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1945-1959 Timeline

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    Chinese Civil War

    The Chinese Civil War was fought intermittently from 1927 to 1950 between the Republic of China and the Communist Party of China. The War would result in a Communist led China after economic, resource, and political struggles resulted in a Communist take over of the country.
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    Rise Of Beatniks

    The Beat Generation was a literary movement, exploring and influencing the American culture and politics in the post-war era. The Beatniks would reject standard values and materialism. The Beat Generation would help change and liberalize publishing in the US by exploring unconventional topics. Aspects of the Beat Generation would eventually go on to influence aspects of the counterculture movement.
  • Microwave invented

    Microwave invented
    Invented by American engineer Percy Spencer. Invented using World War Two radar technology. First one was sold in 1946.
  • First African Americans in the NFL

    First African Americans in the NFL
    Running back Kenny Washington signs with the Los Angeles Rams to become one of two African American players to reintegrate the NFL after World War Two.
  • First African Americans in the NFL

    First African Americans in the NFL
    Offensive end Woodrow Wilson Woolwine Strode signs with the Los Angeles Rams to become one of two players responsible for the reintegration of the NFL after World War Two.
  • Transistor Invented

    Transistor Invented
    The transistor is invented by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain and is successfully demonstrated at Bell Laboratories, the research arm of AT&T
  • Velcro Invented

    Velcro Invented
    The Velcro brand is invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, after his experience with cockle-burs while hunting in the Jura mountains in Switzerland.
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    Berlin Airlift

    The Berlin Airlift was the UN response to one of the first crisis of the Cold War, the Berlin Blockade. The Blockade would block off UN ground access to Berlin. Thus, the UN reacted by creating a supply line to Berlin through the air. This would keep Berlin from capitulating and would eventually force the lifting of the Blockade.
  • Election of 1948

    Election of 1948
    Truman wins the election in an upset. This would create the longest winning streak for either party since the 1880 election. The Democratic Party then proceeded to win back both Congressional houses, cementing them as the American majority party.
  • First season with 2 1,000 yard rushers

    First season with 2 1,000 yard rushers
    The NFL would have two 1,000 yard rushers in the league for the first time. Steve Van Buren of the Eagles ran for 1,146 yards and Tony Canadeo of the Packers ran for 1,052 yards.
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    The Lone Ranger

    "The Lone Ranger," was aired on ABC from 1949 to 1957. It followed the lone survivor of a massacre of five, of six, Texas Rangers. "The Lone Ranger," then goes to assist people who struggle with the lawless elements of the old west with his friend Tonto. "The Lone Ranger," would give ABC their first true hit, being its highest rated show in the early 50s. "The Lone Ranger," would be rated 7, 18, 29 on the Nielsen ratings for the 1950-1953 seasons.
  • Creation of NATO

    Creation of NATO
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is created by the US, Canada, and Western European countries in order to protect against the Soviet Union.
  • First NFL team to have all games televised

    First NFL team to have all games televised
    The Los Angeles Rams become the first team to have all of their games televised.
  • Sam Phillips opens Sun records

    Sam Phillips opens Sun records
    Sam Phillips opens up Sun Records which would go on to help start up the careers of many new artists. These would include, Elvis Presley, James Cotton, Rufus Thomas, Rosco Gordon, Little Milton, Bobby Blue Band, B.B. King, and Howlin' Wolf.
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    Korean War

    The Korean War started when a Communist backed North Korea invaded their South Korean neighbor. This was met in retaliation by the UN. The War would end in an armistice resulting in the DMZ separating the two countries.
  • Super Glue is Invented

    Super Glue is Invented
    Two accidents led to the discovery of super glue. The first accident, in 1942, was when Dr Harry Coover, the inventor of super glue, was trying to make clear, plastic sights for use in World War Two. The product put things together well, but it didn't suit the project at hand and was abandoned. The second accident was in 1951. Coover was working with Fred Joyner, who found Coover's super glue and put together two refractor prisms, which became bonded. The product was then licensed as super glue.
  • Jackie Brenston releases "Rocket 88"

    Jackie Brenston releases "Rocket 88"
    A rhythm and blues song originally recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in March of 1951 by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats "Rocket 88," reached number one on the Billboard R&B chart. The song would be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1991. Then, it would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Singles in 2018.
  • Video Recorder is invented

    Video Recorder is invented
    Charles Ginsburg, a researcher at Ampex Corporation, invents the first videotape recorder. The recorder stored images as electrical impulses on magnetic tape. The first recorder would be sold for $50,000 in 1956.
  • Final team to switch away from Single-Wing Formation

    Final team to switch away from Single-Wing Formation
    Created by Glenn Warner the Single-Wing formation was a precursor to the spread and shotgun formations. The single-wing formation was superior to the T formation due to its ability to get an extra eligible receiver down field. The Single- Wing formation was also one the the first formations used to trick the defense instead of trying to overpower it. In 1952 the Pittsburgh Steelers would become the final team to switch away from using the Single-Wing formation as its standard formation.
  • Diet Soda is invented

    Diet Soda is invented
    Hyman Kirsch would sell the first bottles of diet soda. He would start with ginger ale, calling it "No-Cal ginger ale." Kirsch would later go on to make eleven other flavors of diet soda including, Root Beer, Black Cherry, Lime, Cola, and Chocolate. The company would become extremely successful and bring in a new competitor in the beverage selling frontier.
  • Mr. Potato Head is Invented

    Mr. Potato Head is Invented
    Hasbro begins selling the Mr. Potato Head toy. It was originally sold with pins which could be used to put pieces into actual vegetables, but this was changed in 1964 after complaints of rotting vegetables and new regulations to include the popular plastic potato. Mr. Potato Head would also become the first toy to be advertised on television.
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    Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

    The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet followed the real-life Nelson family of entertainment duo Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and their sons David and Ricky. The show would air on ABC from October 3, 1952 to April 23, 1966. The series is known for its remarkable longevity as it was the first prime-time scripted American television show to reach the 10 year mark and remains the longest-running live-action American television sitcom based on episodes, it's tied for the number of seasons.
  • Hydrogen Bomb is Invented

    Hydrogen Bomb is Invented
    The Hydrogen Bomb would be discovered by Edward Teller, a theoretical physicist. After being part of the Manhattan project, Teller spent most of the 1960's keeping the US in front of the Soviet Union in the arms race.
  • Election of 1952

    Election of 1952
    Republican candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats the Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson in a landslide victory. This would end a Democratic Party winning streak going back to 1932.
  • Bill Haley records "Crazy Man, Crazy"

    Bill Haley records "Crazy Man, Crazy"
    Bill Haley and his comets record "Crazy Man, Crazy." This would be the first rock 'n' roll song to appear on National American music charts. It is also believed to be the first rock and roll song to appear on American television.
  • Rosenberg Trial

    Rosenberg Trial
    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are found guilty of espionage in a trial that remains controversial into the modern day. The Rosenbergs would be sentenced to death.
  • Elvis's first recording at Sun Records

    Elvis's first recording at Sun Records
    Presley went to the Sun Records recording studio for the first time, paying $3.98 to record "My Happiness," and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin."
  • First NFL rusher with 2 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons

    First NFL rusher with 2 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons
    49ers fullback Joe Perry becomes the first player in NFL history to run for 1,000 or more yards in consecutive seasons.
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    Joseph McCarthy Hearings

    The Joseph McCarthy Hearings were a series of hearings that investigated conflicting accusations between the US Army and US Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Army accused Chief Committee Council Roy Cohn of pressuring the army to give special treatment to a former aid of McCarthy. McCarthy alleged that these accusations were in retaliation for his investigation into Communists in the army.
  • First Johnny Unitas NFL Season

    First Johnny Unitas NFL Season
    Johnny Unitas was a NFL quarterback, and is still regarded as one of the best. He played most of his career with the Colts, despite being initially drafted by the Steelers, who drafted Unitas in the ninth round. Unitas would be released as one of four quarterbacks competing for three spots. In 1956 the Colts signed Unitas. Unitas played his first major game when the starter was injured against the Bears. Unitas went on to set many records, leading the Colts to their first winning season in 1957.
  • Otto Graham retires

    Otto Graham retires
    Otto Graham was a NFL quarterback, playing his entire career for the Browns. Graham would lead the Browns to the championship game every season of his ten year career and would lead them to seven wins in the ten games. Graham would retire after leading the Browns to one last championship victory over the Rams 38-14 in 1955, Graham scored four touchdowns to lead his team to victory.
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    "Gunsmoke," is set around Dodge City, Kansas, in the time of the settlement of the Old West. "Gunsmoke," follows Marshal Matt Dillon. The television series ran for 20 seasons from 1955-1975 on CBS. The series remains as the longest-running, primetime, live action series of the 20th century and before April 29, 2018 had the highest number of scripted episodes for any US, primetime, commercial, live-action series, but has since been surpassed by the Simpsons.
  • Highway Act of 1956

    Highway Act of 1956
    The Highway Act of 1956 would create a 41,000 mile network of interstate highways spanning the US. The Act was designed to create a high-speed and high-capacity network of roads throughout the country.
  • Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show

    Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show
    Despite having already refused an offer to have Elvis Presley on the show for $5,000 Ed Sullivan would later have his mind changed and would begin working out a contract with the young star. Ed Sullivan and Elvis Presley would later agree to an unprecedented sum of $50,000 for 3 appearances on the show. However, on the third appearance censors would agree to only film the star from the waist up.
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    Suez Canal Crisis

    The Suez Canal Crisis was a conflict between Israeli, French, and British forces with Egyptian forces. It occurred when Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Canal in July. The conflict ended when pressures from the US forced the Israeli, French, and British forces to withdraw.
  • Sputnik

    The Sputnik would be launched into elliptical low-Earth orbit by the Soviet Union. This would make the Sputnik the first artificial satellite. This would mark the beginning of the space race between the Soviet Union and the US.
  • Vince Lombardi named head coach

    Vince Lombardi named head coach
    Vince Lombardi was a NFL coach spending most of his coaching years in Green Bay. He's considered one of the best coaches in history, never having a losing season, leading the Packers to 5 championships in 7 years, 3 consecutively, and leading Green Bay to win the first 2 Super Bowls. Lombardi played a role in breaking the color barrier, and was one of the most accepting of gay players. After his death in 1970 Lombardi was put into the Hall Of Fame and the Super Bowl trophy was named after him.
  • U2 Spy Plane

    U2 Spy Plane
    The U2 Spy Plane Incident would occur when the USSR would shoot down an American Spy Plane and capture its pilot. This would cause president Eisenhower to have to admit to the several years of spying that the US had been doing. This would lead to heightened tensions between the US and USSR and their allies. The incident would also result in the first ever US USSR spy swap.
  • Building of Berlin Wall

    Building of Berlin Wall
    The Berlin Wall was built to separate the two sides of Berlin, the Democratic West, and the Communist east. This was done by the Soviets due to a mass exodus of skilled laborers and intellectuals which damaged the Eastern economy. The wall was originally made out of barbed wire, which would be built up over the course of several re-buildings and additions.