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NFL's Greatest Moments

  • The Birth of a NationalTradition

    The Birth of a NationalTradition
    The American Professional Football Association was the first ever football association. 2 years later its name was changed to what we know as the National Football League.
  • The Very First Battle

    The Very First Battle
    On September 6, 1920, the first week of play, there was one game: the St. Paul (MN) Ideals played the Rock Island Independents, which was won by Rock Island 48-0
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played

    The Greatest Game Ever Played
    1958 NFL ChampionshipThe game played at Yankee Stadium in New York attracted a national television audience and became known in football lore as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” It was the first ever national telivised game and more importantly, the game captured the collective attention of the nation and as a result, pro football exploded across the country in the following years. By the mid-1960s, professional football became the nation’s favorite sport to watch and has remained on top ever since
  • Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas CowgirlsThe Cowboys played their first preseason game in Seattle, where they lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 16-10. On August 19th, they hosted the Baltimore Colts in their first home game, the Salesmanship Club preseason game. They lost in the final minutes, 14-10. Their first win came in a preseason game at Louisville, KY, where they beat the New York's Giants, 14-3.
  • Minisota Vikings

    Minisota Vikings
    VikingsOn September 17, 1961, the Vikings debuted at home led by rookie quarterback, Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton came off the bench to throw four touchdown passes and run for a fifth to lead his Vikings to a 37-13 win over the Chicago Bears.
  • The First Ever Monday Night Game

    The First Ever Monday Night Game
    Monday Night Football was born in Detroit. A sellout crowd of 59,203 the Detroit Lions faced the dreaded Green Bay Packers. They lost to the packers 14:10 but the outcome was beyond imaginable.the Monday Night Football telecast debuted with Howard Cosell and the gang and soon it became a weekly viewing ritual for football fans.
  • The Most Feared Tackler in NFL history

    The Most Feared Tackler in NFL history
    Dick ButkusDick Butkus possessed a desire to excel that few have ever equaled. He played as the Chicago Bears' middle linebacker for nine years with only one goal in mind – to be the best, and from the very start, he was just that. In his rookie season, Butkus, a first-round draft choice, had only one challenger for National Football League Rookie of the Year honors, teammate Gale Sayers. That same year Butkus was named first-team All-NFL, an honor he would record five more times.
  • Atlanta Falcons

    Atlanta Falcons
    FalconsThe first preseason game was a 9-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 1, 1966. The first regular season game was on Sept. 11, 1966 when the Falcons lost to the Los Angeles Rams, 19-14, before 54,418 at Atlanta Stadium. The Falcons finally won on Nov. 30, 1966 with a 27-16 win over the New York Giants at Yankee Stadium. They won again on the road the next week at Minnesota.
  • The Miami Dolphins

    The Miami Dolphins
    DolphinsThe Dolphins started slow in 1966 by losing all four of their preseason game. On September 2, 1968 before 26,776 at the Orange Bowl, Joe Auer returned the opening kickoff 95 yards, but the Dolphins lost to the Oakland Raiders, 23-14. It was the second time in expansion history that a team started the regular season with a kickoff return. On October 16th, Miami defeated the Denver Broncos 24-7.
  • Supergame

    Super Bowl 1The very AFL-NFL World Championship Game in professional American football, later known as Super Bowl I and referred to in some contemporary reports as the Supergame, was played on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The National Football League (NFL) champion Green Bay Packers (14–2) scored 3 second-half touchdowns en route to a 35–10 win over the American Football League (AFL) champion Kansas City Chiefs (12–3–1).
  • New Orleans Saints

    New Orleans Saints
    SaintsThe New Orleans Saints posted a 5-1 preseason record in the inaugural season of 1967. In the first regular season game against the Rams, Rookie John Gilliam returned the opening kickoff 94 yards at Tulane Stadium. The Rams, however, won 27-13.
  • The Ice Bowl

    The Ice Bowl
    ice bowlThe National Football League Championship Game is by far on of the most memaroble game in NFL history. At about -15 degrees Fareignheit, The Packers continued their dominance through out the game against the Dallas Cowboys. On to play the AFL Champions Oakland Raiders on SuperBowl II. Vince Lombardi was issued into the Hall of Fame as The Greatest Head Coach In NFL history. He even got his name on the super Trophy, the Lombardi Trophy.
  • Cincinnati Beangles

    Cincinnati Beangles
    BeanglesThe first regular season game was against the Chargers in San Diego on September 6, 1968. Cincinnati lost, 13-29. On September 15th, the Bengals played at home against the Denver Broncos winning 24-10. The won two in a row by defeating the Buffalo Bills the following week. The Bengals suffered through a seven game losing streak after these wins, but snapped the string at Miami with a win later in the season.
  • John Madden

    John Madden
    John MaddenJohn Madden began his pro football coaching career in 1967 as the Oakland Raiders' linebackers coach. After two seasons, he was elevated to head coach. At 32 years of age when he was hired, he became the youngest head coach in the American Football League. In his first year at the Raiders' helm, Madden earned American Football League Coach of the Year honors as he led the team to a 12-1-1 record and an AFL Western Division title.
  • The Merger

    The Merger
    the merger of the twodominant football leaguesThe AFL-NFL merger occurred in 1970. At that time there were 10 teams in the AFL and 16 teams in the NFL. To even the number of teams among the two new conferences (AFC and NFC) the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Colts, and Cleveland Browns agreed to move from the NFL to the AFC so there could be 13 teams in each conference.
  • The Longest Game Ever

    The Longest Game Ever
    Miami vs Kansas CityOn Christmas Day in 1971, the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Divisional Game which the Dolphins won, 27-24, in double overtime after 82 minutes and 40 seconds of play. Four decades later, that game remains the longest NFL game ever played.
  • All They Did Was Win

    All They Did Was Win
    Undeafeted DolphinsConsidering today's athletes are considerably bigger and faster, it's hard to argue that the team could hold up so admirably in today's game, but the fact is no other team in the Super Bowl age has ever posted an undefeated season. A 17-0 record and a Super Bowl championship put the Dolphins on a pedestal that The '72 Dolphins went 17-0, which included all 14 regular season games, the two playoff games before the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl, in which they defeated the Washington Redskins.
  • Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle Seahawks
    SeahawksOn August 1, 1976, the Seahawks played their first game against San Francisco in the preseason at the Kingdome, losing 27-20. Seattle captures its first victory on August 29, 1976 with a 17-16 win over San Diego. They play their first regular season game on September 12th, 1976, losing 30-24 to the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    BuccaneersThe Buccaneers played their first season in the AFC West and moved to the NFC Central in their second season. On September 12, 1976 they played their first regular season game in Houston against the Oilers, losing 20-0. After losing their first five games, they lost 13-10 to fellow expansion team, Seattle, on a last minute field goal. After losing, 23-20, to Miami the following week to go to 0-7.
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    Lawrence Julius Taylor (born February 4, 1959), nicknamed "L.T.", is a Hall of Fame former American football player. Taylor played his entire professional career as a linebacker for the New York Giants in the National Football League (NFL). He is considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of football, and has been ranked as the top defensive player in league history by former players, coaches, media members, and news outlets such as the NFL Network, and Sporting News.
  • From Montana to Rice

    From Montana to Rice
    Joe MontanaThe start of it all, Joe Montana was a rising star and quick tobe knowas a legend. in Super Bowl XIX the San Francisco 49ers captured their second Super Bowl title with a dominating offense and a defense that tamed Miami's explosive passing attack. After their victory they maintained their dominance for several years.
  • Juking is Life

    Juking is Life
    Barry SandersIf ever there was a running back who could turn a two-yard loss into an 80-yard touchdown, it was Barry Sanders. Perhaps the most elusive runner to ever play the game, he was a legitimate threat to go all the way every time he touched the ball. A product of Oklahoma State University, Sanders cut, spun, juked and sprinted his way into a Hall of Fame career with the Detroit Lions.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    JaguarsThe Jaguars played their first preseason contest in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, losing to fellow expansion team, the Carolina Panthers, 20-14. On August 18, 1995, he Jaguars host their first home preseason game, losing to the St. Louis Rams 27-10.
  • Carolina Panthers

    Carolina Panthers
    PanthersIn the first game, the Panthers lose in overtime to the Falcons 23-20 in Atlanta. After losing their next two games, the Panthers play their first home game in Clemson, SC, losing 31-10 to the St. Louis Rams. They lose their first 5 games before beating the New York Jets 26-15. Incredibly, the Panthers win would be the first of 4 straight.
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    The Greatest Show On Turf

    href='http://' >St. Louis Rams</a>"The Greatest Show on Turf" was the nickname for the St. Louis Rams' considerably talented and famous record-breaking offense during the 1999, 2000, and 2001 National Football League seasons. The offense was designed by attack oriented offensive coordinator Mike Martz who advocated an unrelenting aerial attack and potent ground game. The Rams' display of cogent offensive bandwidth during these three seasons produced a largess of scoring, accrued yardage, three NFL MVP honors...
  • Cleveland Browns

    Cleveland Browns
    brownsIn 1996, Art Modell moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. The team became the Ravens. But the city of Cleveland maintained the rights to the team name and, on August 9, 1999, the Browns defeating the Dallas Cowboys 20-17 in the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, OH.
  • Houston Texans

    Houston Texans
    On October 6, 1999 the NFL expansion committee awarded Bob McNair with the 32nd franchise in the National Football League. The Houston Texans played their first regular season game on September 8, 2002 against the Dallas Cowboys. The Texans won the game 19-10.
  • James Harrison Moment

    James Harrison Moment
    XLIIISupper Bowl XLIII. By far the most exillerating super bowl game of my lifetime. Santonio Holmes was awarded MVP of the game but the best play in super bowl history. James Harrison made the longest interception touchdown in super bowl history.
  • New Overtime Rules

    nfl new overtime rulesNFL owners voted at the Annual Meeting in March to amend overtime rules for the postseason to a modified sudden death format. Teams will now have the opportunity to possess the ball at least once in the extra period unless the team that receives the overtime kickoff scores a touchdown on its first possession.
  • History in the Making

    History in the Making
    First time in history the Houston Texans make it to the playoffs and even more impressive that they one the first game with a 3rd string Quater-Back. Something no other team in football in history has done before.