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History of Football

  • Before Football

    Before Football
    Befroe It Was Called Football
    Before it was called football Princeton and Harvard played little games. Pinceton called it "Ballown" and Harvard caled it "Bloody Monday"
  • Birthdate of Football

    Birthdate of Football
    Football Birthday
    The teams Rutgers and Princeton University met to play a game. Early games had 20 players to a team and resembled rugby than modern day american football.
  • Rules

    Invention of Rules
    Representatives from Colombia, Rutgers, Princeton, and Yale Universities met in New York to make up rules for an increasingly popular sport. A new rule only allowed teams up to 15 players.
  • Founding Father

    Founding Father
    Walter Camp
    From 1873 to 1880 walter camp had attended meetings to makes more sets of rules for football. He cam up with the line of scrimmage and snap (center and quarterback). He wanted football to not resemble rugby to become a league of its own.
  • First Professional Player

    First Professional Player
    William 'Pudge' Heffelfinger
    He was payed $500 to play in just one match for Allegheny Atghletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. William was definetly worth the money as Allgheny won 32-0 against Pittsburgh.
  • 4 Points a Field Goal

    4 Points a Field Goal
    scoring a field goal was only considered 5 points. Rules changed and now they're 4 points.
  • First Rose Bowl

    First Rose Bowl
    Rose Bowl
    The first Grand Finale Rose Bowl was played.
  • Football Banned!?

    Football Banned!?
    Horrible Physical Health
    The physical health of most players was really bad. President Roosevelt threatened to ban the sport if it didnt 'clean up its act.' Many different rule changes were made during this time
  • First National League

    First National League
    American Proffesional Football Association
    Became the first national league for football. Now better known today as the National Football League or NFL.
  • First NFL Team

    First NFL Team
    Chicago Bears
    Chicago had become known as the bears. they're baseball team had been known as the cubs so the tough, gridiron football team should be called the Bears
  • Last of Its Kind

    Last of Its Kind
    Last College Player
    Before this day athletes that wer still in college would play with proffesional teams. The last known team with college players was Green Bay who had to withdraw from the league due to rules.
  • Add Another Official

    Add Another Official
    One More Referee
    Another rwef was added onto the field thus making it 4 officials. The fourth ref was called the field judge.
  • Eagles

    Philidelphia Eagles
    Started off as the Frankfod Yellowjackets. After the choaches changed then they changed the name to Eagles
  • Bengals

    Cincinatti BAngals
    The Bengals had started as an independent team for the AFL. The name waas then chosen again in 1968 as the league was reborn.
  • Bills

    Buffalo Bills
    Buffalo had a team called the Bisons but since their baseball team was already called that they had a contest for names. Bills had beat out 3 other names, Bullets, Nickels, And Blue Devils.
  • Browns

    Cleveland Browns
    Founded in 1946. Although being sold to Balltimore, the Browns ressurrected in 1999
  • Colts

    Indianapolis Colts
    First started in baltimore but kept its name as it moved to Indianapolis
  • 49ers

  • Broncos

    Denver BroncosThis name was alos chosen from a contest and was chosen due to Ddenvers wild west background.
  • Chargers

    Sand Diego Chargers
    Also chosen by contest, first started in Los Angeles but kept the name once moved to San Diego
  • NFL Hall of Fame

    NFL Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame
    The NFL Hall of Fame was finalized. After getting $400000 worht of donations to build the two-building complx.
  • Dolphins

    Miami Dolphins
    Also chosen ina contest the winner had an all lifetime season pass to th Dolphins games
  • Falcons

    Atlanta Falcons
    Also holding a contest Falcons was chosen as the winner.
  • First Superbowl

    First Superbowl
    The NFL and AFC, being two different leagues, decided to make and AFL which meant outting they're champions against each other in what we know as the Superbowl. Green Bay and Kansas City were the first teams.
  • Coldest Game Ever

    Coldest Game Ever
    Coldest game
    PLayed on Lambeau Field in Green Ba, Wisconsin. Was -13 degrees but with a -48 degree windchill. Green Bay was playing Dallas and won 21-17
  • Walter Payton Award

    Walter Payton Award
    Man of The Year
    THis award was renamed in 1999 as The Walter Payton Award for the legendary, hall of fame, Chicago Bears running back. Been given annually since 1970.
  • Buccaneers

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    A contest held by radio had picked the name over hundreds of entries. Beat out Buzzards, Sea Horses, and Mafia.
  • Cardinals

    Arizona Cardinals
    First known as the Racine Cardinals. Then moved to Chicago, then St Louis, then finally Phoenix
  • Houston Back In Game

    Houston Back In Game
    Hoston With Another
    Houston wanted to get back into the NFL. On this day the NFL owners vote 29-0 to award the #@nd NFL franchise to Houston and Bob McNair for a record amount of $700 million
  • Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys
    Rangers was the first thought of the name instead of Cowboys.