-up day was called "Getting ready for the Grammys" but most people focused on the pajama aspect. A few students took a different approach and dressed as old ladies, calling themselves "Grammies" instead. Photo by Alexea Negrete
  • groovy disco fans

    groovy disco fans
    Casey O'Neil, Nicolette Detrich and Kayla Krogh get groovy at the night rally. Each class had a genre of music to fit the Grammys theme: freshmen: rock, sophomores: disco, juniors: country and seniors: hip-hop. Photo by Kristyn Lorek
  • your host for this evening

    your host for this evening
  • introducing tonight's nominees

    introducing tonight's nominees
    During the Grammy-themed rally, Mr. Erich Means and Mr. Matt Yamamoto take the stage to introduce the next category of students being recognized. Means and Yamamoto had an annual tradition of appearing in one of the rally skits.
  • grammy day

    grammy day
    Alexis Nyal rocks the Grammys, Photo by Lanina Simonsen
  • sophomore nominees

    sophomore nominees
    Homecoming nominees for the sophomore class are Taylor Clements, Walker Carpenter, Sarah Gruenewald, Nolan Eger, Shelby Taylor and Matt McConnell.
  • freshmen nominees

    freshmen nominees
    Nominees representing the freshman class line the edge of the gym at the Homecoming rally, which had music decorations, red carpets and paparazzi to match the Grammys theme. Photo by Ayanna Davis
  • and the winner is...

    and the winner is...
    Announcing from the microphone, Courtney Fowler presents the next award during the Homecoming night rally. The rally's Grammys music theme included performances from cheer, dance team, beat boxing and student musicians. Photo by Amanda Peterson
  • a little bit country

    a little bit country
    Kyle Fletcher wears jeans, flannel and a cowboy hat while carrying a guitar for Country Day. Photo by Julia Gorman
  • take the field

    take the field
    Freshman football players take the field against El Camino. Photo by Nikki O'Farrell
  • strike a pose

    strike a pose
    Summer Hannon, Megan Scardina, Katie Lovell and Amanda Reeves strike a pose during their skit at the homecoming parade. Photo by Eric Meszaros
  • rock stars

    rock stars
    Freshmen psoe atop their class float with the Kiss theme. The skit included concert groupies, dancing at the stage while four guys rocked on the float. Photo by Nikki O'Farrell
  • hip-hop day: maroon and gold remix

    hip-hop day: maroon and gold remix
    Andrew McIntyre and Sophia Pierantoni represent the gangster nation of WHS. Photo by Christine Phan
  • big win for varsity

    big win for varsity
    Linebacker Joseph Atwood gets some instructions from his coaches on the sidelines during the varsity football game. Photo by Kourtnee Hogue
  • C-A-T-S

    Varsity cheerleader Lynndsay O'Neill cheers in the varsity football game against El Camino for Homecoming on Oct. 22. Photo by Eleanor Mueller
  • hip-hop on display

    hip-hop on display
    Photo by Maddie Hankins
  • senior float

    senior float
    The cast of the senior float skit poses in front of the boat. With their hip-hop theme, the seniors modeled their float, skit and costumes from a music video. Photo by Nikki O'Farrell
  • sophomore float

    sophomore float
    Megan Hall, Maddie Dart, Autumn Rosefeld and Nick Corbitt put on their show during the parade. "It actually took us only a few hours to build the float and plan everything, we had a lot of people," Corbitt said. Photo by Eric Meszaros
  • getting ready for Homecoming

    getting ready for Homecoming
    Junior Homecoming princess Sheila Perkins gets pampered before the dance. Many girls took the time to perfect themselves from head to toe for formal dances. “It’s just fun to go out with the girls and have a little 'me' time,” Breanna Stewart said. Photo by Than Phan
  • let us in

    let us in
    Anxious students like Kelsey Scott and Julia Gorman wait outside closed doors in the rain. The dance started at 7:30, and students were not let in early despite the weather. “I don’t get why they couldn’t just open the doors early. It was freezing!” Angela Deniega said. Photo by Micah Castro
  • to the beat

    to the beat
    Dancing at Homecoming on Oct. 23, Brittany Kelley moves to the drum beat in the large gym. The dance included both music from a DJ and a live drummer. Photo by Megan Malm
  • Grammy glam

    Grammy glam
    A group of girls pose their feet in a circle to show off their shoes. Although heels were a big part of the “formal” aspect, many girls put them away as soon as they arrived. In the check-in area, students could use paper bags to store items like shoes, purses and cameras rather than carry them all night.. “I took (my shoes) off when I walked through the doors, just because everyone else was doing it,” Angela Deniega said. Photo by Than Phan